Reykjavik Nightlife Through Foreign Eyes

It´s hard to describe the nightlife in Reykjavík - but when I get to experience it through foreign friends - I feel like the city offers the best place in the world to party.

A couple of days ago I took some amazing friends from China out for a few drinks. My urge to think that the grass is greener somewhere else was cut off in a heartbeat when they pointed out all the little things I had been taking for granted when it comes to the nightlife scene in Iceland.

Our first stop was Prikid. We sat down for a pint of Gull, IceIand´s most popular locally brewed beer. There are tens of Icelandic beer breweries, something that I never realized but my Chinese wisdom wells recognized. After listening to some Hip Hop we met up with two other friends - Anna Jia - who also is a part of Guide Iceland, and Gabrielle Maiden, who´s a professional snowboarder and model from the States but is now living in Iceland. After an amazing meal at Sushi Samba we danced the night away at B5 - my favorite club here. 


Reykjavik Nightlife Through Foreign Eyes

This beautifully globalized breeze reminded me of why Reykjavik has one of the best nightlife scene´s in the world. Thx guys for a great night out. I look forward to showing you my fantastically hot moves on the dance floor again soon : )

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