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Capture the majestic sceneries of Greenland on this 10-day photo expedition, from Reykjavík to the rugged wilderness of Scoresby Sound. If you want the chance to photograph another world of untouched natural wonders, this professionally-guided workshop is the excursion for you. 

Your adventure begins in Iceland’s capital, where you will meet your guides and the rest of your travel companions for a night out before boarding a plane to Constable Point the following day, spending the next week trailing through the pristine natural wonders of East Greenland.

Despite being the largest island on the planet, Greenland is still the least densely populated country in the world, meaning its otherworldly nature is impeccably untouched. The workshop takes place in high summer, which is the best time to explore these wild grounds due to the weather being agreeable and the days long; basked in the golden glow of the midnight sun.

This period’s ethereal light casts its warm and magical rays upon the primaeval terrain with picture-perfect results, allowing for photo opportunities that are out of this world. Unique Arctic vegetation, massive floating icebergs, spectacular glacier formations and even whale sightings are but a fraction of the subjects at hand, allowing you to bring your photography skills to whole new levels. 

Few roads are paved between the communities of Greenland, which is why the majority of your travelling will be aboard the silent seafaring vessel MS Donna Wood, as well as capable zodiac boats, allowing you to thoroughly explore the magnificent nature of the fjords of Scoresby Sound. 

Don’t hesitate to secure your spot now in this incredible and unique photo workshop from Iceland to Greenland and back, to capture sceneries you have never before witnessed during an unforgettable adventure. Check availability by choosing a date. 

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Professional photo guide
Returning flight from Reykjavík to Constable Point
Transport to and from Reykjavík Domestic Airport and Constable Point
Accommodation in made up bunk/beds with shared facilities
Services of the crew of the MS Donna Wood
Soft drinks aboard the boat
Full meals during workshop, from dinner on day 1 to breakfast on day 9


Whale Watching
Boat Trip
Bird watching

Daily itinerary

Day 1
Sunset shot from behind Hallgrímskirkja Church in the centre of Iceland's capital Reykjavík.

Day 1 - Arrival in Iceland

Welcome to Iceland. Arriving at the Keflavík International Airport, you will make use of your FlyBus voucher to catch your ride to central Reykjavík, from where you will make your way to your accommodation. 

Depending on your flight schedule, you’ll have ample time to rest, get settled, or explore the northernmost capital in the world, before getting collected at your hotel lobby come evening to head out for dinner in the city centre. 

Get acquainted with your guides and the rest of your travel companions, going through the itinerary for the Arctic journey ahead during a tour orientation. You’ll spend your first night in Reykjavík City. 

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Day 2
The Donna Wood vessel silently trailing past icebergs off the coast of Greenland.

Day 2 - From Reykjavik to Ittoqqortoormiit

Today is when your adventure begins. From Reykjavík Domestic Airport, you’ll catch your approximately 2-hour long flight to Constable Point in East Greenland. After arrival, you’ll board your expedition schooner, the Donna Wood, for a safety briefing and additional information about the journey ahead.

You and the group will then make your way to the village of Ittoqqortoormiit, one of the more unique settlements of Greenland. With a population of roughly 470 people, many the village’s residents still live by the way of hunter and gatherer.

Fishing is their primary trade, and you’re sure to be amazed at the unique ways these men and women survive in these harsh conditions, as well as the brightly coloured houses of this fair and charming settlement. 

This location offers numerous exciting photo opportunities, and after a day of exploring this magical land, you’ll spend your night aboard the Donna Wood. 

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Day 3
A stunning iceberg formation in the fjords of Scoresby Sound in East Greenland.

Day 3 - The Icebergs of Scorseby Sound

On your third day, get ready to behold the icebergs of Greenland, witnessing fantastical and varied iceberg formations as you sail west through the fjords of Scoresby Sound. 

Combined with the abundance of golden light, the opportunities for incredible images will be plentiful. One of the highlights of your day will be visiting the ‘red fjord’ of Rødefjord, dotted with towering icebergs. You’ll hear the creaking, rumbling and cracking of the ice of these astounding natural marvels as you sail past, while the deck of the ship offers fantastic front-seat views.  

You’ll wrap of your day in the old Inuit settlement area of Hekla Havn, where more exploration with your trusted camera awaits. Eventually, you’ll turn in for the night aboard the Donna Wood. 

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Day 4
The steep and majestic coastal cliffs of Milne Land in Greenland.

Day 4 - The Fjords of Milne Land

On the fourth day of your Arctic exploration, you’ll be sailing through Føhnfjord to witness the mountainous landscapes and the 2,000 m (6,500 ft) high granite cliffs of Milne Land. You will also be passing through the colourful Hare Fjord, filled with a myriad of scenic photo opportunities. 

Then, you’ll continue through Rødefjord, encountering more magnificent iceberg formations that’ll enable you to further perfect your skills in capturing this frozen landscape.

You’ll eventually make port in Hare Fjord, where you will spend the next two nights.

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Day 5
Arctic foxes and other fascinating wildlife reside in Hare Fjord in Greenland.

Day 5 - The Wildlife of Hare Fjord

Waking up in Hare Fjord, your day will be devoted to exploring the area’s fantastical landscapes and abundant wildlife.

Here, steep mountain ridges and mighty outlet glaciers are home to Arctic foxes, snow hares, musk-oxen, stoats and eagles, just to name a few of the animal species found in the region. 

Put your nature and wildlife photography skills to the test and see if you can capture any of these magnificent creatures in the wild. To cap off an eventful day, tonight will conclude with a bonfire feast before spending another night in the shallows of Hare Fjord. 

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Day 6
The towering summits of the mountains of Ofjord in East Greenland.

Day 6 - The Mountains of Ofjord

On day six, you’ll continue to your next destination of Øfjord. Expect to be greeted by the grand mountains peaks and towering summits that surround this stunning fjord, passing granite bergs riding from the ocean, some of which reach the heights of 200 m (650 ft). 

At this incredible location, opportunities for new and exciting photography subjects will be plentiful. As you drop anchor at Jyttes Havn in Bjørneøe, known for its rocky plains and scenic lakes, you’ll be astounded by the looming cliffs of the shore, consisting of near perfectly vertical precipices and caves. 

You’ll be spending the night aboard the Donna Wood by Bjørneøe, the 'Bear Islands'. 

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Day 7
Icebergs off the coast of the Bear Islands in Greenland, with steep coastal cliffs looming behind the fog.

Day 7 - Bear Islands

On day seven of your enterprise, you’ll find plentiful photo opportunities awaiting you at Bjørneøe, a nature reserve of astounding landscapes and rich wildlife.

From north to south, the island’s gentle slopes reach continuously higher altitudes, accumulating in a fascinating interplay of light and ice. 

Additionally, the area’s sea stacks and steep coastal cliffs are home to some of the most significant seabirds colonies of the North-Atlantic, meaning more opportunity for stunning wildlife photography. You’ll spend another night anchored by the Bear Islands. 

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Day 8
The midnight sun during the summer season in Greenland makes for unique lighting conditions.

Day 8 - Arctic Riviera Cruise

On your last day in Greenland, you will be sailing through the Arctic Riviera, the archipelago between the Bear Islands and Milne Land. Expect this last leg of your journey to be filled with spectacular natural sights and some of the most massive icebergs of the whole expedition. 

At the end of the day, you’ll spend the night aboard the Donna Wood, finding yourself anchored at the airstrip in Constable Point in the morning. 

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Day 9
A lone house near the Constable Point settlement in Greenland.

Day 9 - Reykjavik Bound

On day nine, you’ll enjoy a hearty breakfast in the company of your group, going over the eventful days of your Greenland expedition. Saying goodbye to your trusted schooner, you’ll head to the airport at Constable Point and catch your flight back to Reykjavík City. 

Once you are back in Iceland safely, you will make your way to your hotel to spend your final night. 

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Day 10
The Harpa Concert Hall in Iceland's capital of Reykjavík is a stunning example of modern architecture.

Day 10 - Journey's End

Today marks the official end of the tour, bound to be a bittersweet experience for you and your travel companions.

Know that you just spent over a whole week scouting the Arctic sea during an unforgettable workshop adventure, bringing back with you stunning photographs of elusive photo subjects that will last you a lifetime. 

If you’re ready to leave Iceland, you will make use of your FlyBus voucher and head for Keflavík International Airport in time for your flight home. 

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What to bring

Warm clothes, layers of wool and fleece, windproof and rainproof clothing
Good hiking shoes
Headwear and gloves
Photography gear

Good to know

Please note that this tour is conditions and weather dependent. In case of extreme weather, the route of the tour might be altered, or a certain activity cancelled, in which case your guides will find proper alternatives to the original itinerary.

All of the photos attached to this tour are taken by your guide, Iurie Belegurschi.


6-15 Aug 2024

5-14 Aug 2025

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