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J2H3+GX Reykjahlidh, Iceland
14:00 - 16:00
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49.3 km
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Sigurgeir's Bird Museum, Fuglasafn Sigurgeirs in Icelandic, is home to Iceland’s most extensive private bird collection.Sigurgeir's Bird Museum at Lake Myvatn is a small museum about birdlife in the Myvatn area, with exhibits of birds, nests, and eggs.

Travelers can visit Sigurgeir's Bird Museum during a private or self-drive tour covering the Myvatn area. This 12-day summer self-drive tour and this seven-day Ring Road self-drive tour offer you the flexibility to stop at Sigurgeir's Bird Museum.

The Sigurgeir's Bird Museum at Lake Myvatn is in a modern building that blends seamlessly with the surrounding landscape. The museum's lakeside location is ideal for birdwatching, as the area is home to various bird species.

Photo by Regína Hrönn Ragnarsdóttir No edits made

About Sigurgeir's Bird Museum

Sigurgeir's Bird Museum, Fuglasafn Sigurgeirs in Icelandic, is home to Iceland’s most extensive private bird collection. Sigurgeir Stefansson was a renowned Icelandic bird collector and naturalist who started collecting bird specimens as a boy, an interest that would last for the rest of his life. 

Sigurgeir built up an impressive collection of stuffed birds and eggs, and people visited his shed at the Ytri-Neslond farm on Lake Myvatn to see it. He envisioned creating a larger building to house the collection but died in a tragic accident before his dream came to fruition.

However, his family realized his vision, and the museum opened in 2008. It’s now home to over 300 stuffed birds and around 500 eggs, offering a perfect space for visitors to learn about birdlife in the Myvatn area.

Birdlife in the Myvatn Area

Lake Myvatn is home to various bird species and is a popular destination for bird watchers. Some major bird species found at Lake Myvatn include the Barrow's goldeneye, the harlequin duck, and the tufted duck.

Other species at Lake Myvatn include the gyrfalcon, the great northern diver, the red-necked phalarope, and the arctic tern. The lake is an ideal habitat for these bird species due to its shallow waters, diverse vegetation, and abundance of food.

Sigurgeir's Bird Museum Exhibits and Features

Sigurgeir's Bird Museum is small and circular, with an artificial fish-filled stream under the glass floor. The multilingual information boards display bird names and their distribution in both summer and winter. Buttons illuminate the birds, and you can even test your bird knowledge against friends and family.

Sigurgeir's Bird Museum has bird hides that give visitors unique opportunities to observe birds in their natural habitat. The bird hides are near the museum and offer excellent views of the surrounding wetlands, home to various bird species. Visitors can use the bird hides to watch birds up close and undisturbed, making for an unforgettable birdwatching experience.

Stop at the museum’s cozy cafe for light snacks and beverages, including excellent coffee. Try the delicious and highly recommended Arctic Char on homemade rye bread.

A stuffed duck at Sigurgeir's Bird Museum at Lake Myvatn.

Photo by Regína Hrönn Ragnarsdóttir No edits made

Getting to Sigurgeir's Bird Museum

Sigurgeir's Bird Museum lies on Lake Myvatn’s shores, on the lake’s northwest side. It’s around 5 miles (8 kilometers) from Reykjahlid village. Head northwest along Route 1 from Reykjahlid, then go left at the top of the lake, continuing to follow Route 1 southwest. Not far along, you’ll turn left off the Ring Road and follow a small lakeside road to the museum.

Attractions Near Sigurgeir's Bird Museum

Myvatn is in North Iceland on Route 1 and is a must-visit destination for Ring Road travelers. It’s a natural wonderland that offers visitors a range of exciting activities and attractions.

Some of the best things to do at Lake Myvatn include exploring the unique geothermal features, such as the bubbling mud pots and steam vents at Hverir, hiking to the nearby volcanic craters, and soaking in the Myvatn Nature Baths.

Myvatn is part of the Diamond Circle driving route. Travelers should check out the area's three other Diamond Circle attractions: Dettifoss waterfall, the Asbyrgi canyon, and Husavik town.

Sigurgeir's Bird Museum | In Conclusion

Overall, Sigurgeir's Bird Museum at Lake Myvatn is a fascinating and informative museum that provides visitors with a unique opportunity to learn about the birdlife of the Myvatn area. The interactive exhibits and birdwatching hides are notable features, and the museum's location in the heart of a birdwatching paradise makes it an ideal destination for bird enthusiasts.

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