Prometheus on location in Iceland

Dettifoss (Falling Waterfall) is an amazing waterfall. No wonder Riddley Scott chose this spectacular scenery to be the background of the opening scene of his movie Prometheus(2012). Dettifoss is europes biggest waterfall by volume. It is situated in the north eastern part of Iceland in Icelands biggest national park.

Hiking trails lead you through a series of other little less known waterfalls but each and every one an eye candy on its own. Selfoss and Hafragilsfoss are close runner ups. 

Selfoss   Hafragilsfoss

Not only are the waterfalls worth mentioning in the area but the spectacular Ásbyrgi is close by. Famous for its hoof shaped valley, imprinted by Odin´s horse while riding through the skies. This is a spot that goes in the top 10 favourites for sure :)


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