The Adventure Itineraries will give you ideas on different activities and locations to see and do here in Iceland. Throughout the year you can read these and find the highlights for each season and location.
The itineraries are based on my personal experience as a local guide living in Iceland. You can customize it, add to it or change what you want to your needs but usually it's intended for approximately 2 day self-drive tour. At the bottom of the blog you can find necessary links and contacts to activities and accommodation listed.

Itinerary 1

It's winter and the wind howls as the snow is collecting on the roads making the conditions a bit difficult for small cars. You are going to join me on a 2-day tour around Snæfellsnes peninsula to visit the most attractive and unique places in the area. You can rent a car at relatively low price in the low season. I would recommend a 4x4, something like Toyota Land Cruiser or Suzuki Grand Vitara. However, this does not grant you the superpower of driving on snow. But you get the idea; it's way easier to drive a 4x4 if there is this typical little amount of snow on the lowland roads. The price of a Land Cruiser for 2 days is something in the range of 60-70,000 ISK and the Grand Vitara is even quite more affordable.

Day 1

We start the journey in the morning at 8 am. I assume you are departing from Reykjavík, but you can easily adapt this tour to any departure point. You drive north from Reykjavík on road 1 to Hvalfjarðargöng tunnel (B on map 1), after you have driven through the tunnel you will need to pay a road toll (ISK. 1000).

Nex up you can stop at one of the shops in Borgarnes. It should take you about 50 minutes to drive from Reykjavík (A on map 1) up to Borgarnes (C on map 1), and when you've reached that point its up to you if you need to stop for morning coffee or gas. I would recommend to get some snacks for the day there, since we don't have a lot of other shops open. When leaving Borgarnes the time should be around 9:30am. Next stop is at Ytri Tunga. You will find that place right before you arrive at Langaholt (D on map 1).
Seal found at Ytri Tunga

If you are lucky you will see few seals by the shore. They are quite curious about your presence so if you can't find them you may need to let them know you are there. Try clapping your hands to get their interest!

Now it must be getting close to lunch, so there are two options close by: Langaholt or Búðir. Búðir is always open for lunch but you may need to contact Langaholt's status during winter.
Please note that Búðir might be little pricey, but it's well worth it!
Búðir is located halfway between D and E on the map.

Now you have few choices... I would definitely recommend visiting the small fishing village of Arnarstapi (E on map 1). You might meet few of the local fishermen by the harbor and you'll be astonished by the birds in the cliffs in the surrounding area.
Next up would be Vatnshellir Cave (F on map 1). They have tours during winter in the afternoon at 1pm, 2pm and 3pm. It's best to call them to see if there are any changes from day to day (+354 665 2818). The cave is the most accessible cave in Iceland and it should fit anyone's budget with price per person at ISK 2500.
The Adventure Itinerary no. 1

2 minute drive past Vatnshellir Cave you will find road intersection leading to the left. Small yellow sign states "Djúpalón 2". Don't be fooled by the small rusty sign, Djúpalónssandur (G on map 1) is one of the highlights of this tour. The black iconic pebble stone beach is one of the most hidden secrets in Iceland. Go there in winter, chances are that you are all by yourself to enjoy the amazing surf power of this ship-wrecking coastline. There, you can also test yourself with stone lifting like the local fishermen did in the middle ages. See if you could reserve a place on one of the small fishing rowboats by lifting the heavy stones. More info on location.

The Adventure Itinerary no. 1

It should now be around 4 pm in the afternoon and depending on the time of the year it could be getting dark already.
If you still have daylight, I would recommend that you visit Öndverðarnes and Skarðsvík (H on map 1). Skarðsvík is actually a white/yellow shell-sand beach, normally found in another climate. See if you can take a quick swim! (No, really... don't. It's very dangerous because of the freezing temperature and extreme current during winter)
Talking about freezing... Your next stop, and final for this day is at Freezer Hostel at the small town of Rif (I on map 1).
The Adventure Itinerary no. 1
The Freezer is an old fishing factory that has been converted into hostel and theater. It's an absolute must to visit that place, if you are lucky they could have a show or any other special event that night. If you would like to stay at a hotel rather than hostel, you would continue to Grundarfjörður (J on map 1) to stay at Hótel Framnes.

Day 2

Next day you can take it slow before noon. If you stayed at The Freezer, slowly head your way out to Grundarfjörður  (A on the map below). You could stop for breakfast at the lovely bakery in Ólafsvík on the way over between Rif and Grundarfjörður.

Next you will meet up with Láki Tours in Grundarfjörður. It's within the same family as Hotel Framnes.
Depending on the weather and what they have to offer that day, you could go birdwatching or whale-watching. Usually they have their tours in the afternoon so you can take it easy, have a look around the town and the mountains around until you depart. Some recommend lunch before the tour, and some after! Really depends on the weather and your personal tolerance for sea sickness.

The Adventure Itinerary no. 1

After the whale watching tour you will head out to Bjarnarhöfn (B on map 2). There you will meet local shark fishermen at the shark museum. You can taste traditional fermented shark and see the fishing history. This is definitely one of the highlights of the tour. They have a fair entrance fee of only ISK 1000 per person, so this is something you should not miss!

Now it's most likely late afternoon and it's time to head over to Stykkishólmur (C on map 2). You can take a tour around the historical, beautiful town and find at least one restaurant or cafe open. It's difficult to say which one, because their opening hours are quite flexible during winter. Great way to sit down for cup of coffee or dinner before heading back to Reykjavík (D on map 2).
The Adventure Itinerary no. 1

Additional Information and contacts:

Car rental: Bílaleiga Akureyrar
Langaholt Lunch:
Búðir Lunch: Hótel Búðir
Cave Vatnshellir:
Snæfellsjökull National Park: General Info
The Freezer Hostel:
Hotel Framnes:
Láki Tours: Whale Watching
Shark Museum: Bjarnarhöfn Private guides and drivers

Note that this itinerary is customizable in any way imaginable. You can do it on your own or hire a guide with you. It is possible to add snowmobile tours, ice climbing and more hard adventure activities for those who wish. Please check Adventureman.isif you need any assistance, drivers, cars or private guides for this itinerary or anything other you might have in mind.

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