Unforgettable 4-Day Laugavegur Hiking & Camping Tour from Reykjavik

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Tour starts
Reykjavík, Iceland
Starting time
at 07:00
4 days
Ending place
Reykjavík, Iceland
July - Aug.
Minimum age
15 years old


Strap on your hiking boots and prepare for a once-in-a-lifetime hiking and camping tour along Iceland's stunning Laugavegur Trail. Adventurous travelers who want to experience the Icelandic Highlands on foot and camp in nature will love this unforgettable four-day trekking tour.

The adventure begins in Reykjavik, where you'll meet the experienced Highland guide leading you on the trek and the other travelers joining your group. The group will consist of a maximum of 14 people, meaning your guide will be available to help you and answer any questions during the four-day tour.

After traveling along the beautiful South Coast, soaking in views of the Hekla volcano, you'll arrive at the starting point for your trek in the Highlands. Hand your camping gear and any large backpacks to a luggage porter, who'll transport your heavy belongings to the campsites daily so you don't have to carry them.

Along with luggage transfer, the tour includes all your meals and refreshments (excluding breakfast on day one and dinner on day four). You'll eat as a group at your campsites or while resting during each day's hike. It's a fantastic opportunity to get to know other travelers and make friends to last a lifetime. 

Each day, you'll trek a stretch of the Laugavegur Trail, one of Iceland's most iconic trails. Over the four days, you'll cover about 32 miles (62 kilometers), crossing mountains, streams, and dramatic lava fields. As you walk, you can photograph the spectacular views of volcanoes, glaciers, lakes, and colorful rhyolite mountains.

On arrival at your designated camping area each evening, you'll set up your tent and unpack your sleeping bag. The tour takes place in summer, but this part of Iceland can still get cold, so make sure you have a high-quality sleeping bag and plenty of warm layers to wear. 

Since the first day involves traveling into the Highlands, the group will only cover about 5 miles (8 kilometers). You'll start at Landmannalaugar and walk through lava fields and canyons, admiring striking rhyolite mountains and panoramic views.

Day two takes you on a scenic journey through the obsidian desert on the Hrafntinnusker mountain. Covering 15 miles (24 kilometers over about eight hours, you'll see the magnificent Fjallabak nature reserve and the Alftavatn lake.

Day three takes you into a volcanic area, seeing the Maelifellssandur, Storasula, and Hattafell volcanoes. You can see the majestic Myrdalsjokull and Eyjafjallajokull glaciers on a clear day. Today's trek is about 9.5 miles (15 kilometers) today.

The final day of your adventure takes you from Emstrur to the Thorsmork Valley, covering approximately 9.5 miles (15 kilometers) on foot before traveling back to Reykjavik.

This incredible journey lets you experience the Laugavegur Trail with an expert guide and camp in the rugged beauty of the Icelandic Highlands.

Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Iceland's wilderness on the Laugavegur Trail on this brilliant four-day trekking and camping tour. Check availability now by choosing a date.

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Transport to and from Reykjavik
Expert, English-speaking guide
Camping fees
Accommodation in private tents and large assembly tents for dinners
All meals, excluding breakfast on day 1 and dinner on day 4
Luggage transport from camp to camp



Daily itinerary

Day 1
Rugged mountain peaks in the Landmannalaugar hiking area.

Day 1 - Reykjavik to Landmannalaugar

Start your adventure in the Icelandic Highlands with a journey from Reykjavik and a fun hike. Day one of this incredible four-day adventure begins at a designated meeting point in Reykjavik. Alternatively, you can organize pick-up from another destination on the South Coast. The drive into the Highlands takes about three to four hours, depending on road and traffic conditions. The journey takes a scenic route along the South Coast. You can enjoy close-up views of the impressive Hekla volcano and the vast expanse of the Atlantic Ocean as you get to know the other people joining the tour. The hike starts at Landmannalaugar, a rugged area renowned for its striking rhyolite mountains and soothing hot springs. Upon arrival, hand over your heavy luggage to the porters and take some time to enjoy lunch and prepare for the hike. Today's journey covers approximately 5 miles (8 kilometers), with an elevation gain of about 1,540 feet (470 meters). Expect to spend around four hours on the trail, exploring diverse natural landscapes along the way. You'll travel through the Laugahraun lava field, marvel at the rugged beauty of the Vondugil canyon, and admire the colorful Brennisteinsalda mountain. You'll also go through the picturesque Graenagil gorge and pass by the bubbling Stori Hver hot spring. If time permits and everyone is up for it, there's an opportunity to climb the Blahnukur volcano for breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding scenery. As evening approaches, your group will arrive at the campsite, where tents and sleeping mattresses are provided for your comfort. The guide will prepare dinner (but lending a hand will speed up the process). Gather in the dining tent to enjoy a warm meal and chat with your fellow hikers. After dinner, take some time to unwind. Chat with your companions, soak in the views of the campsite, or look over photos you've captured during the day's excursion. Then, settle into your sleeping area for a restful night, ready to tackle the adventures that lie ahead on the Laugavegur Trail.

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Day 2
Mountains stretch as far as the eye can see in the Landmannalaugar hiking area.

Day 2 - Landmannalaugar to Alftavatn Lake

Day two of your Laugavegur Trail trek takes you from the Landmannalaugar geothermal area to the picturesque Alftavatn lake. As day two dawns, you'll wake up after a refreshing night's sleep in your tent, ready for another day of adventure. Join the group for breakfast at the campsite, ensuring you fuel up for the journey ahead. Today's trek covers a much longer distance of 15 miles (about 24 kilometers) and has an ascent gain of nearly 3,000 feet (approximately 900 meters), so it's crucial to start with a hearty breakfast to sustain your energy levels. You can expect to spend approximately 7 to 8 hours on the trail today, including a stop for lunch. The route begins by ascending towards the majestic Hrafntinnusker mountain, passing through a striking black obsidian desert. Marvel at the vibrant hues of the Reykjafjoll rhyolite mountains and the towering Jokultungur mountain. These areas are known for their geothermal activity. From the summit of Mount Jokultungur, take in sweeping vistas of the expansive Fjallabak nature reserve below. The area is rich in rhyolite and obsidian, giving the earth unusual colors. The ground appears green, blue, pink, red, and yellow, with meandering rivers and towering mountains. From the Jokultungur mountain, you should also be able to see the serene Alftavatn lake. This lake is your final destination for the day, but before reaching the campsite, you'll need to descend the mountain and brace yourself for an exhilarating river crossing. Crossing a river on foot can be exciting, particularly for travelers not used to the Icelandic wilderness. Always follow your guide's instructions. Change into your quick-drying shoes (you don't want to soak your hiking boots!) and get ready to cross. From here, it's a short walk to the lakeside campsite. This gorgeous area is a highlight of the trip for many. You'll set up camp and work with the group and guide to prepare another dinner. After enjoying a satisfying meal, take some time to clean up before settling in for a restful night, rejuvenating yourself for the adventures on day three of the Laugavegur Trail.

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Day 3
Mountains in the Emstrur area on the Laugavegur Trail.

Day 3 - Alftavatn Lake to Emstrur

Day three of your exciting trekking tour on the Laugavegur Trail takes you through spectacular volcanic scenery. As the morning begins, you'll wake up in your tent and join the group for a satisfying breakfast in the dining tent. When everyone has eaten, you'll tidy up as a group and prepare for another day of hiking. Today's route spans 9.5 miles (15 kilometers), with an overall elevation descent of about 130 feet (40 meters). It'll take about six to seven hours, including a break for lunch. Say goodbye to the serene Alftavatn lake — ensure you snap a few more photos to capture it in the morning light. The day's route starts by taking you through another stream. From here, your guide will lead you into a stunning volcanic region, where you'll encounter Maelifellssandur, a black-sand desert surrounding the Maelifell volcano. Continuing your hike, the group will also see the striking Storasula and Hattafell volcanoes. Their lush green slopes starkly contrast to the volcanic plains' black sands. As you journey towards the Emstrur area, watch for the iconic glacier-capped volcanoes, Myrdalsjokull and Eyjafjallajokull. These volcanoes hold historical significance, with Eyjafjallajokull famously erupting in 2010, causing a massive ash cloud that disrupted European air travel for an extended period. Myrdalsjokull sits atop the Katla volcano, one of Iceland's most active volcanoes. On average, it erupts every 50 years or so, but its latest eruption was in 1918, so it's long overdue. By now, you'll be approaching your final destination for the day, the Botnar area. It stands as a green oasis in the middle of the volcanic area. Soak in the breathtaking sights of the Markarfljotsgljufur canyon, which stretches 656 feet (about 200 meters) below. Your campsite for the final night of your trek is close to this canyon. Take a moment to appreciate the incredible views before setting up camp for the night. As you've done previously, come together with the group to prepare and enjoy a communal dinner, then clean up before retiring to your tents for a well-deserved rest. Ensure you get a good night's sleep to recharge before embarking on the final day of hiking tomorrow.

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Day 4
The Seljalandsfoss waterfall on Iceland's South Coast, with a green meadow and wild flowers in the foreground.

Day 4 - Emstrur to Thorsmork & Return to Reykjavik

The final day of this four-day excursion takes you into the heart of the Thorsmork valley before your return to Reykjavik. Wake up as usual in your tent and enjoy a final group breakfast. Pack up your things for the last time and get ready to go. Today's route covers about 9.5 miles (15 kilometers) again, but this time descends about 985 feet (300 meters). It should take about six to seven hours once you set off from the camp. Follow your guide out of the campsite in the Emstrur area and venture through the Almenningar gorge, where you'll continue to enjoy excellent views of the surrounding glaciers. Along the way, catch sight of the uniquely shaped Einhyrningur mountain, also known as "Unicorn Mountain." As you continue along the trail, you'll arrive in the Thorsmork valley, aptly named the "Valley of Thor" in English, after the Norse god of thunder. The valley is one of Iceland's best-loved hiking areas, and you'll quickly understand why. It boasts stunning natural beauty, with rivers, jagged mountain peaks, volcanic plains, and vibrant green mosses in every direction. As you reach the end point of the Laugavegur trail in the Thorsmork valley, take a moment to savor the pride and accomplishment of completing this unforgettable journey. It's sure to be a rewarding few days. At the end of the hike, the group will board a vehicle that will transport you back to Reykjavik, but the adventure isn't over yet. Along the way, your group will stop at the breathtaking Seljalandsfoss waterfall, one of Iceland's best-loved natural wonders. This imposing waterfall plummets 200 feet (60 meters) and offers a mesmerizing sight — a photo stop here is the perfect way to end your trip. After a busy few days, the group will arrive in Reykjavik in the evening, accompanied by new friends and shared memories that will last a lifetime. Reflect on the incredible experiences shared over the past four days as you bid farewell to Iceland's enchanting landscapes.

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What to bring

Sturdy, waterproof hiking boots with good ankle support
Thermal wool or synthetic underwear (long-sleeved top and bottoms) (avoid cotton)
Wool or fleece thermal mid layer
Hiking pants (avoid cotton)
At least two or three pairs of wool or synthetic hiking socks
Breathable waterproof jacket and pants
Wool or synthetic gloves or mittens
Warm hat or balaclava
Health supplies and any prescription medicine, if needed
Day backpack (about 25–40 liters recommended) 
Travel pack for your baggage to be transported between huts (suitcases are not recommended — a waterproof duffel bag would be best)
River-crossing shoes (e.g. quick-drying trail runners, sandals with straps, or Neoprene shoes)
Sleeping bag and travel pillow
Toothbrush and personal toiletries
Sunglasses and sun protection
1–2 liter water bottle or hydration pack
Hiking poles
Pen knife
Camera, batteries, and memory card
Book (for the evenings)
Headlamp for trips in late season (after August 10)
Earplugs and eye mask
Portable charging device or power bank

Good to know

Please note that solo travelers will be paired up to share a twin tent.

A special food extra is available for vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free hikers, or those with food allergies. Your guide will organize the food, and the team will prepare meals together. Each traveler is allocated a small backpack and one piece of luggage weighing up to 44 pounds (20 kilograms). Extra baggage can be stored in the tour operator's Reykjavik office for a minimal fee.

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