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Skagafjordur is a fjord in North Iceland. Saudarkrokur is its largest village. Skagafjordur district has strong agriculture and a rich history. Five of the largest battles in Icelandic history were fought there in the 13th century civil war.

Islands & Cape

There are three islands in the fjord, Drangey, Malmey and Lundey. Foremost of these is the steep Drangey island, shaped like a fort and rich with birdlife. For 19 years it was the refuge for the outlaw Grettir Asmundarsson of Grettis Saga fame.

Thordarhofdi may resemble an island when seen from afar but is actually a cape, the remnants of an old volcano. The cape has beautiful rows of columnar basalt, best seen from the sea.

History, Culture & activities

 An old renovated turf farm house is to be seen at Glaumbaer museum, giving a good sense of the rural life of 18th and 19th century Iceland. Gudridur Thornbjarnardottir is said to have lived there, the first European mother on American ground.

North Iceland was a bishop’s district of its own and the bishop’s seat was at Holar in Hjaltadalur valley in the east of Skagafjordur. Holar today features an agricultural university, and is the seat for an ordaining bishop, who is a woman.

Skagafjordur district has some of the best rafting rivers in the country, so rafting there is highly popular, as well as horseriding. So is horseriding. Indeed, the culture of Skagafjordur is characterized by horse-riding, tenor singing and enjoying life.

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