Iceland Midnight Sun Photography Workshop

Iceland Midnight Sun Photography Workshop
The midnight sun in Iceland casting its golden light upon the iconic South Coast waterfall Seljalandsfoss.
The rocky coastal castle Lóndrangar are photogenic rock pinnacles on the Snæfellsnes Peninsula in West Iceland.
The Hvítserkur rock formation can be witnessed en route from West to North Iceland.
The roaring waves of the Atlantic Ocean hitting the icebergs at South Iceland's Diamond Beach.
Geothermal and volcanic activity are characteristic of the landscape surrounding the Lake Mývatn area in North Iceland.
Icelandic horses grazing on a field in Iceland, the land of the midnight sun.

Bring your photography skills to higher levels by joining this 12-day summer workshop chasing the light of the midnight sun around Iceland. If you want to capture and experience varied and stunning volcanic landscapes in the company of professional photo guides and fellow photography enthusiasts, this is an adventure not to be missed. 

The midnight sun is a phenomenon of the Arctic night sky, when the sunlight perpetuates throughout the night, creating a golden glow and some of the most fantastic photo opportunities you have ever encountered. 

Your experienced guides are professional nature and landscape photographers who will share their expertise on how to best capture the elusive and magnificent landscapes of the land of ice and fire. 

Be prepared to get up early and stay up late, forever bathed in light, travelling around the country to its most revered locations of the South Coast, Snæfellsnes Peninsula, Lake Mývatn, East Iceland and Vatnajökull National Park―meals, lodging and transport included. 

The subjects at hand are astounding; ranging from black sand beaches and lava fields to glacier lagoons, nature reserves, volcanoes and waterfalls. This season is also when the North Atlantic Puffin is busy nesting all over the country, enabling you to visit lively seabird colonies for fantastical wildlife photography. 

Don’t miss out on this incredible adventure of embarking on a professional photo workshop around Iceland during the period of the midnight sun; participating in an annual excursion during an unforgettable journey. Check availability by choosing a date. 

Quick facts

Tour information:
  • Available: Jun. - Dec.
  • Duration: 12 days
  • Activities: Sightseeing, Hot Spring Bathing, Bird watching
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Languages: English
  • Highlights: Jökulsárlón, Vatnajökull, Mývatn, Vatnsnes, Aldeyjarfoss, Goðafoss, Snæfellsjökull, Skógafoss, Seljalandsfoss, Hekla, Eyjafjallajökull, Dyrhólaey, Snæfellsnes, Sólheimajökull, Skaftafell, Ingólfshöfði, Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach, Jökulsárgljúfur, Arnarstapi, Krafla, Vík í Mýrdal, Svartifoss, Víti in Krafla, Námafjall Geothermal Area, Eldhraun, Kirkjufell, Reynisdrangar, Reykjavík Harbour, Hvítserkur, Lóndrangar, Djúpivogur, Stokksnes
Pickup information:
  • Pickup time : 19:00.

Pickup and drop off at Keflavík international airport is included in this tour. The buses leave regularly from the airport to the capital, simply present your voucher to the driver. 

  • Two professional photo guides

  • Transportation in a spacious, comfortable bus offering ample room for you and your photography gear

  • Accommodation in hotels and guesthouses

  • Rooms with private bathrooms

  • Full board during workshop, from dinner on day 1 til breakfast on day 11

  • FlyBus tickets for transfer to and from Keflavík Airport

  • Alcohol, snacks and beverages

  • Flights

What to bring:
  • Warm clothes with layers

  • Good hiking shoes

  • Headwear and gloves

  • Photography gear

  • Backpack

  • Swimsuit & towel

  • Sleeping mask

Good to know:

All the images attached to this tour are taken by your guide, Iurie Belegurschi.

After you sign up, you'll receive a recommended camera gear and packing list. Please pay special attention to things that are labelled as absolutely required.

Daily itinerary

Day 1 - Arrival

Hallgrímskirkja in the Reykjavík City Centre, illuminated by the light of the Midnight Sun.

Welcome to the land of the midnight sun. As you arrive at Keflavík International Airport, you’ll use your FlyBus voucher to catch a ride to Iceland’s capital city and check into your Reykjavík accommodation.

Come afternoon; you’ll meet up with your guides in the hotel lobby and join them for dinner, along with the rest of your travel companions, where you can get to know each other and go over the exciting days ahead on the road.

You’ll spend your first night in the city of Reykjavík. 

Day 2 - The Snaefellsnes Peninsula

Arnarstapi on the Snæfellsnes Peninsula in West Iceland is a unique lava rock formation constantly battered by the waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

After a morning pickup at your hotel, you will start off your Iceland adventure by heading west to the Snæfellsnes Peninsula. This awe-inspiring area offers an endless array of varied photo opportunities, such as the fascinating rock formations and basalt columns of the Arnarstapi coast, where the wild ocean waves create a unique interplay with the perpetuate light. 

You should also be stricken by the tall and windswept meadow of Búðir, as well as its residential lava field and black, wooden church. The glacier volcano Snæfellsjökull looms in the backdrop of this charming scene; known as the jewel in the peninsula’s crown. 

After a day stock-full of such diverse landscapes that you’ll realise why the area is dubbed a miniature Iceland, you’ll spend the night at an accommodation in Snæfellsnes. 

Day 3 - Capturing Mt. Kirkjufell

The triple cascade of Kirkjufellsfoss constitutes a beautiful foreground for Mt. Kirkjufell, as its peak is painted gold by the midnight sun of Iceland.

On your third day, you’ll continue exploring the vastness of Snæfellsnes, scouting the coastline dotted with ancient fishing hamlets in between lush fjords and majestic mountains. Get ready to capture the grandeur of Lóndrangar, two volcanic basalt plugs that rise out of the ocean with the resemblance of a rocky castle. 

You don’t have to worry about missing out on the light, giving you ample opportunities to shoot the famed cone-shaped mountain Kirkjufell, where it rests on the northern side of the peninsula foregrounded by the waterfall of Kirkjufellsfoss tumbling down a small brook. 

After collecting these and other masterpieces for your portfolio, you’ll spend another night at Snæfellsnes. 

Day 4 - Hvitserkur & North Iceland

The many colours of the summer sunset by the haunting Hvítserkur rock formation at the Vatnsnes Peninsula.

Today, you will leave the West behind and head north to the wild and remote Vatnsnes Peninsula, known for its largely uninhabited terrain with a fusion of craggy hills and lush grazing lands. Here, Icelandic horses are about, giving you plenty of chances to photograph these beautiful creatures in the wild. 

Other wildlife photo opportunities in the area include flocks of geese and seals lounging on the shores. On the peninsula’s eastern side, when conditions are favourable, you obtain a panoramic view to the peaks of the coastal region Strandir; belonging to the Westfjords of Iceland. 

The primary focus of the day, however, is the natural rock formation of Hvítserkur, an oddly shaped sea cliff rising some 15 m (50 ft) out of the roaring Atlantic Ocean. Depending on your angle, you’ll see it resembling a troll or dragon, providing a photo of fantastical allure. 

At the end of the day, you’ll spend the night at an accommodation at the Vatnsnes Peninsula. 

Day 5 - Lake Myvatn

The Icelandic horse is Iceland's favourite animal companion, having transported to this volcanic island along with its first settlers.

Heading further up north, your destination for today is Lake Mývatn and its volcanic surroundings. An undisputed gem of the North, this vast lake is incredibly picturesque and teeming with birdlife and varied vegetation, as well as fascinating rock formations and geothermally active terrain. 

Get ready to capture the stark beauty of bubbling mud-pots, mystical lava formations, steaming fumaroles and captivating volcanic craters―seeing as Mývatn sits squarely on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, and is one of the most volcanically active regions on Earth. 

After a day filled with collecting unbelievable photos, there might just be time to relax in the Mývatn Nature Baths, the Blue Lagoon of the North. You’ll spend the night by Lake Mývatn. 

Day 6 - Namafjall Mountain & Godafoss Waterfall

The blinding lifht of the midnight sun in Iceland casting its colours upon the waterfall Goðafoss in the North.

On day six, your exploration of Lake Mývatn continues as you make your way to the mountain Námafjall, surrounded by the geothermal field of Hverir with its colourful hot springs and sizzling mud pools. 

The light should be soft and golden, allowing you to capture the extreme contrasts and textures of this scenery, which perfectly showcases the powers operating beneath our planet’s surface. You’ll also be visiting the caldera of Krafla and its crater of Víti, which boasts the most picturesque aquamarine lake. 

Continuing on your journey of North Iceland, you’ll be visiting two famed waterfalls, Goðafoss and Aldeyjarfoss, the latter of which is surrounded by stunning basalt column walls that circumvent a white basin. 

After another successful day, you’ll spend the night at your accommodation by Lake Mývatn. 

Day 7 - East Iceland & Djupivogur

The waterfall Dettifoss is credited as Europe's most powerful falls, and its rumbling can be heard miles away.

Before leaving the North for the East a week into your adventure, you’ll visit Europe's most powerful waterfall Dettifoss, to capture its roaring cascade of a 100 m (330 ft) width and 45 m (150 ft) drop. The spray from these magnificent falls can be seen miles away, making you feel incredibly small as you snap astounding photographs from different vantage points. 

Afterwards, an extensive journey awaits where you will drive through the Highland desert, over a rocky mountain pass and into the desolate East Fjords, before reaching the realm of Vatnajökull National Park. 

On your way, you’ll witness picturesque fishing villages, haunting fjord landscapes, steep mountain peaks, vigorous bird cliffs and tumbling waterfalls. 

At the end of today’s journey, filled with amazing photo opportunities, you’ll settle in at Djúpivogur Village, home to a charming harbour scenery and colourful old houses perfect for subjects of cultural photography. 

You’ll spend the night at a country hotel in Djúpivogur.

Day 8 - Vatnajokull National Park

The Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon within Skaftafell National Park in Iceland offers an ever-changing scenery of different photo opportunities.

Setting out from Djúpivogur in the morning, your destination for today is the one and only Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon, constituting as mere one of the many wonders of Vatnajökull National Park. 

Making your way through this country of crawling outlet glaciers and infinite sand plains, you’ll find the park encompasses an unprecedented range of natural vistas. Arriving at the glacier lagoon, you’ll be greeted by a sight of massive icebergs floating serenely in a pool of glacial water, in an ever-changing scenery of great photographic allure. 

Capture the perpetual sunlight reflect on the drifting bergs during different hours, knowing you’ll have plenty of time to photograph the many angles and viewpoints available. A stone’s throw away from this most celebrated of natural marvels is the aptly named Diamond Beach, where some of the bergs have washed ashore to glisten on a blanket of black sand. 

You’ll spend the night at an accommodation by the Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon. 

Day 9 - Black Beach at Mt. Vestrahorn

The rugged peaks of Mt. Vestrahorn on the Stokksnes Peninsula in Iceland, painted red by the rays of the midnight sun.

On day nine, you will explore the area around the glacier lagoon further, but you’ll also board your bus to head for the black dune beach at the Stokksnes Peninsula, overcast by the rugged peaks of Mt. Vestrahorn. 

This dramatically scenic mountain is the pearl of Iceland’s southeast, with sharp peaks of gabbro rock that reach heights of 450 m (1,490 ft). As you scout the black sands and weathered grass dunes of the beach, looking for the perfect angle and light, you’ll find the location brimming with opportunities for masterful photos. 

Depending on conditions, before returning to the glacier lagoon, you might visit the puffin colony at Ingólfshöfði Cape, or trek the treasure trove of Skaftafell National Park with its breathtaking collage of glaciers, waterfalls, rivers and abundant flora. 

At the end of the day, you’ll spend another night by Jökulsárlón. 

Day 10 - South Coast & Vik Village

Seljalandsfoss Waterfall painted gold by the midnight sun of summer in South Iceland.

On day ten of your workshop, you’ll leave Vatnajökull National Park and begin driving along the South Coast of Iceland, all the way to the village of Vík. This scenic shoreline encompasses some of the most celebrated sightseeing routes of the country, as you’ll find it dotted with volcanoes, lava fields, black beaches, sea stacks and iconic waterfalls. 

Along your route, get ready to capture the otherworldly scenery of the Eldhraun lava field, completely overgrown with a soft blanket of moss. As you reach the black beach Reynisfjara by Vík Village, you’ll behold the famed and eerie Reynisdrangar sea stacks and the puffin colony at Reynisfjall and Dyrhólaey. 

After making your way across this magnificent area, capturing the sea stacks and other sites from various angles and vantage points, you’ll spend your night at an accommodation in Vík. 

Day 11 - South Coast Waterfalls 

Skógafoss on the South Coast of Iceland, along with a colourful rainbow created by the sun hitting the mist of the South Coast marvel.

Today marks the last day of your photographic venture, but there is still plenty to see and do. You’ll hike up to Dyrhólaey Promontory for sweeping coastal views and a different angle of the Reynisdrangar sea stacks, as well as a seemingly endless stretch of black sand. 

Then, you’ll make your way to the waterfall Seljalandsfoss, which you can walk behind entering a cave behind the curtain of water. You’ll also visit the waterfall Skógafoss, to photograph its roaring cascade with a drop of 60 m (100 ft). If the sun is shining, the falls are likely to produce a rainbow through their mist, giving your photos a fairy-tale like appeal. 

As you begin to make your way back to the Capital Region, you’ll pass two ancient but active volcanoes; Hekla, a historical beast that’s been called the gateway to hell itself; and Eyjafjallajökull, the infamous ice-capped caldera that last erupted in 2010, halting air travels all over Europe. 

Another possible destination of today is the glacier Sólheimajökull, surrounded by stunning mountains and rugged cliffs. At day’s end, you will have reached Reykjavík City where you’ll spend your last night. 

Day 12 - Departure

The sunset hitting the rocks of Grótta Beach in Iceland's capital city Reykjavík.

Waking up in Reykjavík City, you’ll enjoy a hearty breakfast in the company of your travel companions, going over the books and sharing your best shots of the journey. 

Once you have said your goodbyes, you’ll catch the FlyBus to Keflavík International Airport in time for your flight home. Have a safe journey and know that Iceland eagerly awaits your return. 

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Iceland Midnight Sun Photography Workshop
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