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Top 12 Budget Self Drive Tours

5 average category rating

Frequently Asked Questions

About Budget Self Drive Tours in Iceland

Budget Self Drive Tours allow you to drive around Iceland yourself, visiting the sites by following an itinerary prepared by Guide to Iceland. You can add extra tours and activities during booking, and your vehicle and accommodation will be organised for you. These tours are tailored to those eager to cut costs without missing out on Iceland's unique landscapes, activities and natural attractions.

1. What are the included sightseeing activities in Budget Self Drive Tours?

You can always choose to add extra activities to your itinerary but you can also follow the set itinerary for sightseeing.

2. Can we change the route slightly if we book a budget self drive tour?

Unfortunately, customisation options aren’t available for Budget Self Drive tours; they are a budget option with minimal service included.

3. What type of accommodation is included?

As this is a budget option, guests will be staying in shared rooms in hostels and dormitories. During the booking process, however, you can upgrade to a private room with a shared bathroom. If you are travelling in a large group, family rooms might be optional, depending on availability.

4. Do budget self-drive tours include transfer to and from the airport?

You can pick up and return your car directly from the international airport, regardless of the arrival and departure flight time. This will you give you more flexibility and convenience. So you do not need transfer for the airport.

5. Is the Blue Lagoon included on the package?

No, the Blue Lagoon is not part of this. Please upgrade to our regular package if you want it to be.

6. Can I upgrade the car for budget self drives?

Yes. You can choose different levels of car during the booking process. Our budget self drive tours offer different levels of 2WD cars. More details can be found in the product under the Car section.

7. Are meals/breakfast included?

No, but there are usually cooking facilities under the budget/super budget category of accommodation, meaning you can cook your own meals.

8. Are bed sheets included? Do I need a sleeping bag?

Yes, all bedding is included.

9. Do budget self-drive tours run throughout the year?

Not the vast majority, as you will be in a two-wheel-drive vehicle, which cannot handle most Icelandic roads in winter.

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