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Walk with a Viking 2 Hour Guided Reykjavik Walking Tour

Puffins are a common sight in the Westfjords around summer, particularly around the Látrabjarg cliffs.
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Take two days of your holiday in Iceland to explore the mountains, coasts, wildlife and waterfalls of the Westfjords. If you're staying in Reykjavík but want the chance to visit this remote and spectacular region, this adventure is your ideal choice. 

Your journey begins at Reykjavík Domestic Airport, where you'll catch your flight to Bíldudalur, a settlement of the Westfjords. Your guides will meet you here, you will board a modified Super Jeep, and the tour will officially begin.

On day one, you will first head to the incredible Látrabjarg bird-watching cliff. Nowhere in the world can you see puffins as easily as here; they nest in the millions, and have very little fear of people. They, however, are just one of a dozen species that reside here throughout summer, and avid wildlife lovers will be in awe of the numbers.

Following that, you will visit a seal colony, but the waters of the Westfjords are bountiful with life, supporting high populations of marine mammals. Finally, you will head to the beautiful beach of Rauðasandur, one of the few beaches in the country with shimmering golden sands, rather than volcanic black.

Day two will take you to the fjord of Arnarfjörður, a stunning place of diverse landscapes. You will then head to what is arguably the country’s most beautiful waterfall, Dynjandi, a whispering giant that leaves no visitor untouched by its beauty.

At the end of the day, you will take a flight back to Reykjavík City. Both flights are included in the price of the tour, along with dinner, accommodation and breakfast.

Immerse yourself in Iceland in summer during two adventure-packed days in the Westfjords. Check availability by choosing a date. 


Return flight to Bíldudalur
Super Jeep transportation
English guide
Hotel accommodation for one night with en suite bathroom (twin/double rooms)
Two course dinner on Day 1
Breakfast on Day 2


Super Jeep
Hot Spring Bathing
Bird watching

Daily itinerary

Day 1
Two puffin couples looking at observers from the Látrabjarg birdwatching cliffs in the Westfjords.

Latrabjarg and Raudasandur

On your first day, you will arrive at ReykjavíkDomestic Airport in good time for your flight to the Westfjords; it is a small airport that is quick to get through, and the journey only lasts approximately thirty-five minutes. Upon arrival in Bíldudalur, you will meet your guides, who will take you to your Super Jeep.

In this vehicle, no mountain pass is an obstacle, and your expert guides will be able to take you expertly around the fjords. Your first destination is the Látrabjarg birdwatching cliffs, the largest of its kind in all of Europe.

Látrabjarg is renowned for its wealth of birds throughout summer. A dozen species, including puffins, nest in the cliffs and can be easily seen within arms reach. Of course, you should not try touch the birds, and you should stay a few metres from the edge for your own safety, and because puffins nest in burrows and you run the risk of collapsing them by putting weight on them.

Látrabjarg also has a wealth of folklore and history that your guide will tell you all about. Of particular note is the story of a shipwreck at the base of the peninsula, of which the stranded sailors would have died if locals did not descend the cliffs on ropes to save them.

Your next destination is the beach Rauðasandur, but en route, you will stop at another coastal stretch to admire a seal colony. Many seals live around the Westfjords, but in few other places do you have the opportunity to see so many so close. As you travel around the fjords, be sure to keep your eyes out for them, as well as whales, which are commonly seen from shore in summer.

Rauðasandur is a beautiful stretch of golden sands, which is unusual in Iceland; much more common are the black sand beaches. It has an almost tropical feel, and you’ll have plenty of time to walk along it.

For the evening, you will relax in natural hot springs before retiring.

Day 2
Dynjandi is one of the most popular waterfalls in Iceland, and located in the remote Westfjords

Arnarfjordur and Dynjandi

On your second day, you will head to Arnarfjörður fjord. This area has a huge amount of folklore, its waters said to be home to many monsters, and its coves home to sorcerers. It also contains untold natural beauty, with massive mountains falling sheerly into the ocean, and many waterfalls.

From here, you can look up to the mountain Kaldbakur, the tallest peak in the Westfjords.

After this, you will continue to the waterfall Dynjandi. Many smaller falls decorate the path up to this feature, but it dominates the landscape. It pours from the top of a 100-metre tall cliff in many steps, foaming white against the black rock, looking more fantastical than real.

After marveling over Dynjandi, your Super Jeep will return you to Bíldudalurairport, for your short flight back to Iceland's capital Reykjavík.

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