Guide to Iceland in numbers

Hi guys, I wanted to show you how Guide to Iceland looks in numbers. Since we launched in January 2013 things have gone way past our wildest expectations. Take a look at this!

The most popular travel website about Iceland

As these numbers show Guide to Iceland is now by far the most popular travel website about Iceland, with over 100.000 visitors every month. The growth has been consistent and with every month that passes we break new visitor records. 


Guide to Iceland in numbers


The largest travel website about Iceland


One of the main reasons for Guide to Iceland´s success is the huge amount of content we have created, and the much needed informational value that we have added. 

With over 900 articles we are now the most content rich travel website about Iceland on the internet. Local people in Iceland have played a vital role in creating this content and we have been under a lot of pressure to let everyone join our travel community. First, we need to work a bit more on our redesign and development so we can handle the scalability. It will be ready soon!


Guide to Iceland in numbers

The second largest business network in the Icelandic travel industry

Guide to Iceland is now already a collaboration of more than 90 companies and individuals in Iceland. In the coming months we will open a way for all service providers in Iceland to join our website and harvest the extreme popularity of our platform. This means that we will soon become the largest business network in the Icelandic travel industry. 

Oh yeah one more thing.... This happened without us even marketing our platform to local service providers in Iceland. As mentioned before we want to scale things right, so all our partners and locals alike can get the best exposure possible. Soon we can open our platform to everybody who has asked to join. Thank you so much for your interest and patience!

The largest marketplace with Icelandic travel products

In just one year, we have created the largest online marketplace with travel products from Iceland. We are putting the finishing touches on a backend system that will enable all service providers in Iceland to upload their products onto our marketplace; for free! This will exponentially grow our product listings and give you, users, a wider selection and an inclusive experience when searching for travel products in Iceland.

The biggest Icelandic brand on social media

A few months back Guide to Iceland became the largest Icelandic brand on social media, with well over 200 000 social connections now. By striving to be helpful, honest and informational with our content we have built a relationship filled with trust between us and our users. This trust has played a vital role in our young website´s success.

Guide to Iceland in numbers

So to sum it up; the coming months will mark a new era for Guide to Iceland. We will conclude our redesign and introduce new ways for everyone to join our travel community. Our aim, as always, is to add value to our users, partners and locals alike. That has proven to be a valuable approach. The adventure is just beginning, and we look forward to having you on board! Last, but not least, I want to thank everyone who has helped to make this happen. We love you guys!

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