Jingle bells - wedding bells

Why not step out of your comfort zone and do something wild for your wedding? 

Getting married in a foreign country is a fun exciting way to start your new chapter together and Iceland is definitely a very romantic option! 

One of my best friends got married this weekend and it was a beautiful December wedding; snow, cold weather, ice everywhere and the whole nine yards...I just loved it! 

Whether wanting a sunny summer wedding in the woods or a cosy winter wedding surrounded by the Northern lights; Iceland is the place for you! 

Try something out of the ordinary, spontaneity is something you would want to start your married life with. Old ball and chain... no not so much :)

Jingle bells - wedding bells

If you want me to help you plan your wedding in Iceland I would be more than glad to do so. 

Just send me line and i´ll make sure you´ll have the best wedding you can imagine.

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