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Frequently asked questions

What are the best photo tours in Iceland?

One of the best photo tours from Iceland is this epic 10-day Greenland sailing trip and photography workshop with transfers from Reykjavik. It's available in summer and costs about 5,659 USD.
Another excellent photography tour is this full-day trip with a photographer-guide to the Snaefellsnes Peninsula. It includes Reykjavik transfers and costs around 259 USD.
Winter travelers can check out this spectacular four-hour small-group northern lights tour with an expert aurora hunter and photographer. It costs approximately 267 USD and departs from Reykjavik.

Is it worth it to take photo tours in Iceland?

It is absolutely worthwhile to book photo tours in Iceland. For photographers seeking to gain new skills and build a strong portfolio, your photo guides will provide you with invaluable information. For everyone else, photo tours are an excellent opportunity to capture Iceland's incredible landscapes, unique wildlife, and fascinating culture.
If you want to build a career as a photographer, take memories of your holiday home with you, or liven up your social media, a photo tour is for you.

What's the cheapest photo tour in Iceland?

Iceland's cheapest guided photography tour is this eight-hour Golden Circle tour with Reykjavik transfers. A knowledgeable photography expert will show you how to capture excellent shots of the country's top attractions for around 174 USD per person.
The second-cheapest photography tour in Iceland is a small-group three-hour ice-caving tour at Vatnajokull glacier, including a photo package. It departs from the Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon car park and costs about 189 USD.
The third cheapest photography tour in Iceland is this beautiful photo tour of the Snaefellsnes Peninsula. It includes transfers from Reykjavik and costs approximately 259 USD.

When is the best time to come to Iceland for a photo tour?

It depends on what sort of photos you are looking to shoot. In summer, the bright nights provide a long golden hour, often called the midnight sun.
The short, dim days in winter create a unique and eerie atmosphere. Although you will have fewer hours to shoot under the sun, photo workshops in winter will allow you to capture the northern lights.

What will the weather be like during my photo tour in Iceland?

The weather in Iceland is notoriously changeable. In summer, average temperatures range between 46 to 55 F (8-13 C). However, temperatures can reach 68 to 77 F (20-25 C).
Winters in Iceland are not as cold as some might think, and the temperature indoors is always comfortable as heating runs off inexpensive geothermal energy. Temperatures across the island vary, but you can expect averages of around 28 to 35 F (-2 to 2 C).

Will the guides help me to photograph the northern lights in Iceland?

Your photography guides are experts in hunting and photographing the northern lights. They will inform you what camera settings are best to take fantastic snapshots of the natural phenomenon. The aurora can be seen in Iceland from late August to the beginning of April when the sky is clear.

What kind of lenses and equipment will I need for photography in Iceland ?

For landscape photography, you will need a wide-angle lens. For wildlife photography, a telescopic lens will be very useful. You will need a tripod and a DSLR camera to photograph the northern lights.
Amateur photographers will find smartphone photos sufficient. However, most smartphones don’t pick up the northern lights. For northern lights photography, a DSLR camera is ideal. Once you book a photo tour in Iceland, you will be sent a complete list of equipment that you need.

What other essentials should I pack for my photo tour in Iceland?

Knowing what to pack for travel in Iceland is hard when it is your first time visiting the country. Warm and waterproof clothing is always recommended since you will spend a great deal of time outside, and the weather in Iceland is highly changeable. It is recommended that you bring clothes which you can layer. Breathable fabric is ideal. We suggest that you avoid heavy cotton clothing that can trap sweat, making you uncomfortable as your day progresses. In all seasons, hats, gloves, and scarves are recommended, as well as sunglasses.

Are the Iceland photo workshops led by experts?

All of the Iceland photo tours are led by a team made up of experienced local and international photography guides. They will be available every step of the way to guide you as you hone your skills.
Many are award-winning photographers and some of Iceland's best photo tour guides. As well as being highly qualified, all the guides speak excellent English and boast an intimate knowledge of Iceland.

Is wildlife photography possible in Iceland?

Yes, Iceland is teeming with wildlife. Wild animals in Iceland include whales and puffins, seals, horses, foxes, reindeer, and sometimes even dolphins. Puffins nest in Iceland between April and the end of August. It is possible to photograph them on a midnight sun photo tour.

Do I need to be a good photographer to join an Iceland photo tour?

No, Guide to Iceland offers tours that are open to amateurs as well as experts. Groups are often mixed with people of varying skill sets. Our expert photo guides will always be available to provide you with as much guidance as you need.

Can I hire a private photographer for my trip?

Yes, you can. Contact us through for more information.

How can I photograph an erupting volcano in Iceland?

When a volcano erupts, helicopter and plane tours will give you the best aerial views.

Are there specific photo tours for capturing Iceland's waterfalls and landscapes?

Yes, there are photo tours in Iceland specifically designed to capture the country's stunning waterfalls and landscapes. These tours often visit iconic locations like the Golden Circle, South Coast, and Snaefellsnes Peninsula, focusing on getting the best photographic perspectives of these natural wonders.
For example, this epic 14-day photography workshop travels the entire Ring Road in autumn. It's perfect for professional and beginner photographers and costs about 6,463 USD.

What are the group sizes like on photography tours in Iceland?

Group sizes for photography tours in Iceland can vary. Some excursions offer a more intimate experience with small groups, allowing personalized instruction and guidance, while others may accommodate larger groups. It's best to check with the tour operator for specific group size details.

How physically demanding are photo tours in Iceland?

The physical demand for photo tours in Iceland varies depending on the trip. Some may involve easy walks to accessible sites, while others might include hiking or trekking to more remote locations. It's essential to assess your fitness level and choose a tour that matches your comfort level.
For example, this full-day photoshoot tour from Reykjavik requires a decent fitness level. A professional photographer and expert guide will take you on a glacier hiking adventure and capture incredible shots of you in action on the glacier and visiting top South Coast attractions.

Can photo tours be customized to focus on specific interests or locations?

Many photo tour operators in Iceland offer customizable tours tailored to focus on specific interests, themes, or locations. This option is perfect for photographers who have particular subjects or areas they wish to concentrate on.
Private tours are excellent options for those seeking the ultimate customization. Book a private photography tour of the Snaefellsnes Peninsula, South Coast, or the Icelandic Highlands tailored to your preferences.

Are there photo tours available during Iceland's winter months?

Photo tours are available in Iceland year-round, including during the winter months. Winter tours provide unique opportunities to photograph snow-covered landscapes, frozen waterfalls, and the northern lights.
Check out this excellent eight-day northern lights winter photography workshop and an unbeatable 11-day all-around Iceland winter photography tour.

What tips do photo tour guides provide for capturing the best shots in Iceland's unique lighting conditions?

Photo tour guides in Iceland offer valuable tips on dealing with the country's unique lighting conditions, such as capturing the soft light of the golden hour, dealing with midday light, or photographing the northern lights. They also advise on camera settings and techniques suitable for Iceland's varied landscapes.

What safety precautions are taken during photo tours in harsh or remote Icelandic environments?

Safety is a top priority on photo tours in Iceland, especially in harsh or remote environments. Excursions are led by experienced guides familiar with the terrain and weather conditions. Participants are briefed on safety protocols, and tours are equipped with necessary safety gear and communication devices.
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