Snaefellsnes National Park Day Tour

Kirkjufell or 'Church Mountain' is one of the all-time attractions of the Snæfellsnes Peninsula.
An Icelandic horse grazing on the lava fields of the Snæfellsnes Peninsula.
The waterfall Kirkjufellsfoss nests in the shadow of Kirkjufell Mountain on the Snæfellsnes Peninsula.
Djúpalónssandur is a beach of black pearls and a bay of rocky lava formations.
The black church at Búðir on the Snæfellsnes Peninsula is the only remains of an ancient settlement.
Kirkjufell Mountain on the Snæfellsnes Peninsula bathed in the glow of the evening sun in Iceland.
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Jump aboard this captivating tour to the Snæfellsnes peninsula. Sometimes called ‘Iceland in Miniature’ due to its vast diversity of landscapes, this is the perfect trip for those who seek to capture the true spirit and beauty of this incredible island. This is a small-group minibus tour for a maximum of 15 people, allowing for a comfortable and personal experience.

You’ll be picked up from your accommodation in Reykjavík in the morning, then head north-west. While the immediate surrounding scenery will be of rolling farmlands, it will diversify as soon as you reach the peninsula. You will cruise between the beautiful, rocky coast and a long range of mountains to your first destination: the Snæfellsjökull subglacial volcano.

Often called ‘the crown jewel of the peninsula’, Snæfellsjökull is a magnificent, cone-shaped volcano adorned with ice throughout the year. Its beauty has inspired writers and artists for centuries, most notably Jules Verne; his novel ‘A Journey to the Centre of the Earth’ is set here.

After admiring this incredible natural landmark, you will head to the charming farm of Ytri-Tunga to see its resident seal colony. These creatures, which spend hours hauling out on the shore, are a pleasure to observe, as they lazily sun themselves with little concern for those observing them. Animal-lovers would do well to keep an eye on the ocean around here too, as Snæfellsnes is one of the best places in the country to spot orcas from the shore.

You will next see the charming villages of Arnarstapi and Hellnar, which are said to be steeped in magic and folklore. They are located in a lovely coastal area, which is dotted with beautiful rock formations and dramatic cliffs.

The most notable of these geological formations are the two basalt columns called Lóndrangar, so tall and striking that many have compared them to a castle. Near these, you will have a chance to wander along a gorgeous black beach, Djúpalónssandur, the cliffs of which are home to many nesting seabirds.

At Djúpalónssandur, you’ll find a curiosity on the beach: four large, smooth stones. They are ‘lifting stones’, once used to measure the strength of fishermen who worked and lived along the coasts here. Your guide will tell you what each was called, and you can see how well you would have risen to the challenge of moving them.

Your final stop will be at the most photographed mountain in all of Iceland. Kirkjufell rises alone from a sea of green hills and wildflowers, surrounded by trickling rivers and little waterfalls; it is without a doubt one of the most scenic areas in the country. You’ll want to have your camera on hand when exploring this beautiful feature.

The Snæfellnes peninsula is one of the country’s most beautiful spots. Don’t miss your opportunity to see 'Iceland in Miniature'. Check availability by choosing a date.

Quick facts

Tour information:
  • Available: All year
  • Duration: 11 hours
  • Activities: Hiking, Sightseeing, Bird watching
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Minimum age: 5 years old
  • Languages: English
  • Highlights: Snæfellsjökull, Snæfellsnes, Hellnar, Arnarstapi, Kirkjufell, Lóndrangar, Djúpalónssandur
Pickup information:
  • Starting time : 08:30

  • Pick-up and drop-off

  • English guide

  • Free Wi-Fi on minibus

  • Meals

What to bring:
  • Warm clothes

  • Good, sturdy hiking shoes

  • Water

  • Snacks

  • Camera

Good to know:

This tour takes up to 11 hours. Meals are not included, but there will be a stop for lunch and a coffee break in the afternoon.


Excellent tour! Our guide Thor was fantastic and we really lucked out with the weather. Everywhere we visited was breathtaking. The bus was very comfortable, and heated, which was lovely for when we'd be returning from a cold visit. The bus also has USB ports to charge your phone, etc. Plenty of bathroom stops along the way.

I would say the trip was nice but not the best. Our tour guide Miguel from France was excellent and told us many interesting stories along the way. It was the terrible winter weather that preventing us from having fun. It was raining, windy and foggy all the time when I was there, so I was probably just unlucky. There may be more to see during the summer.

Guide/Driver was very knowledgeable and humourous. The van was very new with usb plugs which you can charge ur handphone with. The tour can be quite long 11-12 hrs. So got to bear with it.

We had a wonderful day exploring Snaefellsnes with Michal as our driver/guide. The weather was not the most cooperative with intermittent rain and lots of low cloud cover, but when in Iceland, that is to be expected. At least it was not too cold or too windy! We were able to see almost everything in the limited amount of daylight that we had, and we loved all of our stops. There was a strange bit of trickery from the Elves who live in the area, but that only added to intrigue of the day. Fortunately, all turned out fine in the end. Thanks, Michal, for that last bit of help with the phone! We highly recommend this tour!

I would highly recommend Guide to Iceland to book your tours throughout Iceland. We booked this tour but we were unable to travel to the peninsula due to extremely high winds. Our guide, Roman from Nicetravel was very concerned with the safety of the passengers in the minibus so he quickly organized a different trip which turned out to be incredible! He had to make some last minute decisions and for our safety, we ended up staying together with another guide, Michel and his passengers who were on a similar tour. I was very impressed with Roman as he took safety as his number one priority as our 17 year old daughter was with us. The sights we saw and the experiences we had on the diverted tour were amazing! Roman and Michel led the way on our hikes and adventures and were very knowledgeable about Iceland. I highly recommend this company!

I had such an amazing experience on this tour. Due to weather conditions (high wind speeds) we could not go to Snæfellsnes, our tour guide Roman, along with another guide with the same company, Michael, took us to a different area instead. It was amazing regardless. I was very happy that they took priority on our safety, and drive very well on the ride home, regardless it being 25m/s wind speeds. Definitely recommend!

Professional and one of the best services provided ! Please do not hesitate to join guide to iceland when you are in Iceland!

I wasn’t expecting much from this tour but it totally surprised me. The places we visited are all amazing. Of course, the weather played her part on it. We were lucky to have the sun shining. Our guide Jaka (Nice Travel)is also amazing and engaging. He has a good quality voice, you can hear him properly and his accent is clear. He is full of information, and stories that I learned some things about Iceland. He opened the door for every passenger, cared to remind us to fasten our seatbelts, and even at the end of the tour he was still enthusiastic. Why this mattered to me is because I have a comparison with anothe tour company that lacks this small but personal services. For me, we also were given enough time for each stops. I was glad it we weren’t just dropped off to a place and waited to come back. We had short walks around the area where our tour guide shared facts about the place. This was the most satisfying tour we had in terms of service.

This was a great tour. Excellent guide, stunning scenery and enough time to explore the different places where we stopped. Weather-wise we had everything from sunshine to a short blizzard, and many parts of the peninsula were a winter wonderland. Plus, you learn some things about Icelandic history and the formation of the landscape. I would highly recommend this tour to solo travelers or anyone else who would rather not drive themselves.

BEST tour! I was a single, female traveler going to Iceland for the first time, I was only in Reykjavik a few days so I only had time for one tour, I did a quick search to find which would be the best, I was not disappointed. This was definitely the best tour if you can only do one. The guides were great, the bus was small and the group was small. There were several other single travelers and we all joined together for pictures and lunch. The guides were friendly, knowledgeable, and as an added bonus they had the best music for our long car ride!! I've already recommended this to everyone I know!

Great tour with fantastic scenery -- the Snaefellsnes peninsula is extremely beautiful.

The Snaefellsnes tour is awesome in sun or cloud. The day started in sunshine but gradually high clouds moved in to make for interesting lighting for the return half of the tour. Guide Andre’s studies in environmental sciences made him expert at describing the volcanic landscape and its features. Walking behind a waterfall was an amazing experience on this trip.

Trip was wonderful, aided by a gorgeous sunny day. David, our guide, was most informative, and showed us some very special places. The driving time was long, but that was a fair trade-off for the spectacular scenery.

Very nice trip, and a great guide/driver that was local to the area and for that reason able to give information that probably noone else would. The only slightly negative thing about the tour is all the hours spent driving.

Thor was our guide and he was by far the best guide of the 4 bus tours we did. His accompaniment (talking, singing, harmonica playing) greatly enhanced the spectacular scenery - this tour is unforgettable!

Thor was a wonderful tour guide. He regaled us with myths about elves and trolls, and local lore, and provided plenty of comic relief. All the stops themselves we're magnificent, but I actually thought the best part was when we stopped at his cute, red Hobbit-style abode on the way back to Reykjavik(since he needed a bathroom break). The view from his house was spectacular; it was situated in a grassy knoll, next to serene rivers, and snow-topped mountains, and made for some great footage and pictures for my travel vlog. If it hasn't already become a regular stop on the tour, I'm sure it will in the future! Ha.

The weather didn't help us with this one, it was rainy and windy, but when our guides took us to the places we had to visit, it just didn't matter. Iceland is beautiful with sun or rain, the landscapes transform into completely different beasts and it is just amazing. Our guide didn't talk much, but he was a charm guy, attentive to our questions and ready to respond. My girlfriend and i had a wonderful time, you have to try it.

Great tour well delivered by the amazing guide Thor. Was a lot less crowded then the other tours we did and we were treted to some great weather to boot.

Awesome tour guide and the weather was great, have seen cute seals and amazing landscape of the west part of Iceland.

Awesome experience to see Snaefellsness peninsula. We were lucky with great weather and the spectacular places we visited (like Arnarstapi) were totally stunning, that everyone must visit when going to Iceland. The visit to Kirkjufell on our way back was great too.

Great and stunning geo landscapes! The tour guide is nice too.

This is a trip that should be done by all who come to Iceland. The peninsula is a distinctive region to itself whose diverse landscapes encapsulate the diversity that one can see within Iceland as a whole. We were kept smiling by our charming and knowledgeable guide Lucia even though the day was very rainy. If you are lucky enough to see these coastlines and volcanic mountains on a clear and sunny day, it will be a very memorable experience, even if you have already seen other areas in Iceland. Highly recommended.

Yes this was a great tour. The day was long and the bus driver drove very fast but we had a lot to cover. It shows a different area to the South Coast but also great. I loved the black beach and because the weather was so good we could see the top of the Glacier. The Tour Guide Andre was very nice and helpful and knew a lot of history. The bus was a 15 seater but it wasn't full so we had plenty of room and we're able to change seats to see different views. We brought a packed lunch so walked around the village and took pictures of the church when everyone else went to restaurant. We had a great trip.

Loved it! Got to see seals, lava formations in the sea at Anastarpi, Troll Man, waterfalls and my favorite Kirkjufell and Kirkjufellfoss was spectacular. Great tour guides. Had plenty of time at each location for photos. Probably had 8-9 stops. Great day!!

My teenaged kids and I loved this tour. The scenery is fabulously beautiful and although it's a very long, full day, there's enough driving in between walks and photo ops that you can have a rest and get ready for the next activity. Our tour guide Antonio was really knowledgeable and fun. There are several companies that offer a similar tour, so they reversed the order of sights so we would miss crowds and lineups. If you can bring your own food you can save a little. There are grocery stores all over Reykjavik and it's easy to pick up some sandwiches and apples or something to save on the restaurant bill, plus have snacks for this long day - you'll need them! The mini bus was clean and the Wifi was a welcome addition. We recommend this tour.

This was my favorite trip of the five days in Iceland. We did tours with other companies and Guide to Iceland was by far superior. Antonio is an amazing tour guide. He is very passionate about Iceland and his excitement carries over to the tourists. He routed us to avoid crowds. He knew where to go on the beach so we could see seals. Everything he did was perfect. He got out and showed us around and then we had time to ourself also. We saw so much more and learned so much that we could never have done on our own. Also the driver Valdi was great. Most tour companies the driver is also the tour guide; so this is so much better. Also, Antonio saved us time by calling in the lunch order. We ate lunch by the harbor and I sat there for lunch ; beautiful. Thank you Guide to Iceland.

Antonio Perez was absolutely amazing! He was super dynamic and engaging from the moment we stepped into the bus. He felt the vibe of the group and was constantly wanting to adjust the tour towards our interests. He also made sure we could avoid all tourists that we could, which made the tour feel more private. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone! Take a tour with him and you will for sure be pleased! -Kelly Rappe (I took 4 tours with 4 different companies during my two week stay in Iceland and he was by far the best tour guide!)

The was a great tour. Our tour guide was Davið Jaronsson and he was excellent! We didn't feel rushed during the tour and the sights were amazing. David provided great information and was very comical with his personality which made the tour very laid back. I would strongly recommend booking this tour with Davið Jaronsson and Nice Travels.

Was a really nice tour. We started out at a stop looking for seals. We saw a couple and they were super cute. Each stop of the tour is better than the last one. The peninsula at the end was absolutely amazing Our guide, Antonio, was friendly and you can tell he has a passion for his work and for beautiful Iceland. He even let me use his phone to take pictures since mine had died. There was a woman on the tour who had a hard time walking, and he assisted her on each stop. There are a couple stops on the road where you can purchase snacks and burgers. I recommend asking to get picked up early so you can snag a window seat...its worth it. Charge your phone, bring good walking shoes, and wear layers. I would definitely do it again.

This tour is a MUST do for your trip to Iceland! I'm so glad we choose to do this tour. Antonio was a wonderful guide who took us to places we would've never found on our own and each stop was more gorgeous than the last one. He was very knowledgable, friendly, and helpful. Although they have to keep a schedule, he was more laid back than other tour guides and didn't stress us out about how much time we spent at each stop. If you can only do one tour in Iceland I strongly believe this is the one to do. If you can only do two tours than the Golden Circle tour and the Snaefellsness Peninsula are the ones to do (we did Golden Circle tour, Snaefellsness Peninsula tour, horseback riding, whale watching, South Coast tour, dry suit snorkeling, City Walk tour and will do caving later today. If you only have three full days in Iceland I would suggest, in addition to the other two tours, walking around Reykjavik and doing the City Walk tour. Note: We attempted to go back to some of the same sites from this tour and others but had a hard time finding the spots. It's at least 2.5 five hours there and then 2.5 hours back plus all the driving between so it's a long tiring day, esp for the driver. Sitting back on a bus with Wifi with a knowledgable driver and a tour guide who know where to go, where to eat and where the bathrooms are is so much better than doing it on your own. It's worth the money. (The only con to taking a guided tour is there is only a very limited time you can spend at each stop.) Thanks Antonio for a great tour!

Antonio Pérez was our your guide full of wisdom, history, comedy, romanticism and love for Icelandic Lands. Truly loving, and treated us like family. Speaks many languages, and knew so much about every stop. I prefer a smaller crowd, more intimate, and took us to quality food stop, on time, and special. I would not have it any other way. The driver was also very friendly and truly a memorable time to climb a crater, see the most gorgeous oceans, stones, lava, countryside of the west fjords, and waterfalls. Bellisimo, Gratzie, Gracias! I am grateful to see such a diverse ecosystem with Nice travel.

Davio Jaronsson was, I think, did the best tour out of all my tours. He's very informative and brought us to his favorite hidden gems He gave us the best photography areas everywhere we went. I met some fabulous people/friends Thank you so much Robin Bancroft Dallas, Tx

Antonio is a knowledgeable, energetic and handsome tour guide! He really knows how to enjoy the best view of Iceland :D I enjoyed the tour very much (I also like the song list all the way! Antonio has a great taste of music :D) Highly recommend!

The stops on this tour were so beautiful I'm so happy I did this tour to see West Iceland.

Our guide David did a wonderful job guiding us around the peninsula. Each stop was incredible and he offered great info on the bus as well at each stop. Our group was a little larger at 14 people, but it actually work out quite well and David did a wonderful job keeping us on track without it feeling rushed. Overall I definitely recommend this tour to anyone, just remember to bring good shoes and a coat because it does get very windy!

Our favorite things we saw in Iceland were on this tour. Anarstapi was beautiful and the walking wasn't too difficult, except when we walked over some rocks to check out the seals! :) Our feet did get wet, so you must bring appropriate shoes and maybe even an extra pair of socks, just in case. The guide was super and we enjoyed it a lot!

We loved our tour! The group was small and our guide and driver were so nice and knowledge. They were also very open to chatting about their lives in Iceland, which was very interesting. All the sites we visited were breathtaking and we had enough time to walk around and take photos. We were not rushed at all. I would definitely recommend this tour to anyone lucky enough to visit Iceland! Courtney from Canada

Overall the tour was great, the pick up bus was on time and the size of the group was only 5. All the places are amazing but the best is the final stop in the mountain. It is a long tour and it would have been nice if the tour guide would had talked a little more during all the driving to make things more enjoyable, although he was a great guide when explaining everything at the stops. I highly recommend this tour to everyone interested in visiting iceland.

We loved the tour, whith a small group - it was our third tour whith Guide to Iceland - the scenery is spectacular and we enjoyed very much to visit Djúpalónssandur (the black lava beach) with the wreckage of British trawler, The EpIne GY7, which was wrecked east of Dritvik cove on the night of 13th March 1948. Tour operator was Nice Travel and the guide was very helpfull and friendly. We highly recommend this tour. Vitoria Silva. Portugal

Our tour guide, Yaka, was extremely knowledgeable regarding the Snæfellsnes peninsula. He shared much about the history, culture, and geology of Iceland. If we rented a car and drove the peninsula ourselves, we would've missed out on learning about the area; thus, I highly recommend this tour! There were only 10 of us on the tour, which was a good size. The drive to the first stop (seal colony) is a bit of a drive, but we had a 20 minute break in Borgarnes. There are a few cute, local shops there, which I recommend stopping in during the break. Don't fall asleep on the bus because you'll miss the incredible scenery. The Snæfellsnes peninsula changes from mountains to beach to lava fields and back in a matter of minutes. This tour was my favorite part of the trip; it was unlike anything else we did in Iceland.

Wonderful!!! We went to Ytri Tunga where we saw lots of seals. After, we went to Arnarstapi with its beautiful rocks sculptured by the waves and the wind. Then, we went to Lóndragar for seeing the two high towers that resisted so many years the erosion. Next, we headed to Djúpalowssadur, the black lava beach, there we could see the iron pieces from the British trawler, The Epine GY7, which was wrecked east of Dritvík cove on the night of 13th March 1948. We also saw one of the two lagoons, as well as, the four stones that fishermen had to lift in order to try their strength, The biggest stone is called Fullsterkur - Strong and weights 154 kg and only the very strong can lift that one. The second one is called Hálfsterkur - Half-Strong and weighs 100 kg. The third one is called Hálfdrættingur - Half as good and weighs 54 kg, and the forth one is called Amlóði or Lightweight and weighs 23 kg. From their we headed to Kirkjufell and Kirjufellfoss, where we drunk water from the river. Our driver Valdi was excellent and our guide Jaka very good, he explained very well everything the geological factors, the legends... everything. We could realise that he loves his job. The tour operator was Nicetravel. M. Antonia Carreras (Catalonia)

Adoramos o passeio, as paisagens são espectaculares e apreciamos locais maravilhosos. ( Apesar do tempo... que melhorou ao longo do dia ....) o guia Tomasz foi muito prestável e simpático , transmitindo informações de uma forma apelativa. O tour com a Nice travel foi um dos melhores que fizemos, o fato do guia nos acompanhar sempre ao longo do percurso torna-o mais interessante ,pois a informação é transmitida no local. Obrigado!! We loved the tour, the scenery is spectacular and we enjoyed wonderful sites. (Despite the weather ... which improved throughout the day ....) the guide Tomasz was very helpfull and friendly, conveying information in an appealing way. The tour with Nice travel was one of the best we did, the fact that the guide always accompanies us along the route makes it more interesting because the information is transmitted on the spot. Thank you!!

Snaefellsnes is a must-see in your trip to Iceland! We had a small group of about 10 people which proved to be the perfect size. We also had a very personable tour guide, Antonio, who took us to so many great stops and even let us stop to pet horses and see more waterfalls than originally intended. Would absolutely recommend this tour to anyone going to Iceland, it was definitely the best tour we had!

This is a stunning part of Iceland, and well worth seeing. Our guide (whose name I've unfortunately forgotten - apart from that it meant 'wolf'!) was great - very friendly and funny, and had plenty of interesting stories to tell. He and the driver were happy to spend extra time where we wanted. The small sizes of the groups are nice as well. Just make sure you rug up for the walks along the coast, even in Iceland's "warmer" months!

Best tour while in Iceland no doubt. Antonio was a great guide and made sure that we not only got to the spots on the tour but also that we had a great time. The driver was also very nice.

Thor was our tour guide and he was amazing, very knowledgeable and never felt rush if we wanted to spent extra time at certain places

Antonio was fun and did his best to make the tour as good as he could. Thanks for stopping at horses.

This tour was amazing. Tour Guide Lucia was perfect - knowledgeable, funny and intuitive - and our driver was exceptional. We took tours to the South Coast and the Golden Circle as well through different companies (because I'm pretty sure those two tours are required for all tourists), but this tour was more in-depth and provided so many experiences and a lot of varied landscape. History, geology, culture, natural wonders, an amazing lunch, time for wonder and contemplation, time to connect with nature, seals, goats, eiderdown, kelp and a lighthouse. And so much more. If you can only schedule one tour, this is the one to do.


This trip is absolutely gorgeous! The staff was so friendly and knowledgeable, and provided so much information. Unfortunately, the weather was awful so there was low visibility on the day we went. This can happen (it's Iceland after all) so our guide was nice enough to take us to a local shark museum where we learned all about the trade and preserving/fermenting shark. (And we got to try some!)

The guide David is really patient, helpful and humorous!!! Best travel experience ever!! We also took another tour by "Nicetravel" as well. All the service and the tour were amazing!!! And David led us to watch the Aurora late at night. He was also a very professional photographer!! :)

This was one of my favorite tours in Iceland. If you are only visiting Iceland for a short while I would highly recommended not letting this opportunity slip by. Our tour guide was amazing, very personable and funny, singing occasionally to us through the microphone. The volcanic rocky countryside, black pebble beaches, mountains jutting straight out of the ocean made for the most georgeous views of my trip thus so far.

This tour was my favorite of all the tours I was on this past week. Thor was a great guide as well as funny. Snæfellsnes peninsula is one of the most breathtaking places I have ever seen. The black pebble beach was amazing. I did not at any moment feel rushed at any one location we visited. I also appreciated the smaller size of the tour group (15 people), so it felt more personal. I enjoyed the vegetable soup at the Langholt Restaurant. Great tour all around!!

Great day - striking scenary, nesting kittiwakes, oyster catchers, seals, close encounter with iceland horses, super lunch (delicious fish soup) at Langaholt Restuarant, Thor was a great guide. Very glad I went on this tour!!

I took this tour end of March, the weather was not too cold but super windy. The experience is so unique and view were astonishing. Our guide David is a super gentle, knowledge and humorous guy. He made our trip very smooth and impressive. I definitely recommend everyone take this tour. Only thing keep in mind, the wind could blow you away!!!

I took this day tour on 3/8/17 and I wish I could into words how amazing it was. The guide ( sorry can't spell his name) was informative and knowledgeable. He spent plenty of time at the stops and walked around with everyone on the tour. The tour itself was spectacular and offered more than just sight seeing. I recommend anyone and everyone to take this tour.

Informative tour and the guide is friendly. Good service.

I attended the tour on Thursday March 23. I am very pleased with the service provided. The guides Michal (driver) and Jaka (guide) arrived on time. The vehicle was comfortable and clean. The time we spent on the stops was adequate and the guides were in formative. They answered any questions we had about Iceland and Icelandic culture. It was a fun day even with the adverse weather. I am glad I could attend the day tour.

The guide is super friendly and considerate. Time management is great as we got fair enough time to stay at each point. All the scenic spots in western coasts are great! And there are comparatively less tourists here and thus the atmosphere is so enjoyable.

This tour was just amazing. The tour guide was knowledgeable and very helpful. The scenery was just incredible and it was the true highlight of our tours in Iceland. The mountains, black pebbled beaches, seal watching, restaurant with a sea view and great fish dish, beautiful waterfalls and walks along the sea side made it just incredible. I would totally recommend this tour with Nice Travels.

The tour was incredible! Worth every penny! The scenery was breathtaking and the tour stopped at a great set of locations, with plenty of time at each to take in the beauty. Our tour guide was really friendly and knowledgable and seemed to have a real passion for the tour and the scenery. The tour group size was perfect, not too over crowded and felt more personal. We definitely book again when I visit in the summer!!

Amazing tour, incredible scenery , breathtaking coast and black sand beach , lovely sea seal and iclandic horses . a 30 mins walking along the coast is the most favourite part. The tour is full so its a little bit crowded in bus. The guide is nice , friendly and knowledgable. Highly recommanded to join this tour!

This tour was the highlight of my Icelandic vacation! The sights were remarkable and our tour guide was knowledgeable, dynamic, friendly, and helpful, and really made landscape, history, and tradition come alive. Also, the small tour group makes for a much more personalized experience. I highly recommend it!

Amazing tour! It was recommendet to me by Tryggvi from Nice Travel after I booked the wrong tour first and needed to cancel it. The cancelation of my previous tour went without any problems, the communication with Nice Travel was excelent. Everyone from the company was super nice and always willing to help. The groups are rather small and this makes this tour expirience even better. Our driver Dushan and our guide Antonio made this tour perfect. Always smiling, joking, very patient and ready to help, give advices or answer questions all the time during the tour. Our guide Antonio is very knowledgeable. He told us a lot of interesting facts about vulcanos, glaciers, rock formations and Iceland and it's stuning nature in generally as well. We walked as a group during all of our stops. He showed us the best places to take photos from. He even geave us tips on nice Icelandic music and he helped me with the settings of my camera since I had a Northern Lights tour in the evening and didn't know exactly what the best settings for the Aurora activity on this night were. The landscapes that you are going to see on this tour are going to take your breath away! We saw seals, experienced amazing views and had a great time during the whole day. I enjoyed the tour a lot and would highly recommend it anytime!

Highly recommend! It has been a perfect day! And probably the best tour I have been done. Must say everything is well organised by Nice travel! The tour guide Antonio is really a nice guy, he seems have a lot knowledge in every field! He told us a lot about the Icelandic history and volcanoes, he even knows the height of a lot of volcanoes! When arriving the landscapes, he leaded us to the perfect place to take photos. We even saw the seals and Icelandic horses closely! And the final sight National park was really amazing! I was really enjoyed in this tour. By the way the wifi on bus is really fast!

First time Iceland traveler and I can say Nicetravel was by far the best experience I had with any of the tour companies. Our tour guide Antonio, was amazing and our driver, Dushan was as well. Antonio was very personable and down to earth and gave us the best tour guide experience that money has to offer as opposed to the other larger cookie cutter companies which offer a take it or leave it experience. If you are looking for a diverse landscape and scenic experience then this is one of the best to choose. I am a fully satisfied customer and would travel with Nicetravel again next time!

Nice Tours operates smaller tours, with aire personalized feel. Everything about my interactions with this tour company was positive (unlike my mediocre interactions with others). The tour guide was friendly, patient, and helpful. I stayed in Borgarnes and this company was the only one that agreed to pick me up there, as the tour stops at the N1. I highly recommend this tour company. I also enjoyed Snaeffelus and would recommend the one day tour. Lots of riding in the van (there's wifi), but beautiful landscapes--even in the fog.



I visited the National Park with Nicetravel and it was a truly breathtaking experience. The scenery is astonishing and the longer you see it the less likely that you will accept that this place is in fact on Earth. The experience was made even better with the very knowledgeable guide who not only shared fun facts and trivias but was funny too.

Bad weather at that day, but nice trip with a nice guide.

What an incredible day. We were slightly fortunate, in that the main bus was too full, so we had a smaller group of only six. Our guide, Johannes, was full of insight and a very good host. It's a long day, this one, but trust me, it's worth it. The places you'll visit are breathtaking, and having a knowledgeable and likeable guide only adds to the experience. Brilliant.

I enjoyed the day despite the crazy weather. Really enjoyed talking to the driver Mike about life as an Icelander. Glad I brought my waterproof jacket, pants, boots and gloves. Just wish I could have taken better pictures cause my camera lens kept getting wet from the horizontal rain. When it cleared we hiked up a volcanic cone which was awesome cause we couldn't drive around the entire peninsula because of the dangerous winds. It was a memorable adventurous day! The power of the ocean is inspiring.

Amazing nature with incredible sights. Really recommend this tour to everyone. Great driver and interesting tour guide.

Go only if you have time. Certainly it was an enjoyable trip, but do the Golden Circle as well as the South Coast/ Ice Caving tour first. These 2 tours are a must for a first trip to Iceland.

nice and beautiful view ,but the weather is changeable

Nice island, I'll definitely pay a visit in Summer.

The landscape is amazing, even more impressive than the south coast. And our guide Anna is helpful and very friendly.

I joined this tour for visiting the west of Island. It was a small group. We were so lucky the weather was nice. The tour has a driver and a guide. Jaka was our guide and his introduction of Iceland was really clear. The driver svAstislav was also helpful. I really recommend this tour which you can see many amazing landscapes in Iceland. There are WIFI in the bus. If you wanna visit Iceland, this tour you cannot miss.

This tour offers the most beautiful landscapes and breathtaking views, despite the inclement and variable weather. Many thanks to our passionate and knowledgeable tour guide Antonio! His enthusiasm enhanced the entire experience, and we all wished we had him in our pocket for the rest of the trip. Well worth the price -- just be sure to bundle up!

Saw some beautiful terrain, did some nice hiking, and Antonio was such an enthusiastic guide!

booked the Snaefellsnes one day tour with NICE while I was on the two day NICE tour to Jökulsárlón with Antonio. I was having such a good time on that tour that I wanted to spend another day of my time in Iceland with NICE exploring the outdoors. I am so glad that I did! Even though I had already been with Antonio for three days (we had to stay an extra day in the south due to weather conditions), I felt like I was still learning from him during the second tour. He was a wealth of information! He answered all of my questions, and was great to be around. Even when some of the people on the trip were frustrating, Antonio stayed calm and friendly, when a lot of people would have lost it. The trip was wonderfully planned, the timing worked out perfectly with the limited amount of sunlight. I was worried we wouldn't see everything, but we did! It was all gorgeous and I had a ton of fun. I definitely plan on coming back to Iceland sometime in the (hopefully near) future, and when I do, I will do a NICE tour again. I've already told multiple friends and family planning trips to Iceland about NICE, it was so wonderful. My only suggestion would be to make it more obvious on the website that warm clothes and good shoes are necessary, not just suggested. I was prepared, but a lot of people on the tour were not. The weather turned at a drop of a hat and I think some of the others were not happy. Other than that, I loved every second!!

I had absolutely fantastic time during this trip! Big heartfull thanks to Antonio, who was just an excellent guide providing lots of information of the area and showing us the best places of Iceland. We had experienced all Icelandic crazy weather at once - starting with so strong wind that blows you away from the track and finishing bright sun, making the place looks absolute fairytale, but it only made this adventure even better. Definitely worth to try, really hope the weather will be kind to you. My absolutely best day in Iceland! Can't wait to come back.

Hands down, the most amazing sightseeing tour I have ever done in my life. However, be warned: we were very lucky because the weather conditions were just perfect. I can see this tour being a waste of money if the weather is not on your side.

Really awesome tour despite crazy Icelandic weather. This is a uniquely beautiful country, and this area captures Iceland's otherwordly and mystical nature perfectly -- ragged cliffs, ancient volcanic formations, raging sea, gusty winds, magnetic rocks, etc -- it truly is like an adventure into the edge of the world. As you have probably noticed from the earlier reviews, the tour guide Antonio is amazing -- his enthusiasm, good humor, and deep knowledge of the history & geography of iceland really makes the trip that much more special. The driver David was also a delight to hang out with and excellent driving skills in the really poor weather conditions we faced. Highly recommend this tour! Also: please bring warm clothes and waterproof shoes & outerwear because it can get very wet and very cold.

This trip is incredible. The weather was howling with rain, snow and strong wind which made the spectacular scenery look like something out of The Lord of the Rings. Our guide, Antonio, is a legend from the Sagas! He lead us through the weather like a warrior and told us great tales about the place like a bard. The trip is really varied- plenty of mountains, falls, cliff and black beaches. We even made an impromptu stop when the Northern Lights unexpectedly appeared! A magic trip, I strongly recommend!

Great tour, despite (or partly because of) the hectic weather: breathtaking landscapes and raging sea; I only wish I could go back and hike a bit more in that area. Add on top of that a truly passionate, knowledgeable and enthusiastic guide: I definitely recommend that tour!

This was a great tour and so was our tour guide Antonio. He was very energetic, full of knowledge, and just an all around nice person. He made the tour a more personal and special experience. Would recommend!

We loved this trip despite the insane rain and wind. Our guide was well informed and fun. The driver (David) did a great job considering the crazy road conditions. We got to see the amazing landscape and hear about the island's history. It was also great to be part of a small group. Thanks. (our trip was on Tuesday Oct 11, 2016).

The guide picked me up from my hostel on the dot, he even went inside as I wasn't waiting outside because it's cold. Both him and the driver were nice and approachable. The trip in general is great. Beautiful view and they were gave us enough time with each spots. The only thing that I think they should improve is the head mic he was using. It wasn't that loud so we really can't hear him most of the time when he explains something. The van has a wifi and the group was small so I really liked it. I absolutely recommend this tour and the tour agency. Good job!

It was a surreal experience. Antonio with great enthusiasm showed us some beautiful landscape as we hiked around the snæfellsnes National park. Our group was very lucky to be small - we were a total of five and Antonio showed us some amazing photography spots! It was my favorite tour from my trip! Highly recommend it!

It was a splendid day tour! We went through beautiful landscapes while driving and our guide, Antonio, manage to get us hiking in the national park of Snaelfellness where there was litterally no one else, it felt so special, magnificent and magical! Beware, you might see some elfes... It was really nice to be able to take our time in the nature, Antonio showed us some perfect spots to take pictures if you're an photography amateur. They even took the time to make a small detour because i wanted to continue my trip in the north west and not going back to Reykjavík with them, and they gave me many advices about it. I highly recommand this trip!!

Amazing landscape. The rain and the sun created a lot of rainbows! Unfortunetelly the guide was not very "participatory".

Stunning area but the guide was a bit lack lustre. We were basically driven between the locations with little to no information provided about the area. Nonetheless I definitely recommend exploring this region. The seals were a definite highlight!

This area was such a surprise. We had read about south Iceland but going really felt like going off the beaten path. We saw a huge bubbling hot spring which I cant remember the name of and a very picturesque mountain and the smallest glacier in Iceland. They say the area is magical and we believe them. If you have enough time in Iceland then do this tour. It was really fun.

Great tour to with a fun tour guide. Give that man a raise! He really made this trip special!

Great experience with some fun people. We really liked the area and think our guide showed us the best of it. He even dropped us off at the airport after the tour even though that was not included. Thank you very much Hakon. I will recommend this tour to everyone I know is visiting Iceland!

This trip was wonderful. I was able to see and get up close to the some of the best landscapes in Iceland. Our guide Antonio was very knowledgeable and took us to some special "secret" local spots and a good bistro with healthy food. Highly recommend this tour but try to go on a day with good weather. :)

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Snaefellsnes National Park Day Tour

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