Thrihnukagigur Volcano Tour | Go Inside a Magma Chamber

Thrihnukagigur Volcano Tour | Go Inside a Magma Chamber
Þríhnúkagígur is the only magma chamber in the world that you can descend into.
The scale of this magma chamber is awe-inspiring.
The colours of Þríhnúkagígur exist due to the deposits from elements of the earth.
A lift descends into Þríhnúkagígur.
Þríhnúkagígur has been dormant a long time, making this tour perfectly safe.
Þríhnúkagígur magma chamber is one of Iceland's most unique places.
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Descend into the vast and vibrant magma chamber of a dormant volcano. Iceland is the only place in the world where a tour like this exists, so do not miss your opportunity.

This trip will begin when you are picked up from Reykjavík and taken to the Blue Mountains Country Park, Bláfjöll, which sits just on the outskirts of the capital area. From here, it is just a 3.2 kilometre (two mile) hike to Þríhnúkagígur volcano, where you will descend into the volcano itself.

Once you reach the crater, you will find an opening and an elevator crane. After being equipped with a helmet and harness, you will enter the lift's basket and begin your descent. Nowhere else in the world can you enter a magma chamber this way, which is part of what makes this tour so unique and worthwhile. This lift journey toward the centre of the earth covers 198 metres and takes about six minutes.

During your slow descent, the beauty of the magma chamber will become instantly apparent. Intense heat and pressure from Þríhnúkagígur’s most recent eruption, over four thousand years ago, gave the rocks an incredible colouration and texture. Expect to see smooth walls and bizarre formations in yellows, blues, reds, violets and oranges, so vibrant that it’s difficult to believe that they could be natural.

It is not just the beauty of the space that will awe you; it is also the sheer scale of it. To give some perspective on the size of the chamber, enormous monuments such as the Statue of Liberty and Reykjavík’s iconic Hallgrímskirkja church could easily fit inside it. The ground within the chamber is large enough to fit three basketball fields. 

Once your descent down the chamber is complete, your guide will let you out of the elevator, and you can explore for half an hour on the ground of the volcano. You will want your camera on hand, as everything, from the blades of light falling from overhead to the most minute details of the lava rock, is worthy of a photograph. 

Remember as you explore that it is only by a strange, unexpected geological process that this tour is even possible; when a volcano becomes dormant, the magma chamber usually cools and solidifies, yet for some reason in Þríhnúkagígur, it drained away, leaving behind this unimaginably beautiful space.

After your exploration, you will return to the elevator for a gentle ascent, back into the bright, open world. Once you reach the surface, you will have a meal of Icelandic meat soup waiting for you, along with hot beverages and snacks, which you can enjoy before hiking back to the van.

This experience is truly once-in-a-lifetime; descend into a dormant volcano to explore its stunning magma chamber. Do not let this opportunity pass you by. Check availability by choosing a date.

Quick facts

Tour information:
  • Available: May. - Oct.
  • Duration: 6 hours
  • Activities: Caving
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Minimum age: 12 years.
  • Languages: English
  • Highlights: South Iceland, Reykjavík, Bláfjöll, Þríhnúkagígur
Pickup information:
  • Pickup time : 07:30, 08:30, 09:30, 10:30, 11:30, 12:30, 13:30.

Pickup starts at 30 minutes before the set departure time (for example 07:30 for the tour at 08:00). Please be ready outside the lobby (or at the bus stop assigned to your hotel). Note that pickup is operated by Gray line, so please keep an eye out for a bus from them.

  • Pick-up from and return to your accommodation in Reykjavik

  • All safety gear (helmets, harness, etc.)

  • Small refreshments (soup, coffee/tea and perhaps some sweets)

  • Experienced guides

What to bring:
  • Sturdy shoes for walking/hiking

  • Water

  • Warm clothing and outerwear suited to rainy or chilly weather (The temperature inside the crater is about 5-6°C / 42-43°F)

  • Camera

Good to know:

The weather changes quickly in Iceland, so don't be caught unawares. It is a good idea to bring a sweater or dress in layers which you can remove if you get too warm. Jeans are not recommended for this activity, as moisture quickly spreads through denim fabric and takes a long time to dry, leaving the wearer wet and cold.

Be aware that this tour begins with a hike that is nearly an hour-long, largely uphill, and over rough terrain, thus the trip is not recommended to those with problems in their ankles, knees, back, or other similar ailments.



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16/10/18 Well worth the money. The driver could have been a bit chatty, the first tour guide we’d picked up could have also been a bit chatty. When we (9 of us) we’re making our way down to the volcano summit, the tour guide came out of his shell. Amazing experience, I took with me a walking stick and it helped massively up some inclines. Make sure you wear thermals, jogging bottoms and waterproofs over them. Some wore jeans and instantly regretted it. I had the opportunity in joining the tour guide in eating some snowy ice on the way back to the mini bus. It was a laugh. Stick to the slippery iced footsteps when trekking up or down there, I thought I’d pick a clear area of snow and my leg disappeared lol. Saying that, it did bring the small group I was with a bit closer. One tour guide was at the front with 4 people, then myself and the other 4 took a slower hike with the other tour guide. Inside the volcano is fantastic. It was out of this world and well worth the money paid. I had lamb soup after the trek, 2 people I sat with asked for seconds! You can also buy t-shirts and beanie hats. Between 2000-5000 kronar. Book this tour if you want to experience something different and unique!
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It was one of our life time experience. We had a bumpy start as we were expected to have the company name labelled tour bus pick us up from our hotel, after 20 min we did not see the shuttle we called and found out we should be picked up by Gray Line. Gray Line mini bus did made the stop but the driver just sat and waited and then left, and the bus did not have a sign at the front showing for the tour, so we missed our ride. But the people at "inside the volcano" was really nice, they put us in a later tour on the same day. We had our tour on early Oct, we walked an hour in snow to the base camp, it was nice and found we had an opportunity talk with different people around the world (a Israel old couple, a US girl works for a rich guy on yacht). We arrive the base camp and found the staff made a snow house, cutest thing on earth. Then we were transport down to the volcano for about 30 min visit. Came back up had a lamb or veggie soup. Played with a cute little Arctic fox who still in black fur and walk back to the civilization under windy snow. We enjoyed it very much.
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While descending into the dormant Thrihnukagigur volcano, my heart was pounding with excitement. And it’s so amazing to be surrounded by different colours and shapes of rocks that were formed about 4500 years ago. The stunning journey is actually not limited to visiting the inside of the volcano, but also outside. We walked on a path through the lava field and crossed between the North America and European tectonic plates when heading to Thrihnukagigur. It’s tranquil and beautiful. Thanks to the professional guides and the entire team for giving me this unique and eye-opening experience!
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It's amazing that Þríhnúkagígur is the only place in the world where you can go inside an active volcano! The hike is very easy and about one hour walk on a gravel path. The instructors and staff at the base camp were super lovely. After a 5 minute climb up the mountain you can see a stunning view of the area and the city Reykjavik. Then you go down the elevator through the shaft where the lava came out! That in itself is worth the experience. Make sure to bring warm gloves because it's quite chilly at the bottom. At the bottom there's a large cave where you can walk around on top of the collapsed debris and ask the guide a bunch of questions. After about half an hour you go again up the elevator and back to the camp site. There was vegetable soup as well which was delicious! We came to the meeting area with a rented private car which was no problem at all. The whole activity took us about 4 hours.
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We were a group of three and all of us enjoyed this experience. It's unique! The staff is very knowledgeable, helpful and nice, they love what are they doing. The surroundings while getting to the place are full of spots to get you busy. And regarding the chamber itself, it's so amazing that all the way back we were still sharing our impressions and thoughts. It's a must do check list item!
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We had a wonderful time on this tour. The guides and staff are knowledgeable and very friendly. The entire experience was awesome from the beauty of the area to the actual chamber itself, this is something not to be missed!
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One of the highlights of our entire trip! Such a unique experience that you literally cannot get anywhere else. The hike to the base camp was beautiful, and we even go to see an artic fox at base camp! Once we got to the bottom of the volcano we had about 30 minutes to explore. It’s mesmerizing! We enjoyed some traditional Icelandic lamb soup once we were done before the hike back to the camp to catch our bus. Guides were so knowledgeable and it’s obvious they love what they do! Highly, highly recommend this tour. It’s worth every cent!
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This is the best tour. PERIOD!!
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What a unique experience through a gorgeous landscape!! The guides were upbeat and fun. Really enjoyed this tour! ... I was picked up by a Gray Line shuttle bus and transferred out to this activity. We were loaned some heavy duty ponchos and led on a 40ish minute walk about 2 miles (about 3.5km) through an old lava field to a base camp structure. We then took turns in groups of about 8 people descending into the volcano. Loved that we had 30 minutes to explore down there. We then went back to the base camp for water, tea, coffee, and delicious warm lamb soup and/or veggie soup. Then we walked back out and were transferred back to our hotels. They instruct you not to wear jeans. I definitely agree. It went from sun to rain to hail very quickly. The poncho things they loan out work really well and reach to mid shin or so but the people in my group wearing jeans quickly found that the water crept up their jeans. So definitely pick something waterproof for shoes, pants, and outer layers.
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Thrihnukagigur Volcano Tour | Go Inside a Magma Chamber