Hostels in Akureyri

Hostels in Akureyri

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Frequently asked questions

Can I book a cheap hostel in Akureyri for a budget tourist?

Akureyri is a great place if you travel around northern Iceland and plan to book cheap accommodation. There are several good hostels in the city, most in the centre, which offer different types of rooms and facilities to suit different budgets. Booking cheap accommodation is possible regardless of the season.

How big is the offer of hostels in Akureyri?

Akureyri hostels offer is not as extensive as in Reykjavik, but it allows every traveller to find something for themselves. We recommend you book a bed or room in advance, especially if you arrive in Iceland in the summer because the most attractive properties are quickly fully booked. Don't wait until the last moment!

Do hostels in Akureyri offer private rooms with bathrooms?

Yes, some hostels offer private rooms with bathrooms, of a slightly lower standard than hotels but at a better price. These are clean, cosy places ideal for travellers who want to spend a comfortable night before continuing their journey. However, most Akureyri hostels offer shared rooms for several people or private rooms with shared bathrooms, which is standard practice throughout Iceland.

Do hostels in Akureyri offer a large kitchen for all guests, where everyone can prepare a meal?

Hostels are assumed to be the place for independent travellers. In each of them, there is a smaller or larger equipped kitchen where guests can prepare their food. Besides, some facilities offer a breakfast buffet.

Is bed linen included in the price when I book a hostel in Akureyri or do I need to take a sleeping bag?

All hostels offer bedding at a price or as an additional paid option, available at check-in. Some hostels allow you to sleep in your sleeping bag, but this is not a common practice. To make sure you have to take a sleeping bag, contact the hostel in Akureyri before arrival.

Do Akureyri hostels offer a free shuttle service from the domestic airport?

No, hostels do not offer a free shuttle from Akureyri airport. From there you can get a taxi, go by rented car or walk. The walk will take you about 30 minutes if you are staying in the city centre.

Do hostels in Akureyri offer free parking, free WiFi and local breakfast?

Depending on the specific location, hostels offer free parking belonging to the property or public parking on the street or in a designated place near the accommodation. In both cases, it is not necessary to book your spot in advance. Free WiFi is a standard facility in hostels. Breakfast can be included in the price or is available for an additional fee.

Can I rent a bed in a hostel in Akureyri instead of the room to decrease costs?

Yes, some hostels offer dormitory rooms for guests. They are often co-educational and can accommodate 4 to 8 people. In this option of accommodation, you rent a bed instead of the whole room. It's a convenient solution for travellers who like meeting people from around the world and want to share travel tips.