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Frequently Asked Questions

About Combo Deals in Iceland

Combo deals join two or more separate tours into a single itinerary, making them the perfect option if you're looking to pack as much adventure into your days as possible. By combining separate tours into a single package, you will save time and reduce the cost of your overall experience considerably. 

1. Can the order of the tours be different?

Yes, once you book, you will be able to edit the order of the tours through the email you will receive.

2. Is it possible to arrange other activities during the tours?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to arrange extra activities during the tour, since there will be other customers partaking and their needs and wishes must be taken into account. 

3. On the multi-day combo tours, do the tours have to be on consecutive days?

No, you can choose which days to go, as long as there are seats available on these days.

4. Do I get a discount if I add another tour to the combo deals?

Unfortunately, we do not offer a discount for items that are not included in the combo deals.

5. If the tours do not include meals, when and how will I eat?

The tours will make several stops where you can buy meals but you are, of course, free to bring your own food.

6. Can I join the multi-day tour combo on days 1 and 3?

Unfortunately, you can’t pick and mix the tours, but there might be alternative combo tours that will suit your needs.

7. I’m staying in an Airbnb, can you still pick me up?

Yes, you can simply find the nearest hotel that is listed as a pick-up location, and get picked up from there.

8. Can I get the full itinerary for this tour combo?

Once you book, you will receive the full itinerary via a booking link.

9. Is the accommodation included in the multi-day tour combos?

All rural accommodations are included in the combos but not Reykjavík accommodations.

10. How much luggage can I bring on the multi-day trip?

You can bring one hand-luggage sized bag that can fit in an overhead compartment. If you have more luggage you can store it in Reykjavík for a small fee.

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