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Combo Deals

Combo Deals

Combo deals are value options fashioned to pack as much adventure into your holiday as possible, allowing you to enjoy two or more of Iceland's most popular tours in a single day. Because these cheap special offers are designed for discount and convenience, availability is limited.

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Combo Deals

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April Murnane

April Murnane

10/02/2019, 13:29
Review of Northern Lights 2 in 1 Winter Tours of Iceland with the Golden Circle, Ice Caving & Snaefellsnes

It's difficult to put into words how amazing this tour was. Our guide and driver during the 3 day south coast portion, Gon, was so kind, patient, knowledgeable and helpful. Despite unpredictable and at times harsh winter weather, we managed to see nearly everything on our itinerary--including hundreds of wild reindeer! We were unable to do the glacier hike due to unsafe conditions atop the glacier. It was disappointing but we appreciated that the tour company put everyone's safety first. We understood going into this trip that the weather could play a major role in what we'd be able to experience. Because of a big storm with gusty winds on day 2, the tour company rearranged our entire itinerary including one of our hotel stays. We were extremely impressed with their quickness, efficiency and attention to our safety in order that we might still get to enjoy so many of the incredible destinations. Our favorite was probably glacier lagoon, diamond bay and the super jeep ice cave excursion, but there were so many breathtaking sites it's hard to choose. We want to especially thank Gon for his superior driving abilities and sweet smile. We saw many car accidents and cars in snow banks, these conditions are simply much too dangerous for tourists unaccustomed to driving in Iceland. We always felt very safe with Gon at the wheel. He always had a friendly smile from early morning to late at night and we loved hearing about the culture and history of the country from a local. Our 1 day Snæfellsnes tour was also quite memorable. We felt as if we were on another planet, the scenery was incredible. Our guide, Mikael, was very fun and knowledgeable. He got us back to Reykjavik just in time to catch our boat tour where we got to see the most magnificent Aurora display! We highly recommend this tour as you'll get to experience so much of what Iceland has to offer in a short time. Thank you for an unbelievable trip in Iceland!!!

Frequently asked questions

Can the order of the tours be different?

Yes, once you book, you will be able to edit the order of the tours through the email you will receive.

Is it possible to arrange other activities during the tours?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to arrange extra activities during the tour, since there will be other customers partaking and their needs and wishes must be taken into account. However, if you have more days in Iceland, you can book separate tours for those days.

On the multi-day combo tours, do the tours have to be on consecutive days?

No, you can choose on which days you go on the tours. As long as there are seats available on the days you are looking at, booking the tour will be no problem. Please contact us to check availability and arrange your combo tour.

Do I get a discount if I add another tour to the combo deals?

Unfortunately, we can only offer discounts on those tours which are included in the combo deals.

If the tours do not include meals, when and how will I eat?

All tours make several stops where you can buy meals. You are, of course, free to bring your own food.