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Join this tour to leap into the fun and history of Iceland with both feet! You’ll take in the sights of the famed Golden Circle and then plant those feet on the pedals of a zippy snowmobile, to spend an hour whizzing across the colossal ivory snows of Langjökull glacier, the second-largest glacier in Iceland.

After hopping on a tour bus at your hotel or guesthouse, your odyssey will take you to Þingvellir National Park, a place known for its exceptional beauty and historical importance. Þingvellir is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, celebrating the first democratic parliament in the world, founded there in 930 AD. The second stop is at the scorching geothermal area known as Geysir, with its numerous thermal springs hurling water high into the air, as well as steam vents and fumaroles which characterize the area. Strokkur is located here, the most active geysir in Iceland.

From there, you will head to the top of Langjökull for an exhilarating one-hour snowmobile tour on the vast snowcap. Hiking the glacier is refreshing and eye-opening, to be sure, but you’ve not experienced it fully until you hit the ice at high speed. The view from this location is breathtaking and on a clear day, a major portion of the Icelandic highlands and several other glaciers are visible.

On our way back to Reykjavík, we will stop by the final location on the Golden Circle, stunning Gullfoss waterfall. At Gullfoss, you will have the opportunity to take the path to cliffs directly overlooking the immense falls, watching enormous quantities of water tumble violently into a deep, meandering gorge. You can feel the brisk spray on your face and truly breathe in the experience!

This tour offers a peek at Iceland’s astounding history and geography as well as the unforgettable feel of frosty wind in your lungs as you speed across the glacial ice cap of Langjökull. Check availability by choosing a date.

Quick facts

Tour information:
  • Available: All year
  • Duration: 10 hours
  • Activities: Snowmobile
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Minimum age: 5 years old
Pickup information:
  • Starting time : 08:30

Free pickup.
  • Bus fare

  • 1-hour guided tour

  • Snowmobile (2 persons per vehicle)

  • Protective clothing and safety equipment for the snowmobile ride

  • Pick-up starts up to 30 minutes before departure (see "Pickup time")


Average rating 4.7 / Number of reviews 20

This tour was a great introduction to Iceland! The snowmobiling was my favorite part. It was quite the adrenaline rush and I had the opportunity to see some breathtaking views on the mountain. I don't think the Golden Circle would have been as exciting without the snowmobiles. It was definitely a bucket list item.

The tour was ABSOLUTELY amazing! We arrived late for our original time due to traffic. We called the company and it was super easy to change the date to later in the week! Excellent guides, perfect stops, and the snow mobiling was out of this world! Do it, it's totally worth it!

A great day overall. Group of 4 adults did this tour, our friends absolutely loved snowmobiling and was the highlight of their whole trip but me and my partner preferred the gulfoss waterfall. Me and my partner fell off the snowmobile and it sort of ruined it for us both but was still a good experience, the views are beautiful.

Great day! A nice fresh coat of snow overnight meant for a transformed landscape from the last few days of rain. Our guide was very knowledgable, and managed the (fairly large) group very well, keeping us on schedule as best she could. Snowy conditions meant travel times were extended, and she did well to manage our expectations, and made changes to the schedule as necessary to ensure we were able to complete all activities. Conditions meant we couldn't fully enjoy the sights at Thingvellir and Geysir, but Gulfoss would look spectacular in any condition. For the last activity, the drive up the mountain was amazing, without another tourist in sight, and once again with the snowmobiling across the snowfield, great experience! The team at Mountaineering Iceland were fantastic. Coming back to Gulfoss at sunset was a bonus, and despite being behind schedule, we were given some time there before our journey back to Reykjavik to enjoy the view. This is a very experienced outfit, full marks to Reykjavik Excursions.

The trip was fantastic, the snowmobiling was like nothing I've ever experienced before, certainly something to remember! Guide was great too. My only issue was that there was a bit of a mix up and I didn't get collected. I boarded a Reykjavik excursion bus, showed the driver my voucher and he said that it wasn't the right bus and to wait, only to realise it was the right bus and I basically missed the first stop on the tour. Luckily Reykjavik Excursions admitted the mix up and sent a driver to collect me and took me to join the tour. The problem was the voucher I was given had "Guide to Iceland" printed on it, and the driver that collected me saw that and just assumed therefore I wasn't one of his pickups, when in fact if he'd noticed in very small print further down, it showed Reykjavik Excursions.

Great trip! Geyser was like stepping back to the time of the dinosaurs. Golden waterfall was tremendous. Snow mobiling was like being in a dream. Great staff and lovely people on the trip with us. (caution:wear both pairs of gloves they give you and take two headscarves from them to cover both forehead and chin)

This was my second time in Iceland, first time snowmobiling -- this was a great experience!! We were dressed very warmly and they still provide additional snow suits - but I HIGHLY recommend bringing very warm mittens/gloves. I've never been snowmobiling before, they prep you before, not too difficult. Even though visibility was not great, still had a blast.

Could not recommend this trip anymore, it was absolutely fantastic! Definitely book this trip if you're going to Iceland, it made our whole trip!! The snowmobiles are so exhilarating and the glacier was out of this world.

Amazing! I was impressed with the number of guides and the safety talk.

it was amazing. Snowmobiling is very fun. btw, the gopro camera is easy to get frozen. do remove the ice from gopro camera if you plan to use gopro

It was amazing! Going snowmobiling was so much fun and the landscape was gorgeous! The golden circle part was good too. The waterfall was my favorite on this tour too.

The snowmobiling was the best part of this tour. Snow everywhere! The Golden Circle tour portion was too short and not enough time. There was way too many people on this tour.

I was a little bit insecure so I decided to sit on the back of my boyfriend to start with. But when we started driving I found out that driving a snowmobile is much easier (and safer) than driving a car. But it is also A LOT MORE FUN. The golden circle was also amazing and we loved seeing the geyser and the waterfall. If you want to see some incredible nature and do an adventure at the same time, I can recommend this tour.

Unforgettable experience!!! Snowmobiling is highly recommended together with the rest of the tour!!

The whole trip experience is so wonderful especially the Snowmobiling. I really would love to come back for snowmobiling again.

Thrill of a lifetime ! Was the perfect birthday location and excursion. Snowmobiling across a glacier, geysers, waterfalls and seeing the tectonic plates... amazing trip

Not a good trip for winter when daylight hours are short. We had such a short amount of time that we didn't even get to see the waterfall because we had 10mins before going on the snowmobile. The snowmobile would have been fun in better weather but was stressful in the bad conditions we had. Don't do this trip. See less with more time and it will be much more enjoyable. Maybe the golden circle tour by itself would've been better.

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