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Aldís Amah Hamilton

 •  18.01.14

Icelandic winters...

(All credit to the photo goes to this beautiful blog) Contrary to popular belief, Icelandic winters aren't as cold as the name would suggest. The average temperature rocks around 0 degrees and usually the worst months are January and February.

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Landmannalaugar Tour

A few years back my mother and I were a part of a Landmannalaugar sightseeing tour and it was - to say the least - amazing.   Landmannalaugar is one place I can definitely recommend seeing if you're headed to Iceland and want to experience the amazing landscape and natural treasures our country has to offer.  Here are a few facts about the area: The name comes from men from an area called Landmannasveit.

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Welcome to Niceland

Icelanders have been voted the friendliest people in the world. Perhaps it's because the sun has finally graced us with its presence for more than just a few hours a day...

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The Icelandic Dog (Dawg)

A very beautiful and typical Icelandic dog. Featured picture is stolen from this site, it's worth checking out if you're interested.   ---- These posts will focus on the few animals that can be considered true "Icelanders".

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Today is my "Moved to Iceland" birthday! Jeeeei!

And what a strange day it is. Started off as a beautiful sunny day with no snow or rain or a mix of the two in sight, don't get those too often this time of year.

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Aldís Amah Hamilton

 •  15.02.13

An eventful week

  The coldest months of Icelandic winter can easily be the most depressing ones. There's hardly any sun and the icy wind will chill you to the bone.

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My First

I guess an introduction is in order.  My name is Aldís Amah Hamilton and I consider myself a true blue Icelander. Born in Essen, Germany, I spent three years there before my Icelandic/Canadian raised mother and I moved "back home" to Iceland.

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I'm Aldís Amah. An Icelandic/American girl with a very mixed heritage. Raised in the west side of Reykjavík I know the city like the back of my hand (just don't try me on the street names, terrible with 'em) and I couldn't have asked to spend my childhood in a better place. I'd be happy to assist you in planning your trip to our island. :)

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