Landmannalaugar Tour

Landmannalaugar Tour

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Landmannalaugar Tour

A few years back my mother and I were a part of a Landmannalaugar sightseeing tour and it was - to say the least - amazing! 

Landmannalaugar is one place I can definitely recommend seeing if you're headed to Iceland and want to experience the amazing landscape and natural treasures our country has to offer. 

Here are a few facts about the area:

  • The name comes from men from an area called Landmannasveit. They found the springs and story goes that they rested there while herding sheep. Not sure how accurate the story is but it makes sense doesn't it?
  • It's a geothermal area, meaning that the water underneath is around 200 degrees celsius! But no worries, it's about a kilometer underneath your feet.
  • There are 100% natural hot springs (surprise!) all around the area and people can bathe in them at will, and they do. So bring your swimsuits!
  • The rocks and hills in the area are like an oil painting, in all kinds of amazing colors, rich and deep and absolutely breathtaking. Some consider Landmannalaugar to be one of Iceland´s, if not the world´s, most beautiful places.
  • The mountain colors you see are pink, yellow, red, black, white, purple and all kinds of mixes in between, all made by nature.
  • If all that wasn't enough... there are also huge lava fields there as well.

We also took quite a few pictures and mind you, these aren't even close to professional. But I still like them. So I'm putting them up here!:

Landmannalaugar TourThat's real... -ly a little enhanced but I just had to include it because it really does show the range of color one mountain has! Even prettier when the sun is shining, then there's no need for enhance ment but alas... we weren't so blessed.

Landmannalaugar Tour

I wish the water from my tap was this blue. Always and forever. 

Landmannalaugar Tour

Just so you get an idea of how big these hills really are. That's us hiking in the right-lower corner. And we did hike up that red mountain as well.


So obviously these photos are just what an amateur like myself can capture. If you're a nature enthusiast and love taking photos of amazing scenery this is the place for you. Here's a picture from an proper photographer who will do the area way more justice than I ever could:

Landmannalaugar Tour


Landmannalaugar Tour

Looks like a scene out of the Lord of The Rings no? I've included links so you can look at more pretty pictures by clicking on the picture itself.

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