Cottages in Akureyri

Cottages in Akureyri

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Frequently asked questions

What type of car do I need to get to the cottages in Akureyri?

All roads leading to the cottages in Akureyri are asphalt, paved or gravel and maintained in good condition. All you need is a standard car. You will also not have to cross rivers or navigate rough terrain.

Do the cottages have a private bathroom and a fully equipped kitchen?

Yes, the vast majority of summer cottages in Iceland have an equipped kitchen where you can prepare a meal. Depending on the specific property, apart from the kitchen, you will find a dining room or living room. The private bathroom is located in most cabins, although it may happen that in some places, it is organized close to the building and available to all guests.

What type of cottage in Akureyri is the most convenient for a family or group of friends?

Depending on when you arrive and how large the group of travellers is, it may be a good idea to rent a cottage or a spacious apartment. In both options, you will have full independence, intimacy, and the ability for self-catering. Many holiday homes in Iceland offer guests free access to the hot tub on the terrace or the possibility of using the barbecue.

Do the cottages have ocean views and are they close to the beach?

To make sure you get a cottage with an ocean view, check the available accommodation offer. Many of these places are in beautiful surroundings. Cabins in Akureyri are located in the wood, near the river, and close to the mountains. You can spend time surrounded by nature away from the beaten track.

Do cottages in Akureyri offer free parking, free WiFi and local breakfast?

Most cottages in Akureyri offer guests free parking next to the building. Free WiFi is provided depending on the property, although in many cabins, fast internet is part of the standard amenities. Accommodation in cabins usually involves self-catering, so breakfast is not possible. To be sure, contact the property before your arrival.

How to get from the domestic airport in Akureyri to the rented cottage?

The easiest way to get to the cottage in Akureyri is to rent a car or go by taxi, although the second option will be a little more expensive compared to driving alone. The houses can be located off the beaten track, away from the centre, so there is no direct public transport available.

Can I book a cheap cottage in Akureyri for a budget tourist?

Accommodation in the cottage is usually offered for several people, so the cost is spread over a more significant number of travellers. If you're planning solo travel and you have a limited budget, we recommend booking a room at a hostel in the centre of Akureyri or choosing one of the holiday homes out of the summer season when prices are slightly lower.