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Inside Breiðamerkurjökull ice cave

Beautiful White Snow in Reykjavík, Iceland's Capital City

Regína in snowy Reykjavík

One winter day the whole of Reykjavík got covered in thick white beautiful snow, which made my city look like Winter Wonderland. I went for a walk to my local park, Laugardalur valley about which I wrote a previous travel-blog - and then headed for the city centre.

Join me for a walk in the beautiful snow :)

Top photo: by 2 of the statues in Hljómskálagarður park

Statues with snow in Reykjavík
The Mermaid in Tjörnin in Reykjavík

Snowy Reykjavík

The frozen pond Tjörnin

During the wintertime, if there is enough frost that the Tjörnin pond freezes up and becomes a popular ice skating location. When I took my photos it was -8 degrees Celsius and the ice was thick enough for walking on it, but there was too much snow for skating.

I used to skate here a lot when I was a little girl and lived close to the pond.

Snowy statues in Reykjavík

Dómkirkjan cathedral and the Parliament building in Reykjavík

Snowy Reykjavík - Vaktarabærinn in the snow

Vaktarabærinn is beautiful in the snow

The photo above is of an old timber house in Grjótaþorpið village called Vaktarabærinn. See the pile of snow in front of it? This is a car, totally covered in snow! This is what our cars sometimes look like when we go to work on winter mornings!

This beautiful yellow building, with the lovely Christmas bell in front of it, is called the Pier House. It was built in 1863 and served as a warehouse. The Reykjavík pier was immediately north of the Pier Houseand there was an open passageway going through the building leading to the pier.

Snowy Reykjavík

Reykjavík in the snow

Thus the Pier House served as a gateway into Reykjavík, making it a very important building in those days. The Pier House is now a restaurant and the Reykjavík pier is located further north.

When it snows so much in Reykjavík one has to beware of icicles and snowbanks falling from the roofs of houses. This is ever so dangerous, and on several occasions, I have had snowbanks falling right in front of my face. Icicles are much worse as they can cause serious harm.

Snowy Reykjavík and icicles

Huge icicles

So during thaw never walk close to buildings with icicles, which is especially difficult downtown and in the west-part of old Reykjavík, if the pavements (sidewalks) have not been cleared.

It is either walking on the street (not very popular) or constantly looking up and trying to stay on the left side of the pavement - away from the icicles.

Also be aware of icicles by f.ex. Seljalandsfoss waterfall in the wintertime.

Icicles in Reykjavík

Dangerous icicles

My last stop on my walk in Reykjavík's centre is by Höfði House (1909), which is best known amongst foreigners as being the location for the Reykjavík Summit Meeting of Presidents Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev in 1986. 

Höfði House has been the official reception building since 1967 and a number of well-known people have been greeted here. 

Höfði House is said to be haunted by the unfortunate spirit of a young woman named Sólborg.

Höfði house in Reykjavík

That is how unpredictable the Icelandic weather is, one never knows what to expect. I have often been asked the question: "What will the weather be like in (any given month)?" - and the only answer I have is: "Come prepared for all types of weather!". 

Borgartún street in Reykjavík in the snow

Borgartún street covered in snow

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Inside Breiðamerkurjökull ice cave

Inside Breiðamerkurjökull ice cave

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Have a lovely winter visit to Iceland :)