Golden Circle & Horse Riding Day Tour | Classic Icelandic Experiences

Golden Circle & Horse Riding Day Tour | Classic Icelandic Experiences
On the horse-riding section of the tour, you will have the opportunity to gallop quite fast, if so desired.
Gullfoss, just one third of the Golden Circle sightseeing route, is Iceland's most popular waterfall for visitors.
There's no knowing exactly when Strokkur will erupt, but if you hang around for five minutes or, you're bound to catch it.
Þingvellir is where Icelanders first adopted Christianity as their main religion, in 1000 AD.
Þingvellir is home to glacial springs, hills, caverns and rocky waterfalls such as the pictured Öxarárfoss.
Horse-riding is open to both beginners and experienced riders; your guide will take you through the riding process one step at a time.
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Mount up to experience the joy of riding the friendly Icelandic horse before you boarding a bus and sightseeing the famous Golden Circle. This tour combines two of the most popular activities in Iceland for maximum enjoyment of nature: horseback riding in the morning and sightseeing the Golden Circle in the afternoon.

You'll start today’s adventure by being picked up in Reykjavík, and delivered to a horse farm at Vellir, where you will be matched with the ideal mount for your experience level and ride for 1.5-2 hours on excellent riding trails in the charming countryside, enjoying the view of volcanoes and wide meadows. 

After the riding tour, you'll have lunch at Hotel Eldhestar and then you will be picked up for a spin around the Golden Circle, visiting the Geysir geothermal area, Gullfoss waterfall, and Þingvellir National Park.

At Geysir geothermal area, the unbelievable pressure exerted on the earth is visible in the steaming vents, sulphurous fumaroles, scalding mud pools and, of course, the geysers. Though Geysir is shy these days, its neighbour Strokkur loves to have an audience for eruptions every 10 minutes.

Next, you'll visit the mighty Gullfoss, the Golden Waterfall, powered by glacial runoff which pours down the river and tumbles over the two-tiered falls. You can view its blistering force from afar, or take the walking path directly down to the falls to feel it rumble beneath your feet.

Þingvellir National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is your final stop of the day. This is where the longest ongoing parliament in the world was founded in the 10th century. You can still see the ruins of old booths and meeting areas built there in past centuries as thousands gathered in the valley to settle disagreements and form alliances.

The site is also a rift valley, a geological feature resulting from the ocean floor spreading, dragging the crust of the earth apart with its devastating force. But don’t worry – it is only drifting at a rate of 2 mm per year. That’s slow enough to take an easy stroll between the two tectonic plates before you explore the rest of the area.

If you are a nature and animal lover, book this best value tour and make the most out of one day in the land of ice and fire. Check availability by choosing a date.

Quick facts

Tour information:
  • Available: All year
  • Duration: 9 hours
  • Activities: Horse Riding, Sightseeing
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Minimum age: 6 years.
  • Languages: English
  • Attractions: Golden Circle, Geysir, Gullfoss, Þingvellir, Haukadalur
Pickup information:
  • Pickup time : 08:00.

Please be at your pickup location in time for your departure. Should your pickup location be at a bus stop and you need assistance finding it, seek guidance in your Hotel's reception or contact your tour provider directly.
  • Guided riding tour (1.5 - 2 hours)

  • Riding equipment (helmet)

  • Light lunch

  • Pick-up and drop-off from your accommodation in Reykjavík (Pick-up is operated by Eldhestar)

What to bring:
  • Warm clothing and outerwear suitable for rainy or chilly weather

  • Proper riding shoes (not high heels, as they may get stuck in the stirrup)

Good to know:

It is always a good idea to bring a sweater or wear layers which you can remove if you get too warm. Pick up is operated by Eldhestar between 08:00 and 08:30.

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Five days with sun, excellent guide, nice horses and beautiful country. Visit Iceland!
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An overall great experience. Edlherster were great. Being an experienced rider they matched me up at a horse of my experience and the same with my boyfriend who has very little experience. They were very kind and informative, especially about the Icelandic horse and the riding styles. We even had the chance to try of the the Icelandic horses extra gaits, as well as the experienced riders having a gallop. The golden circle was great. The bus tour was very organised with a very informative guide. You have plenty of time at each stop as well as there being a shop, cafe and toilet facilities at each. I would highly recommend this tour!
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Magical! The workers at Edlhestar were very kind, friendly and informative. The horses were perfectly matched to both myself and my sister. We both loved this experience. Though I don't remember being told they would supply waterproof and warm clothing for you to ride in. So I had bought and brought clothes for this, so that would have been good to know beforehand. (I was able to use the clothing on other tours) Lunch was good and fresh. Our tour was very neat as well. The guide was informative and organized. It all went smoothly which is nice when you're in a completely new place. I highly recommend this tour.
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The first portion of my tour was a bit disappointing. We were brought to eldhester stables and there was a lot of time spent waiting because of how many people they booked at the same time. It didn't seem like there was a rhyme or reason to how they picked a horse for you. They would ask you if you were experienced or not but still have you the same horse they were holding. The instructions were very minimal on how to ride the horse which seems dangerous when riding with 30 + beginners. I'm not sure how well trained my horse was because as much as I gave him a squeeze with my legs as they instructed he would not go faster. My horse constantly pulled over to eat and held up the line. It came to a point where I stopped trying to lead him because it was so exhausting. Eventually one of the guides would come and get my horse to go faster. The guides were quiet friendly. I probably won't recommend this tour for beginners due to the size of group. The light lunch provided was great and more than I expected! The golden circle part of the tour was good and the sights were amazing.
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