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Flogufoss Waterfall Travel Guide

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Tourist Attraction
RJ9C+5G Dísarstaðir, Iceland
Opening hours
Monday: Open 24 hours; Tuesday: Open 24 hours; Wednesday: Open 24 hours; Thursday: Open 24 hours; Friday: Open 24 hours; Saturday: Open 24 hours; Sunday: Open 24 hours
Distance from center
25.1 km
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Hikers marveling at the Flogufoss waterfall. Flogufoss waterfall, spelled Flögufoss in Icelandic, is a beautiful East Iceland attraction located in Breiddalur valley. 

East Iceland's Flogufoss waterfall is found in the beautiful Eastfjords. For a visit, you can stay in accommodation in Breiddalsvik, the closest village, or include it as part of a Breiddalsvik valley tour, such as this peaceful yoga tour of Breiddalsvik.

Meanwhile, those with a rental car can choose a self-drive tour that passes through East Iceland, such as this 12-Day Self-Drive Tour of the Ring Road or the One-Week Summer Tour of the Ring Road and the Golden Circle. 

Photo from Unique 7-Hour Nature and Culture Tour of Eastfjords from Seydisfjordur

The waterfall is around 196 feet high (60 meters), with a small archway at the top. It also provides a breathtaking view for visitors of Breiddalur valley, with its magnificent waters and the mountain upon which it cascades. 

About Flogufoss Waterfall

Flogufoss waterfall is one of East Iceland's hidden gems. Despite its location in the far part of East Iceland, its stunning view makes it a popular destination in this region. 

Aside from its beauty, it is also a unique sight due to the smaller waterfall on top of it. A terrace-like stone arch at the top of Flogufoss allows the water to fall through that path before flowing into Flogufoss. The arch also acts as a natural decoration for the waterfall, making it more appealing to visitors. 

An interesting fact about the waterfall is that it has been around for thousands of years, but it's only been in recent years that the water started flowing through the stone arch. The change happened about 20 years ago, but no one is sure why and how it happened. 

Flogufoss Waterfall and Smatindsfjall 

The waterfall in itself is already a beautiful sight. However, what makes the views better is the mountain peak acting as the waterfall's backdrop. That mountain belongs to Smatindsfjall, a cluster of steep peaks made up of basalt. 

From afar, the peaks look magical, like they're part of the crown, completing the majestic looks of Flogufoss waterfall. 

Travelers who want to see Smatindsfjall's peaks from a different perspective can do so at Berufjordur fjord, located south of Breiddalsvik town and Breiddalur valley. 

Flogufoss Waterfall's Location 

Flogufoss waterfall is located in East Iceland's Eastfjords, the easternmost part of the country. 

The nearest human settlement from Flogufoss is the small fishing town of Breiddalsvik, 14.5 miles (23.4 kilometers) away. Meanwhile, the biggest town in East Iceland, Egilsstadir, is around 40 miles (64 kilometers) away. 

How to Go To Flogufoss Waterfall

The best way to visit Flogufoss is by car, which travelers can rent, from Egilsstadir or other Icelandic towns. 

Those from other parts of Iceland can reach Flogufoss by following Road 1 of Iceland's Ring Road in Breiddalur and continue driving until you reach a parking lot. 

Once you get to the parking lot in Breiddalur, you need to walk around 15-minutes to the waterfall. For those who want a better front view of the waterfall, there's a trail on the left side that visitors can climb until they see the whole waterfall and the mountain behind it. 

Other Attractions Found Near Flogufoss Waterfall

Beautiful view of the Eystrahorn mountain during summer. Travelers looking for other places to visit in East Iceland near Flogufoss waterfall won't be short of beautiful places to see. 

Northwest of the waterfall is the beautiful lake Heidavatn, 10.2 miles (16.4 kilometers) away. This lake is an ideal place to take a break and, perhaps, have a picnic after a long day of traveling. 

The nearest town to Flogufoss, Breiddalsvik, is located east of Flogufoss waterfall and on the country's east coast. Due to that, expect beautiful seascapes and black sand beaches in the area. The town, which is also a fishing village, also offers many boat tours to travelers. 

To the south of Flogufoss, around 78.9 miles (127 kilometers) away, is the spectacular mountain, Eystrahorn. The peak is one of the few in the country made up of lava rock and gabbro and has traces of gold, silver, and mercury. Eystrahorn is also a tall part of the Krossasnesfjall mountain range, distinct for its horn-like summits. 

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