Exciting 3-Day Super Jeep Tour of the Icelandic Highlands with Transfer from Reykjavik

A person walking along a mountain-top trail in Landmannalaugar, famous for its hiking routes.
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Tour starts
Reykjavík, Iceland
Starting time
3 days
Ending place
Reykjavík, Iceland
All year
Minimum age
18 years old


Discover the vast Highlands of Iceland and enjoy the breathtaking scenery on this three-day super jeep tour. Those looking for a unique adventure in the Icelandic wilderness should book this exciting excursion now.

Your three-day tour starts when your driver picks you up from your accommodation in Reykjavik or Hvolsvollur. You can meet the group at Bru Base Camp outside Hvolsvollur if you prefer.

First, you'll meet the local guide leading you on this adventure. The guides have years of experience and in-depth knowledge of South Iceland. They'll tell you interesting facts and stories throughout the tour and be on hand to answer any questions you may have. 

Then, you'll depart in a super jeep, your transportation for the tour. Super jeeps are specially adapted vehicles with larger wheels and extended suspension. These all-terrain vehicles can access areas where other cars are unable to drive.

As you drive toward the Thorsmork valley, your driver will make stops along the way for you to discover some of the most spectacular sights in the Highlands.

The Thorsmork valley is a nature reserve between the Eyjafjallajokull, Myrdalsjokull, and Tindfjallajokull glaciers. It's one of the most popular destinations for hiking in Iceland, thanks to its awe-inspiring mountains and lush green vegetation.

One of the stops along the way is the Gigjokull glacier outlet. Gigjokull is one of the glacier outlets of the Eyjafjallajokull volcano, which famously erupted in 2010, causing an ash cloud that grounded flights around Europe. You'll be able to view the volcano from here and get some fantastic photos.

This tour is very flexible; the group can decide what they want to see and do in the area from several options. You can take beautiful hikes or drive to remote locations in the super jeep. No two adventures are the same.

During the tour, your accommodation will be a mountain hut in the Landmannalaugar area in the Southern Highlands. Landmannalaugar is one of Iceland's most popular hiking destinations. It's a beautiful place with several hot springs where visitors can bathe — perfect for soothing muscles after a long hike.

Each evening, your guide will cook a traditional mountain barbecue at the hut for your group to enjoy. You can chat about your adventures around the fire as you get to know the other group members.

When the tour finishes, your driver will drop you back at your accommodation, ready to continue your adventures in Iceland or head home.

Don't miss this exciting three-day tour exploring the Thorsmork valley and the Highlands of Iceland. Check availability now by choosing a date.

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Expert, English-speaking guide
Transportation in a super jeep
Transfer from Reykjavik or Hvolsvollur
All meals, excluding breakfast on day one and dinner on day three
Accommodation for two nights in a mountain hut
Traditional mountain barbecue


Super Jeep

Daily itinerary

Day 1
Person hiking with poles in the Thorsmork valley.

Day 1 - Introduction to the Highlands

On the first day of your tour, your driver will pick you up from your accommodation in Reykjavik or Hvolsvollur. From here, you’ll make your way to the Thorsmork valley in the Southern Highlands for the adventure of a lifetime. 

Super Jeeps are 4x4 vehicles that have been specially adapted to ensure they can tackle rugged terrain that regular cars may not be able to. They have larger wheels and higher clearance than other vehicles, meaning they can access remote locations and challenging roads. 

Once you’re in the super jeep, it’s time to head off the beaten track and into the Thorsmork valley in the South Highlands of Iceland. The drive will take you off road, over rocky terrain, and you’ll cross vigorous rivers along the way. The journey there is an adventure in itself. 

The Thorsmork valley is between the mountain glaciers Tindfjallajokull, Eyjafjallajokull, and Myrdalsjokul. The area is named after Thor, the Norse god of thunder. It’s home to spectacular scenery, including dramatic mountains, fast-flowing rivers, fiery volcanoes, and icy glaciers. 

There are also some excellent hiking trails in the area, which you can explore during this flexible tour. The landscape here is lush and green because the climate is slightly warmer and wetter. 

After an exciting day of super jeep rides and hiking through this stunning area, you’ll head to a remote mountain hut in Husadalur. This will be your accommodation for the duration of your tour. 

These cozy huts provide the ideal place to rest your head after a busy day of adventuring. Your guide will cook a traditional mountain barbecue for dinner while you relax and chat with the rest of the group. Once you’ve eaten, it’s time to head to bed and get a good night’s sleep ahead of the next day’s adventures.

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Day 2
The spectacular Thorsmork valley with mountains and lush vegetation.

Day 2 - Customizable Adventures in the Thorsmork Valley

Spend the second day of this flexible three-day tour hiking, hot spring bathing, or enjoying super jeep rides around the Icelandic Highlands.

The second day of this tour begins in the mountain hut where you've spent the night. You'll eat a delicious breakfast with your group to fuel up for the adventures ahead.

This trip is customizable and flexible, so your group can decide what you want to do. Your expert guides will be able to help you determine your itinerary as they consider the weather and ground conditions and the abilities of the group.

The Landmannalaugar area of the Highlands is one of the most popular hiking destinations in the country, so there are several excellent trails here. You can also head further afield in the super jeep to explore less accessible Highland regions.

Once your group has decided on the plan, it's time to head off for another day of excitement and adventure.

One of the stops on this tour is the Gigjokull outlet glacier. It's one of two glacier outlets from the Eyjafjallajokull volcano, which famously erupted in 2010. The ash cloud it created caused flights all around Europe to be grounded.

Gigjokull is five miles (about 7.5 kilometers) long and flows down from the summit crater, over the ice cap, and down to the Markarfljot river. You can enjoy spectacular views of the Eyjafjalljokull volcano from here while keeping a safe distance. 

If you want to go hiking today, there are some fantastic trails around the mountain hut. Choose from full-day and half-day hikes, or stay closer to your accommodation by enjoying shorter strolls to enjoy the captivating scenery. 

Once you've finished your adventures on day two of your wilderness experience, it's time to head back to the mountain hut. Again, your guide will prepare a delicious dinner for you, and you'll get to swap stories with the rest of the group before heading to bed.

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Day 3
Person hiking in the Thorsmork valley during winter in Iceland.

Day 3 - Final Day in the Thorsmork Valley

Explore more of the Icelandic Highlands on the final day of your tour.

The third day begins in your mountain hut, feeling rested and refreshed after a good night’s sleep. Then, you'll enjoy breakfast with the group before you pack your belongings and get ready to leave. 

As with the other tour days, your group can decide on the day's plan. You might take a short hike around the trails to find a hot spring for a soak. Alternatively, you might spend the day discovering new places in the super jeep and making additional stops on your way back to Reykjavik.

Whatever you decide, you’ll be able to spend the last few hours of your tour soaking in the spectacular scenery of the Thorsmork valley and learning what makes this place so unique. A visit to this remote area of the Icelandic Highlands is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The climate in the Thorsmork valley is warmer and more settled than in other parts of South Iceland. This weather means that the mountains often have a veil of mist cloaking them as warm air rises and mixes with the cold air from the glaciers. This mist gives a mysterious, magical feel to the area.

The weather is often wet, so the area is full of lush green vegetation. The views around you during each hike or super jeep trip will be unforgettable.

At the end of the tour, your driver will drop you off at your accommodation in Reykjavik or Hvolsvollur. You can then make your way to Keflavik International Airport to fly home or continue your Icelandic adventure.

You’ll leave after three days in the wilderness in Iceland with memories and many stories to share with your friends and family when you get home.

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What to bring

Warm, waterproof clothing
Hat and gloves
Good hiking shoes
Change of clothes for days two and three
Sleeping bag and pillow
Fully charged camera
Large, refillable water bottle

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