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Arctic Adventures is an Icelandic adventure and activity company with an emphasis on ecotourism and environmentally friendly trips throughout Iceland.

Our story starts a long time ago in a faraway country. A young couple called Villa & Bassi went white water rafting in Nepal in 1983 and returned home with an absolute intent to launch Iceland’s first adventure company. They wanted to share their experience from Nepal with Icelanders and started exploring rivers for rafting. One day they came across the Hvítá River and knew that it was just what they had been looking for.

Ever since that time our team has been rafting this beautiful river, taking off from our base camp at Drumboddsstaiðir – aka Drumbó. Over time, our company has expanded and matured resulting in it becoming one if Iceland’s biggest operator when it comes to recreational tourism.

We are proud of our vast tour selection as well as of our great team of guides that do their best every day to make sure that our costumers get the best possible adventure in Iceland. Our primary aim is to offer a small group experience that delivers a comfortable and safe environment for all participants. We are committed to making your time in Iceland more than just a vacation.

Arctic Adventures is currently operating different outings from Reykjavik as well as glacier tours from Sólheimajökull and Skaftafell, snorkeling and diving in Thingvellir and snowmobiling on Langjökull glacier in addition to the rafting on Hvítá River. Choose us as your operator and be sure to go home with a story worth telling.



An average customer rating of 4.6 ranks Arctic Adventures as an excellent tour operator.
Excellent company 114 reviews
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Arctic Adventures

Average review rating 4.6

114 traveller reviews

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Northern lights in Iceland

Christmas came early this year, or at least Iceland decided to surprise us with an early Christmas present: the northern lights!   Some auroras were spotted as early as August 5, about a month before the usual first appearances of the northern lights. Some lucky Icelanders and visitors were able to spot a few lights dancing through the sky during Iceland’s holiday weekend. Hopefully this means an early start to the northern lights season! Though these sightings may have only been a brief gli

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5 Places to Go in Northern Iceland

The North of Iceland is an area full of natural treasures and beauty. Last week, some of the Arctic interns took a road trip to the North of Iceland. Based on their experiences, they gave us some recommendations and insight into what to do and where to go in the North! Check it out: 1. Lake Myvatn Lake Mývatn is Icelandic for “Lake Gnats”. The name is, unfortunately, incredibly fitting; when we arrived at the lake, we opened the car windows for just a few minutes and before we knew it, flies

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5 Places For Your Reykjavik Bucket-List

If you want to experience the best parts of Reykjavik, you absolutely have to add these six places to your Reykjavik must-see bucket list! 1. Harpa: Reykjavik’s concert hall is a stunning piece of architecture. It also offers a ton of great events and frequently has art exhibits on display. 2. Hallgrimskirkja: This towering and iconic church is an Icelandic landmark! If you take the elevator to the top, you will get a stunning birds-eye panorama view of Reykjavik. It’s definitely worth it.

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Hot spring hunt

Tip one: Make sure your hiking boots are watertight or you will learn the hard way like this unlucky intern. Oh and don’t forget your swimming stuff like some of the group! Now we have that cleared up lets talk about hot springs. Iceland is a magical land of geothermal goodness with hot springs, bubbling mud pools and steam. In certain places this hot water is either naturally cool enough to take a dip in, or like in the geothermal town Hveragerði, up in the hills, a hot spring meets a cold r

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Reykjavik: Adventure tour capital of Europe

A bold statement? It sure is. To bold a statement? Heck no. No other city, town or village, in the grand dame that is Europe, can boast even half the adventure and activities that lie at Reykjavík´s doorstep in Iceland. Reykjavík city has, over a space of ten years or so, been transformed from a destination that travelers visited to start or finish their self drive tour around the island (and taking a tour to the Blue Lagoon) to an thriving metropolis of adventure trips and activity tours that

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Winter sports in Iceland

Iceland is a cold country. A country with snow and ice. And when it comes to winter sports there are many things to do here. Only half an hour away from Reykjavik is the ski resort Bláfjöll. It’s know for its nice views and you can even get there by bus. There are some other ski resorts all over Iceland as well, but a lot of mountains can only be reached by hiking/touring or with a snow mobile. Or helicopter of course. Driving the snowmobile in Iceland is also a great winter activity. It’s an

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