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Guesthouses in Akureyri , Iceland

Guesthouses in Akureyri , Iceland

Plan your stay in a family-run guesthouse in Akureyri. Enjoy the views, a friendly atmosphere, and take on the local breakfast


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Frequently asked questions

Which guesthouses in Akureyri offer great breakfasts?

Pretty much every guesthouse in Akureyri offers breakfast. For many, it's one of the highest-rated services during the entire stay. Depending on what you care about most, guesthouses offer freshly baked bread, a wide range of local ingredients, and in some cases, a special offer for vegans. If you have special requests for breakfast, contact the guesthouse before arrival.

Do the guesthouses offer a free shuttle service from Akureyri Airport?

Most guesthouses in Akureyri do not offer a free shuttle service from the domestic airport. travellers use taxis or rented cars. If a shuttle is available at the guesthouse, you have to prepare yourself for a small fee. Depending on where you plan to stay, the distance from the airport to the centre of Akureyri is only a few minutes ride by car.

Is it worth booking a stay in a guesthouse in Akureyri for more than one night?

Of course! Akureyri is a great place to continue travelling along Iceland's Ring Road, heading east or west of the country. If you stay for more than one night, you can easily explore the surrounding fishing settlements or visit the beautiful places of the Trollaskagi Peninsula.

Which guesthouses in Akureyri are good for couples?

All guesthouses located in Akureyri are convenient for travelling couples. Where you stay depends only on your expectations. You can choose from a variety of accommodation levels and amenities offered to suit your budget. We recommend staying in the city centre, from where you can easily reach the harbour, go to the restaurants and fascinating museums that you will not find in other parts of Iceland.

Do the guesthouses in Akureyri offer private rooms with bathrooms?

Yes, guesthouses offer different types of rooms. There are options for rooms with shared bathrooms for budget travellers and rooms with private bathrooms for people who want to have full privacy. Depending on the guesthouse, travellers can choose between the above types, matching their stay to expectations.