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Granni and Haifoss are two of south Iceland's waterfalls.

Granni is a waterfall that sits beside one of the tallest falls in the country, Haifoss.

Travellers who rent a car can reach it by travelling through south Iceland. It is also featured on many self-drive packages, such as this 10-Day Summer Trip.

Granni and Haifoss

Granni is a spectacular waterfall in its own right, but it is rarely mentioned in media about Iceland’s waterfalls. This is simply because of its proximity to Haifoss, which outclasses it in two ways. Firstly, Haifoss is considerably more powerful, forming a great cloud of spray as it hits the rocks below, which produces vibrant rainbows in the sunshine.

Secondly, it is taller. Though they fall from the same cliff at approximately the same height, Haifoss has a single drop of 122 metres, compared to Granni’s more humble 101 metres, which is reduced due to the less sheer rocks it tumbles down.

Most sources put Haifoss as Iceland’s third-tallest waterfall, though as the country’s glaciers retreat, taller ones are becoming exposed. Now, it is officially the seventh tallest, while Granni is the ninth.

Though overshadowed, Granni’s presence greatly enhances the beauty of Haifoss, as can be demonstrated by the fact most photographers always incorporate it into their photos of the area. Together, they make the site the major attraction that it has become.

Getting to Granni

Guests staying in Reykjavík will have to drive just over two hours to reach Granni, unless taking a tour there. From the capital, take Route 1 South; after passing through the town of Selfoss, turn right and follow Route 30. Make another right on Route 32, take this road to Route 332, and follow the signposts to the waterfall.

Here, you will reach a carpark and find a spectacular viewing platform, looking over both Haifoss and Granni. 

There are plenty of hikes to be had in this area which will allow you to see the falls from fresh angles, although most are only suitable for those with a reasonable level of fitness as they require some steep ascents and descents. These trails should only be taken in summer unless with an experienced guide.


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