Hraunhafnartangi and Þorgeirsdys - one of the Northernmost Spots on the Mainland of Iceland

Hraunhafnartangi and Þorgeirsdys - one of the Northernmost Spots on the Mainland of Iceland

Hraunhafnartangi NE-Iceland

On our second day on the Melrakkaslétta peninsula in North-East Iceland, we headed for Hraunhafnartangi spit, which lies at 66° 32′ 9.6″ N, 16° 1′ 31.08″ W, making it one of the northernmost points on the mainland of Iceland, together with Rifstangi, which is also close by here on Melrakkaslétta.  

In July 2016 it was confirmed by Landmælingar Íslands - the National Land Survey of Iceland that Rifstangi is actually located 68 metres further north than Hraunhafnartangi. 

Top photo: on the way to Hraunhafnartangi

Melrakkaslétta NE-Iceland

It is so peaceful and serene in this part of Iceland

Only the island of Grímsey is located a little further north. This was the closest we could get to the Arctic Circle on the mainland (or so we thought back in 2014), but it lies some 3 km north of Hraunhafnartangi spit in the middle of the sea.

Hraunhafnartangi spit is located only 10 km away from Raufarhöfn village, where we were staying for 2 nights at Guesthouse Hreiðrið - Guesthouse Nest. We drove by the beautiful seashore in sunny and still weather, enjoying the sight of the blue, still North-Atlantic sea. 

Hraunhafnartangi NE-Iceland

Hiking to Hraunharnartangi

Everywhere driftwood could be seen by the seashore.

For the longest time, nobody was around and we felt like we were alone in the world, it was so serene and I felt ever so peaceful.

Hraunhafnartangi lighthouse NE-Iceland

Hraunhafnartangi lighthouse

When we reached Hraunhafnartangi spit we saw a couple of people, who had camped here for the night. But everybody was quiet and taking in the peacefulness of this beautiful place. Our aim was to walk to the Hraunhafnartangi lighthouse. And to put up an imaginary Arctic circle and step over it.

The walk to Hraunhafnartangi lighthouse from the parking lot took half an hour by the rocky seashore, which was covered in driftwood and pieces of a net that had been washed ashore.

Regína by Hraunhafnartangi NE-Iceland

Stepping over an imaginary Arctic Circle

Hraunhafnartangi lighthouse is a beautiful square lighthouse, which stands alone 19 meters tall. It was moved in 1945 to Hraunhafnartangi spit from the other northernmost part of the mainland of Iceland, Rifstangi spit. 

We found a rope on the seashore and decided on making our own Arctic Circle on the northernmost parts of Hraunhafnartangi spit we could reach, and step over it to symbolize our accomplishment of standing so close to the Arctic Circle, which is located some 3 km further north.

The next morning we got a certificate from Hotel Norðurljós in Raufarhöfn village, that we had been this far north. They offered these certificates free of charge, I don't know if they still do it though. We brought a photo of us on Hraunhafnartangi spit and showed it to them. I think it is fun having a certificate of this kind :)

Regína receiving a certificate at Hotel Norðurljós

Receiving a certificate at Hotel Norðurljós

Sadly the hotel manager, Erlingur Thoroddsen, passed away in December 2015. He was the instigator of the Arctic Henge above Raufarhöfn village, which has now become the biggest tourist attraction on Melrakkaslétta. Now Hotel Norðurljós is run by a man named Hólmsteinn. Do pay the hotel a visit.

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Þorgeirsdys Burial MoundÞorgeirsdys burial mound at Hraunhafnartangi NE-Iceland


We spent a couple of hours at Hraunhafnartangi as it was such a peaceful place and I didn't want to leave. But we had one more place to visit here before we continued on our journey of Melrakkaslétta.

Close to the lighthouse is an ancient burial mound, Þorgeirsdys or the Burial Mound of Þorgeir, a Viking Age warrior.

Þorgeirsdys Burial Mound is mentioned in the Saga of Sworn-Brothers (Fóstbræðrasaga), where one can read about the sleighing of Þorgeir Hávarsson. He defended himself bravely and killed 14 of his enemies.

Regína at Þorgeirsdys burial mound at Hraunhafnartangi NE-Iceland

Þorgeirsdys burial mound

The burial mound (a huge heap of stones) is said to be the burial mound of Þorgeir, i.e. his torso is buried here, as he was beheaded and his enemy carried with him his head to Eyjafjörður fjord as a proof of his victory over Þorgeir.

They made a game of putting the head on top of tussocks and mocked it. But when they did so in Eyjafjörður the head seemed so frightful to them; with the eyes wide open and the mouth open with the tongue falling out. This sight frightened them so they buried the head in Eyjafjörður (as described in the 20th chapter of the Saga of Sworn-Brothers).

The other victims of this gruesome battle are also believed to be buried in this burial mound.

Regína by Þorgeirsdys burial mound at Hraunhafnartangi NE-Iceland

Þorgeirsdys burial mound

Maybe I should not have walked on the burial mound, but I wanted to show you how big it is. The burial mound has grown in size as it is an ancient custom to greet the "dweller of the burial mound" by throwing a stone onto their burial mound.

It is also said that people should walk clockwise around the burial mound, contemplate and wish others well. 

It is amazing really to find such an old burial mound. It is not marked, but there is a small information sign by the parking lot, where one can read up on it. 

I have written another travel-blog about Viking Ruins and Burial Mounds I have visited on my Travels in Iceland - which is a list of all the archaeological sites and burial mounds, which I have visited in Iceland.Hraunhafnartangi and Þorgeirsdys - one of the Northernmost Spots on the Mainland of Iceland

After spending a couple of hours at Hraunhafnartangi we headed west on Melrakkaslétta towards Rauðinúpur cape, where there are two magnificent sea stacks and a crater.

I have told you more about that beautiful place in my next travel-blog:

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Here you can see the location of the Hraunhafnartangi cape; it is located some 613 km away from Reykjavík, the capital city of Iceland.

You can rent a car in Reykjavík and drive up to Melrakkaslétta in a couple of days.

Have a lovely time at Hraunhafnartangi and on Melrakkaslétta :)

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