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Toyota  Proace Verso 2023
417 reviews

Toyota Proace Verso 2023

Seats 9 people
Large bags
9 bags
Suzuki  Jimny + Roof Tent 2018
612 reviews

Suzuki Jimny + Roof Tent 2018

Mini camper
Seats 4 people
Large bags
2 bags
Dacia  Dokker  2016
38 reviews

Dacia Dokker 2016

Camper van
Seats 2 people
Large bags
2 bags

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rondeau edouard

rondeau edouard

22/06/2024, 05:12
Review of Lava Car Rental

Tout était parfait. La compagnie a répondu à toutes les questions demandées. Je reprendrai cette agence de location la prochaine fois.



20/06/2024, 23:36
Review of Blue Car Rental

It was my very first experience renting a car in a foreign country on my own, and I enjoyed it a lot. Following the tips of my friend, I booked exactly the SUV because it's heavier than a regular car in the case of a windy weather, and took full coverage. Before arriving in Iceland, I've got an informative email from Blue Car Rental with useful tips and links to the local sites where I can check the road and weather conditions, and my knowledge of the local road rules. Picking up the car right at the airport and dropping it off went very smoothly.

Sepehr Elahi

Sepehr Elahi

20/06/2024, 22:02
Review of Lava Car Rental

We loved our van, and we were sad to leave it. Lava Car was helpful and convenient. During our trip, we had a flat tire and we reached out to them, and they were very helpful. The campervan itself was great and brand new, along with excellent camping supplies (e.g., nice sleeping bag, utensils, etc.). Overall, our van made our experience in Iceland; we would definitely rent from Lava Car again!

Jiří Novák

Jiří Novák

16/06/2024, 20:02
Review of MYCAR

Perfectum mobile. No snow, no rain, no problem 4x2 is good choice, space is prfect for 4 guys and tempomat is perfect.


Why rent a camper van in Iceland?

Van and camper rental in Iceland has become an increasingly popular way for travelers to explore the stunning landscapes of Iceland.

The country's unique geography, with its volcanoes, glaciers, waterfalls, and remote wilderness areas, makes it an ideal destination for adventurous souls seeking a more immersive and flexible travel experience.

Hiring a van or camper in Iceland offers several advantages. Firstly, it provides the freedom to set your itinerary and pace.

You can wake up to a breathtaking sunrise by a serene fjord, have breakfast overlooking a cascading waterfall, and watch the northern lights dance across the night sky, all from the comfort of your mobile home.

Additionally, Iceland's well-maintained Ring Road (Route 1) circumnavigates the entire island, making it accessible to all types of vehicles, including campervans and vans equipped for camping.

Many rental companies offer a range of options, from basic vans with sleeping mats to fully equipped campers with kitchenettes and heating systems for year-round travel.

However, planning and booking your rental in advance is essential, especially during the peak summer season when demand is high. Also, be mindful of the country's camping regulations and respect the environment by leaving no trace.

Hiring a van or camper in Iceland will give you a memorable and immersive journey through one of the world's most remarkable landscapes.

It's a flexible and exciting way to experience the natural wonders of Iceland while enjoying the comfort and freedom of your mobile accommodation.

Frequently asked questions

Why rent a mini camper or campervan in Iceland?

Renting a mini camper in Iceland gives you the freedom of not having to find accommodation for each night during your trip, so you have more flexibility regarding your route. It can also be a good alternative for camping enthusiasts who appreciate a warm night's sleep.
Hiring a basic campervan is cheaper than booking accommodation at a hotel when considering it covers your transport. Overall, it's a cost-effective option suitable for a variety of trips. For further information, read our best advice for renting a car in Iceland.

Why hire a van in Iceland?

Renting a van in Iceland is a good idea when traveling with more than five people, as vans are more spacious than smaller cars and can also fit extra luggage items. Additionally, hiring a van can help you save on fuel costs compared to renting several smaller vehicles.

What sort of cars are considered campers and camper vans in Iceland?

This category contains all vehicles that can double as accommodation: motorhomes, smaller camping cars, or cars equipped with attached camping gear or rooftop tents. Choose from a wide range of models for your campervan trip.

The selection of vehicles ranges from small, converted campers like a Volkswagen Caddy to rooftop tent jeeps for Highlands travel, such as the Suzuki Jimny and Mitsubishi Pajero.

What is the difference between a camping van and a car with a rooftop tent?

A camping van is a converted van with space for sleeping comfortably inside. The rooftop tent vehicles have a foldable tent on the top of the car, accessible by a ladder. The rooftop tent is closer to regular camping, while the vans resemble a tiny motorhome.

Do I need a special license to rent a van or mini camper in Iceland?

Mini campers do not require a special license in Iceland, but some vans may have this requirement if they weigh more than 7700 lbs (3500 kilograms).

What are the most popular choices of campervans and mini campers to rent in Iceland?

Among the various options, the most popular campers are the Ford Transit, Dacia Dokker, and Volkswagen Caddy. The most popular van is the Renault Trafic.

What is included in a campervan rental?

All rental options in Iceland include unlimited mileage and CDW insurance, though some will also add GPS devices or additional insurance. When finalizing your booking, you must consider the ‘included’ section.

CDW insurance covers damage and injury caused by the vehicle but does not cover damage to the campervan itself. Also, be aware that some rental campers and vans will include free camping equipment, with the specific contents varying.

Are cars in this category suitable for driving in Iceland in all seasons?

Yes, but please be aware that camping during the winter in Iceland is not recommended. Camper rental isn't usually available between September and April.

What sort of tires do these campervans have?

Campers and vans are generally fitted with regular tires during the summer, while they have studded winter tires in the winter. Winter tires come with all rental vehicles in Iceland from November to mid-April.

Can I go into the Icelandic Highlands in this type of car?

Yes, you can take some rental options here to the Icelandic Highlands. Models suitable for the Highlands' rough roads are marked, and the additional information within your booking documents will determine which part of the Highlands you can visit.

Is it legal to camp in the wild in Iceland?

No, wild camping is not legal in Iceland. You must choose a designated camping site when looking for a place to sleep in your camper van.

Do all mini campers and vans in Iceland come with a heating system?

Not all campers in Iceland have a heating system, but some rentals offer this as an add-on option.

Are there age restrictions for hiring campers or vans in Iceland?

Car rental companies in Iceland typically require drivers to be at least 20-21 years old, and some may have a minimum age limit of 23 or 25 for specific vehicle types. Additionally, some companies may impose an upper age limit for renters.

What amenities are included in camper rentals?

The amenities included can vary widely depending on the type and size of the camper. Basic campers may have sleeping mats, while larger campers could come with a kitchenette, heating, and toilet facilities. Always check the hire specifications to know what's included.

Is it necessary to book camper or van hire in advance?

Booking your rental well in advance is highly recommended, especially during the peak summer season. Iceland is a popular destination for camper and van travelers, and availability can be limited if you wait until the last minute.

What should I consider when driving in Iceland with a camper or van?

Be prepared for varying weather conditions and challenging terrain, including gravel roads. Ensure you have appropriate insurance, follow road signs and speed limits, and be cautious of wildlife on the roads, particularly in rural areas.

Can I take my rental camper or van on the F-roads in Iceland?

Most rental companies do not permit their vehicles on the highland F-roads, as these roads can be challenging and require specialized 4x4 cars. Check your rental agreement and inquire with the company if you plan to venture off the main roads.

Do I need to bring my own bedding and kitchenware when hiring a camper in Iceland?

Most camper rental companies in Iceland provide bedding and kitchenware as part of the rental package. However, confirming this with the rental agency when making your reservation is a good idea.

What's the process for refilling gas or propane for cooking and heating while camping in Iceland?

You can refill gas and propane at gas stations, many of which are located throughout Iceland. Most campers come equipped with gas bottles. You can exchange or refill them easily.

Just remember that gas stations may be less frequent in more remote areas, so plan accordingly.

Are there any restrictions on where I can go with my rental camper or van?

While you can explore most of Iceland with your rental, some areas may have restrictions during certain seasons, especially in winter. Additionally, driving on roads marked as closed or impassable due to weather conditions is strictly prohibited.

What's the policy on crossing rivers with a rental camper?

Most car rental companies advise against crossing rivers with their vehicles, which can be risky and potentially damage the camper. Following road signs and local advice is essential, especially when encountering river crossings on your journey.

Is it possible to rent a camper for one-way trips in Iceland?

Some rental companies offer one-way rentals, allowing you to pick up the camper in one location and drop it off at another. However, this service may come with an additional fee, and availability can vary depending on the rental company's policies.

Do I need to worry about safety and security while camping in Iceland?

Iceland is known for its safety, and crime is relatively low. However, exercising caution and securing your belongings is still essential when camping. Follow basic safety guidelines, such as locking your vehicle and not leaving valuables in plain sight.

What should I do in case of a breakdown or emergency while camping in Iceland?

Rental companies typically provide a contact number for emergency assistance. In case of a breakdown or emergency, contact the hire company immediately for guidance and support.

Are there any specific rules or cultural considerations I should be aware of while camping in Iceland?

Iceland has strict rules regarding respecting its natural environment. Always follow the "Leave No Trace" principles, dispose of waste properly, and be mindful of local customs and traditions when interacting with the Icelandic people.
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