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Hello, dear friends of Iceland! My name is Konstantin. I am the Iceland travel enlightener. I spent many years to consult unexperienced tourists, organize tours and guide happy guests of Iceland. And my skills are high. I answer stressless to the stupid questions like Can I bathing in geysir? or Why Iceland is so expensive? Well, I am used to. My poor English could be totally enough to help you to prepare for the trip to Iceland. But my native language is Russian. So, you may write to me your weird questions about Iceland in both languages. Well, I am used to. If you have nothing to say but still curious, just check out my blog. I will try to write about something that hasn't been posted yet on Guide to Iceland. Hmm, it would not be easy. But I'm used to.
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Local Breweries Around Iceland

Icelanders love beer. In recent year, the national brewing industry has exploded with more and more independent breweries popping up all over the country. Where can you find Icelandic breweries and what kind of beer can you find in Iceland? See Also: Top 9 Beers in Iceland For all you beer enthusiasts, I have compiled a comprehensive list of the breweries to be found around Iceland. What better way to embrace the local culture than to imbibe one of their favourite beverages? So, if you are driving across Iceland, or simply stuck for choice at a craft beer bar in Reykjavík, here is an intro

Filming locations of Secret life of Walter Mitty

Have you seen Ben Stiller’s movie Secret life of Walter White Mitty? I guess you did. This movie is one more reason to visit Iceland and see wonderful nature and landscapes. Here are some of the locations the movie was filmed in. See also: Movie locations in Iceland Locations of Secret life of Walter Mitty movie:  Garður GPS: 64.064708,-22.638094 Garður is a fishing village near Keflavik International Airport. Here you can tour one of the oldest lighthouse in Iceland – Garðaskagi Lighthouse and thousands of migrating seabirds which arrive from Greenland and North America. Stykkishó

Nature and adventure next door to Reykjavik

Hello, friends Most of the requests I get from customers are classic day tours such as Golden Circle and South Coast. Without a doubt, this is a perfect option to spend the day in Iceland while you stay in Reykjavik. But what if I tell you about a vibrant, saturated day trip from Reykjavik which is twice closer to Reykjavik and not less interesting than every other day tours? I call this trip “Natventure next door to Reykjavik”, it covers 150 km total and fits for everybody who has a driver license and wants rent a car to make this trip self-drive. There is a plenty of beautiful spots in thi

Better than helicopter flight in Iceland could be only longer helicopter flight in Iceland

The main advantage of a guide´s job is exploring Iceland every day, find beautiful spots and enjoy adventurous activities. But if somebody asks me if I have to choose only one activity and do the same every day I would prefer without a doubt a helicopter flight in Iceland. Read more on Guide to Iceland: The Ultimate Guide to Helicopter Tours in Iceland Iceland from above is magnificent and I never get tired to be amazed. I am sure you have seen a lot of drone video of Iceland on Youtube, but neither 4K resolution picture, none most skilled drone pilot can give you that amazing feeling of fly

Leaving Iceland don't buy magnets. Buy true masterpieces

I try to avoid so-called “lundabúðar” — Puffin stores. That's how Icelanders call Souvenir shops. They are everywhere, sell the same stuff for the cosmic prices. Among other typical things, they are selling air, quite literally. Well, it is pure Icelandic air but essentially, is still just air. In my humble opinion if you want to bring something memorable from Iceland you have to find something more exclusive, more artsy, something that creator makes with love and inspiration, something Icelandic by soul and nature. Replicated magnets and t-shirts are not on that list. So what it may be? H

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Top-5 adventurous activities without leaving Reykjavik

So, you are visiting Reykjavik for day or two, or you have a free day in the group multi-day tour and you want to spend it highly emotionally, adventurously so to speak. Circumstances force you to stay within Reykjavik but body and mind require for an adrenaline rush that numerous restaurants and museums can´t satisfy. You can get a dose of extreme without leaving the capital of Iceland. There are few options how you can satiate your day in Reykjavik: ATV and Buggy tours Basecamp of Safari Quads is only 20 minutes drive from Reykjavik city center. There are enough ATVs and buggies for a w

The Day when Iceland became great again

Today is the date when Iceland became great again. Bjórdagurinn is celebrated every year on March 1, honoring the elimination of the 74-year prohibition of beer. Prohibition lasted from 1915 to March 1, 1989. Just imagine an island far far on North where people have no joy to drink beer and you will realize how tough their Fridays was. Light has come and the darkness has been defeated! People of Iceland went crazy on 1 March 1989. Beer was sold out very quickly. Emotions were so great! In 1989 I didn't even know about Iceland. I didn't even know about a beer and alcohol as well. I was a kid

A hot spring tour for less

Hot spring bathing near Reykjavik: cheap and fun Hi, One of the most popular hiking day tour from Reykjavik is Hot Spring Hunt. Because it is close to Reykjavik, easy for beginners and very interesting. This daytour costs 81 EUR without hotel pick-up and 105 EUR with hotel pick-up. Fun of its trip costs much more but I want to advice you how to get same tour for 13 EUR. This is price for bus transfer to and back excluding meal and guide. What is Hot Spring Hunt tour Hot spring hunt starts at a little town of Hveragerði, 30 minutes drive from Reykjavik to the South. Beautiful hiking path f

Helicopter tour over South Iceland

Iceland From Above Last summer I traveled a lot outside Reykjavik, especially to South Iceland. I can confirm to you that jeep excursions are great fun whatever the weather is. A Snowmobile ride on Langjökull glacier and hiking around Landmannalaugar was also a lot of fun. But I could not have imagined how beautiful Iceland could be at the exact same locations from above the ground.  Flying over Iceland is strongly recommended for everybody and not only photographers or filmmakers. If you want to see Iceland from air you can choose between airplane and helicopter services. Sightseeing on

Guide to Iceland. The very first printed issue

Old books and newspapers are my fetish. I experienced the first bookasm in my life 17 years old while cleaning dusty bookshelfs in The National Archives of Iceland.  You will feel something similar to that if you visit Bókin bookstore at Klapparstig, in downtown Reykjavik.  And I would be more than happy to show you where they are. Iceland is a the most authentic country in the World. Not much has changed since 1892 except the quantity of the population. You can read evidence about that here below.    

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