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Lose yourself in the breathtaking landscapes and immerse in the rich food culture of Iceland like never before, all thanks to the revolutionary Audioguide Iceland app. This isn't just a travel app, it's your passport to an extraordinary journey.

Audioguide Iceland is a GPS-triggered audio guide that brings the very essence of Iceland to your fingertips. By booking this product, you'll receive a download link that doesn't expire!

Whether you're traversing the iconic Ring Road, navigating the famous Golden Circle, or delving into the wild expanse of the highlands, this app covers over 340 stations, unraveling more than 7.5 hours of captivating content.

Conceived and crafted by the seasoned minds of tour guides Dietmar Schaffer and Thilo Kirsch, the Audioguide Iceland app is designed to redefine how you experience this enchanting country. With the simple download of this app and a quick activation of location services, you're ready to embark on a transformative adventure that promises to be unlike anything you've ever encountered.

Imagine a scenario: you're exploring Iceland's mesmerizing vistas, venturing through its awe-inspiring landscapes, and the Audioguide Iceland app effortlessly syncs with your route. It offers a treasure trove of insightful commentary that aligns perfectly with your location.

And the most astonishing part? All of this works offline, liberating you from the confines of needing an internet connection and granting you uninterrupted access to the heart of Iceland.

Consider having your very own personal guide, a knowledgeable companion who is at your service whenever you need it.

Regardless of whether you're captivated by the geological marvels, historical landmarks, or the multifaceted cultural nuances of Iceland, the Audioguide Iceland app has curated a comprehensive experience that caters to your every curiosity.

As you journey through this mystical land, the app's cutting-edge GPS technology comes to life, delivering immersive and contextually relevant information that enriches your understanding of each locale.

The app becomes an indispensable source of knowledge from the moment your adventure commences, guiding you through to your final destination. This transformative quality elevates your relationship with Iceland's profound beauty and storied heritage.

Geared to cater to explorers of all ages, Audioguide Iceland offers an enriching odyssey whether you're an adventurous solo traveler, part of a family unit, or partaking in a group escapade. By transcending language barriers, the app is accessible in both English and German, ensuring a diverse range of individuals can partake in its captivating narrative.

Yet, it's not just about visiting Iceland. It's about forging an unbreakable bond with its marvels. The Audioguide Iceland app turns your smartphone into a knowledgeable companion, an indispensable tool that elevates your adventure and unveils the hidden gems that make Iceland the land of fire and ice.

Eager to rewrite the story of your Icelandic adventure? Waste no time in downloading the Audioguide Iceland app. Discover a fresh, unparalleled way to experience Iceland's grandeur. Prepare yourself for an adventure that will undoubtedly leave you spellbound, enlightened, and yearning for more.

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Over 340 stations with over 7.5 hours of audio information
Audioguide in English and German language (language can be selected in app)
Audio guide for a rental car and self-drive trips with the AOYO audio guides app
Voucher code sent by email
The audio guide can be downloaded and used offline
GPS-supported, automatic playback of the individual stations
Individual playback via the map view or list


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After your booking, you will receive an email with a link to download the app and a voucher code for the guide - please note that it might take up to 24 hours until you will receive the voucher code!

This audio guide is available in English and in German language.

It is an audio guide - you will not be accompanied by a guide.

The price refers to the download of the guide on a smartphone only! And is not per person.

The audio guide is valid indefinitely after the download.

This offer does not include entrance fees, parking fees, or transportation.

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