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Frequently Asked Questions

About Highland Tours in Iceland

The Highlands of Iceland are the country’s vast, uninhabited interior, which is largely only accessible in summer. It is the prime location for day hikes and multi-day treks, as well as super jeep tours. In the highlands, you will be able to experience many geothermal areas, mountains, volcanoes and glaciers, all of which can be seen within its most popular area, Landmannalaugar.

1. What are the Icelandic Highlands?

The Icelandic Highlands are the country’s vast interior, which sits over 400 metres above sea level.

2. What type of car must I drive to reach the Highlands?

You will need a four-wheel-drive to travel them; the only exception is the Kjolur Highland Road, but two-wheel-drive rentals are still not allowed here. Certain routes are only accessible by super jeep.

3. When is the best time to visit the Highlands?

Usually, the Highlands are accessible from June until August, give or take a week depending on the season.

4. Where are the Highland hotels?

Accommodation in the Highlands largely comprises of mountain huts. The Kerlingarfjoll Mountain Resort, Hrauneyjar Highland Centre and the Obyggdasetur Wilderness Centre are exceptions to this, found on the Kjolur Highland Route, Sprengisandur Highland Route, and in east Iceland on Route 935 respectively.

5. Are there any campsites in the Highlands?

Yes, there are designated camping areas in the Highlands.

6. Am I in threat of being caught in a volcanic eruption in the Highlands?

Not really. Volcanoes can go off at any time, but if there are any warning signs, the area will be quickly evacuated.

7. Are there any dangerous animals in the Highlands?

There are no dangerous animals in Iceland.

8. Where do I shop for food in the Highlands?

There are no settlements in the Highlands, thus you will need to prepare all the food you may need in advance.

9. What are the most popular hiking trails in the Highlands?

The most popular day hikes are in Landmannalaugar, although the Fimmvorduhals Pass, from Thorsmork to Skogar is another leading trail. The Laugavegur trek, from Thorsmork to Landmannalaugar is the most popular multi-day hike.

10. Where are the geothermal areas and how do I reach them?

There are geothermal areas in Landmannalaugar, which can be hiked to with ease, and Hveravellir, which can be driven to halfway along the Kjolur Highland Road.


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