Reynisdrangar as a photography location

Reynisdrangar as a photography location

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Reynisdrangar as a photography location
WARNING! This place is extremely dangerous!

Reynisdrangar might be the most iconic cliff formation of Iceland and is located south of Vik in Myrdalur. You can see the cliffs both from an eastern and a western viewpoint. The eastern side is the beach of Vik, so to find this place simply continue along the main road A1 until you hit Vik.

Reynisdrangar as a photography location

You do get the most bang for the bug on the western side, though. Just go for road 215 towards Reynisfjara, which is located 5 km from Vik.  Reynisfjara is the black sand beach, from where you can see Reynisdrangar. At the western viewpoint, you can also see some huge basalt cliff formations and a cave.

Reynisdrangar as a photography location

From the western side, there’s access to a viewpoint which brings you as close to Reynisdrangar as you can get from the land side. You do have to climb some rocks to get there, so make sure you are aware of the slippery stones. It’s extremely important that you also are aware of both the tide and the waves. Waves here can get several meters tall, come out of nowhere and wash you away in the blink of an eye, making this the most life-threatening location in Iceland, where several people have died.

The most dangerous part in regard to waves is the first, so if that’s passable you don’t have to worry you’ll have to go back later (see video below on what you have to climb). If you do manage to get to the upfront viewpoint you will be rewarded with the best look, at these amazing cliffs.

Reynisdrangar as a photography location

With an ultra-wide angle lens, you can catch both Reynisdrangar and a good foreground with the scattered rocks and seaweed. Also bring a telezoom to compress the foreground and background if you’re at either the western or eastern location.

AGAIN, DANGER, read about it here!

Here's my video from the location with a lot of drone footage, check it out! If you want to buy any of my pictures as beautiful high-quality prints check out my Society6 page.

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