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About Luxury Cars

Travel around the island like a VIP with our selection of luxury vehicles. If you’re looking for that VIP treatment during your stay in Iceland, make sure to choose from our wide selection of luxury cars, hatchbacks and sport vehicles. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about this category of vehicle.

1. What sort of cars are considered luxury vehicles?

Found within this category are larger, more comfortable vehicles suited for multiple passengers and their luggage, including sports cars, hatchbacks, Toyota Land Cruisers and Range Rovers. Brand new and offering high-end comfort, most options will include 4WD or AWD, though not all. Again, most of the options listed will also have a higher elevation, making them perfect for travelling on gravel or snow.

2. Are cars in this category suited for driving in Iceland in all seasons?

Yes, all of the cars listed within this category are suitable for regular travel around Iceland, regardless of whether it is winter or summer. 

3. What sort of tyres do these cars have?

During the summer, the vehicles within this category are fitted with normal tires, while in the winter (November 1st - Mid-April) they are fitted with studded tires.

4. Can I go into the highlands on this type of car?

This category does include vehicle options that are suitable for highland travel, with each model marked specifically to show whether it can be taken to the highlands or not. The highlands are very varied in terrain, making certain areas inaccessible; the description in your booking documents will inform you as to which roads can be travelled on. Please also be aware that any vehicle taken into the highlands that is expressly marked as unsuitable will void any insurance you have purchased. This means that you will be liable to pay for any damages that occur to the suspension or undercarriage.

5. What is included in the rental?

The answer depends on what rental option you choose, though all come with unlimited mileage and CDW insurance. CDW insurance covers compensation for damage or injury caused by the vehicle, but not damage to the vehicle itself. Some options will also include extras such as a GPS device or an additional insurance coverage. Exactly what is included in your rental car will be included in the description of your booking document.