Cottages in Hvammstangi

Cottages in Hvammstangi

Visit northern Iceland and book your stay in a comfortable cottage in Hvammstangi. Find the perfect cottage and immerse yourself in Iceland's nature

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Frequently asked questions

Where to stay in Hvammstangi if I travel with a group of friends?

A trip with a group of friends around Iceland is the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the harsh nature and create unforgettable memories. When you plan a stay in Hvammstangi, it is worth to book a cottage or apartment that will accommodate the whole group and allow you to remain fully independent. The option of accommodation in a hotel or hostel is a convenient solution if, instead of self-catering, you are interested in exploring the local cuisine in one of the restaurants.

What popular attractions are close to cottages in Hvammstangi?

The proximity of the most famous attractions depends on the location of the cottage. However, you can expect that up to 50 km you will find renowned rock formations named Hvitserkur, Kolugljúfur canyon, lake Vesturhópsvatn, basalt fortress Borgarviki, or the river Miðfjarðará.

Is parking available at cottages in Hvammstangi?

Yes, most cottages for rent in Hvammstangi offer free parking for their guests.

What type of car do I need to get to the cottages in Hvammstangi?

To get to the cabin in Hvammstangi, you need a regular two-wheel drive car. It may happen that you will travel along a gravel road, but it will be passable. In winter, some of the holiday homes are closed.

Are there local restaurants or a public swimming pool in Hvammstangi?

Hvammstangi has a public swimming pool on Hlíðarvegur 6 street. You can also have lunch at the Hladan Kaffihus cafe or at the North West Hotel & Restaurant, which is about 20 km from Hvammstangi.

Is staying in Hvammstangi a good idea if I want to increase my chances of seeing puffins?

You can admire puffins in Iceland every year from April to September. The coast at Hvammstangi may be an excellent place to see them, although most tourists come to this location to photograph the seal colonies.