Information about Flúðir

Flúðir is a small-scale village located in the municipality of Hrunamannahreppur in the Southern Region of Iceland.

The village has the river Litla-Laxá running through it into the larger river of Hvítá, and is overlooked by the mountain Miðfell. With a population of just under 400 people, its residency has grown around greenhouse activity and general horticulture, which continues to be the area's main produce.

Being located near the ever-popular destinations Gullfoss and Geysir, the village and its surrounding area are known for being exceptionally green, plentiful and warm because of geothermal activity. The aforementioned rivers are awash with trout and salmon, and the village's surrounding farmlands are acclaimed for their cultivation of plants, beef and dairy.

Sights, services and accommodation 

Flúðir has long been a favoured camping destination amongst Icelanders. Visitors can camp at Tjaldmiðstöðin Flúðum or the nearby Álfaskeið, next to the farm Syðra-Langholt.

Since 1999 the particularly luxurious Hotel Flúðir has also been available for accommodation and fine dining. Because of the region's plentiful organic produce, the acclaimed hotel restaurant prides itself in serving solely locally-grown fruits and vegetables.

Another advantage of the geothermal activity includes natural and age-old thermal pools. Although the minuscule Hrunalaug has undergone a great deal of damage lately due to an excessive traffic of visitors, the larger-scale Secret Lagoon at Hverahólmi has been modified to accommodate a much larger number of people, whilst still preserving its natural terrain.

The water in these hot springs stays at a temperature of 38-40° Celcius (100° Fahrenheit) throughout the entire year. Built in the year 1891, The Secret Lagoon is officially the oldest swimming pool in Iceland.

Other sights include the folk museum at Gröf, the golf course Selsvöllur, the horse rental at Syðra-Langholt and Flúðasveppir, the country's largest mushroom manufacture. 

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