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Frequently asked questions

What is the best ATV or buggy tour in Iceland?

A popular ATV or buggy tour in Iceland is the thrilling ATV ride on the South Coast to the DC plane wreck rated 4.8 out of 5 by over 20 travelers. The two-hour tour costs approximately 176 USD.

Another top-rated ATV or buggy tour in Iceland is an ATV tour in the mountains with transfer from Reykjavik rated 5 out of 5 by over 10 travelers. This two-hour tour costs around 147 USD.

Another popular ATV or buggy tour is the midnight sun ATV tour from Reykjavik, rated an average of 4.9 out of 5 by over 10 travelers. This summer tour costs about 184 USD.

Is it worth taking an ATV or buggy tour in Iceland?

Taking an ATV or buggy tour in Iceland can be a thrilling and unique way to explore its stunning landscapes. These off-road adventures provide access to remote areas, from glaciers to lava fields, offering an adrenaline rush and picturesque views.

Be sure to choose responsible tour operators who prioritize safety and sustainability. If you're seeking adventure and can afford it, an ATV or buggy tour can enhance your Icelandic experience.

What is the cheapest ATV or buggy tour in Iceland?

One of the cheapest ATV or buggy tours in Iceland is an exhilarating ATV volcano tour in Vestmannaeyjar. This excursion costs around 102 USD.

Another cheap ATV or buggy tour in Iceland is a family friendly tour around an Icelandic farm near the Golden Circle sightseeing route. This tour costs approximately 102 USD.

Alternatively, this affordable one-hour ATV tour takes place on a black volcanic beach. This unique excursion costs about 110 USD.

Do I need a driver's license for an ATV tour in Iceland?

Yes, in order to participate in an ATV tour in Iceland, you will need a valid driver's license from your home country. You will sign a liability form before the tour, stating that you possess a valid driver's license. The same rule is required for buggy tours.
Fortunately, you can ride as a passenger if you don't have a driver's license. In this case, you can sit on the back of the ATV or buggy while an experienced guide or a fellow tour participant drives the vehicle.

Do you need a motorcycle license for an Icelandic ATV?

No. You need to have a regular driver's license for your Icelandic ATV adventure. In fact, a learner's permit and a motorcycle or tractor license are not sufficient for these tours.
Because ATVs have four wheels, they do not require the same skills as riding a motorcycle. Alongside the qualified tour operators, adventurers will have no difficulty getting into the action with a valid driver's license.

Is a scooter license valid for an ATV tour in Iceland?

No, you need to have a valid driver’s license before departing on your ATV tour in Iceland. While ATV tours are quite safe and always accompanied by a qualified guide, safety is a top priority, and scooter licenses are not recognized.

What is the minimum age for ATV & buggy tours in Iceland?

A child as young as six years old can participate as a passenger on most of our ATV and buggy tours. You can also verify the age restrictions with your tour operator to be sure.

Are ATV and buggy tours suitable for beginners?

Yes, both ATV and buggy tours in Iceland are designed to accommodate participants with varying experience levels. Guides provide instructions and safety briefings before the tours, making them accessible to beginners.

What are some popular destinations for ATV and buggy tours in Iceland?

Popular destinations include the Reykjanes Peninsula, the Golden Circle, the South Coast, and volcanic areas near Reykjavik. For example, this one-hour ATV tour from Reykjavik focuses on the Reykjanes Peninsula.
However, there are many tour options available throughout the country, each offering unique experiences.

What kind of terrain will I encounter on these tours?

You can expect to traverse diverse terrains on ATV and buggy tours, including lava fields, mountains, and remote wilderness areas. The specific terrain can vary depending on the tour and location.

What is the best time of year to go on an ATV or buggy tour in Iceland?

The best time for these tours depends on your preferences. Summer offers longer daylight hours, while winter can provide unique snowy landscapes. Be aware that tour availability may vary by season.

Are there places to stop and take pictures on a buggy tour in Iceland?

Yes, the guide of your ATV or buggy tour will always make a few stops for pictures, and they are happy to take pictures of you on your vehicle.

I’ve seen ATV's driving on beaches in Iceland, isn’t off-road driving illegal?

Yes, off-road driving is illegal. On your Icelandic ATV adventure, you will only be driving where the tour operator is permitted to drive, which could be on a beach or on private land where the land owner has granted permission.

I've heard Iceland can have extreme weather. Will the ATV tour get cancelled if it rains?

No, Iceland’s weather is constantly changing, and the ATV tour is only canceled if there is a severe storm or dangerous weather conditions. If it gets canceled, you will be notified by the operator.

What equipment is provided? What do I need to bring for my ATV and buggy tour?

For your Icelandic ATV or buggy adventures, you will receive warm overalls, a balaclava, a helmet, and gloves. Please bring warm clothes and good shoes.

What's better, an ATV or a buggy for my Icelandic tour?

It depends on what you're looking for on your ATV adventure in Iceland. Where a buggy will be somewhat larger and more enclosed, an ATV is smaller and more open to the elements. For example, an ATV requires the rider to lean in against the handlebars, while a buggy allows the driver to ride from a sitting position.

Can I take an ATV or buggy tour to the DC Plane Wreck on the South Coast of Iceland?

Yes, you can visit the picturesque DC plane wreck on Iceland's South Coast with multiple different ATV and buggy tours. This thrilling two-hour ATV ride along the South Coast is offered at less than 200 USD, and this South Coast waterfalls and ATV tour begins with a pick-up in Reykjavik.

Are there ATV tours from Reykjavik?

Yes, there are several ATV tours that begin in Reykjavik. This excellent two-hour ATV tour begins with a pick-up in Reykjavik and proceeds to explore the surrounding area of Reykjavik, with plenty of time for both adventure and photo opportunities.

Can I combine ATV or buggy tours with other activities or sightseeing in Iceland?

Yes, many tour operators offer packages that combine ATV or buggy tours with other activities like hiking, visits to natural attractions, or even visits to geothermal baths for a well-rounded Icelandic adventure.
For example, this combo ATV and whale watching tour from Reykjavik and this combination Golden Circle and ATV tour will take your Icelandic adventure to the next level.

Do I need to book ATV or buggy tours in advance?

It's a good idea to book these tours in advance, especially during the peak tourist season in Iceland, to secure your spot. Popular tours can fill up quickly.
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