Dacia Duster 4x4 2018

Jeep / SUV With 5 Seats, 5 Doors, 3 Large bags
Dacia Duster 4x4 2018 Diesel Dacia Duster 4x4 2018 Manual transmission Dacia Duster 4x4 2018 Highland capabilities
Insurances available: SCDW, SADW, GP, TP, CDW, TI, SIP, GIP, BIP
Pickup available from Keflavík Airport, Reykjavik car rental office
Minimum age of driver: 20

Choose extras

Only the person who's name is stated on the rental agreement is allowed to drive the vehicle. It is possible to register another driver for a small fee.
Booster seat for kids.
GPS system for more pleasurable driving experience.
If you need a bit of cargo space then a roof box is the way to go. The roof box adds over 300 liters to your available cargo space.
Car seats for children aged 0-12 years. Three different types available.
The 4G internet router gives you internet access through the Icelandic mobile network. Included is 10 GB of data per day.
BBQ grill.
One high quality camping chair.
One medium size camping table.
One power inverter.
One electric cooling box that plugs into a 12V outlet in the vehicle.
Small gas canister to use for cooking.
The kit is mandatory when renting the Highland Camper but it is not provided with any other vehicle. It includes the following items for up to 4 persons: Towels Tea towel Comforters Pillows Blankets Pots Pans Plates Glasses Cups Kettle Knives Forks Spoons Ladles Can opener Bottle opener Simple coffee maker Cheese cutter Lighter Soap Kitchen brush Sponge Rags Hand broom Propane gas
Towel kit for 1 person. Includes towels in three sizes: body, hand and face.
Most of the tools required to prepare and enjoy a meal while camping.

Choose insurance

Lowers the deductible of the standard collision damages waiver from 440.000 ISK (€3490) down to 89.700 ISK (€690).
Sand and ash protection (SAAP) offers customers insurance against damage due to ash/sandstorm damaging the paint of the car, windows, lights and plastic. No insurance company in Iceland covers damages from sand/ash. These damages can cost between 380.000 ISK to 3.000.000 ISK. Damages from sand and ash are more likely in south Iceland than other parts of the country but can still happen everywhere. By purchasing SAAP the self risk in case of damage from sand and ash is only 89.700 ISK (€690).
The Gravel Protection covers the windscreen for damages caused by gravel with a deductible of 12.740 ISK (€98).
Theft protection covers the theft of rental vehicle. The deductible (self risk) of the renter is €0.
Collision damage waiver (CDW). Deductible 440.000 ISK (€3490).
The Tire Protection provides full coverage for the cost of tire repair or replacement in case of damages to the tires. Please note that this does not cover a transport of the vehicle to a tire shop or a serviced roadside assistance in case of tire damage.
Includes the SCDW,GP,SADW, TI and TP at a discounted rate with the same conditions as each insurance option.
Best insurance coverage available at a discounted price. Includes the SCDW,GP, SADW, TI and TP all with zero excess.
Includes the SCDW,GP, and TP at a discounted price with the same conditions as each insurance option.

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Included: Unlimited km, CDW insurance
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