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Iceland's Coasts Travel Guide

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Lava Fields, Continental Drift, Islands, Cultural attractions, Beach, Bird Sights, Rock formations
Rif, Iceland
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Iceland's shores are full on interesting landmarks

Almost everywhere where there is old lava by the Icelandic shores, there are also spectacular waves, particularly in the southwest parts of the country. 

Explore the best of Iceland on a self drive tour.

In the northwest, north and east, high seacliffs (up to 500 meters high) can widely be found, popular nesting places for seabirds, that gather there around april. 

Among the sea cliffs in Iceland most known for birdlife are Latrabjarg in the Westfjords, Drangey and Grimsey in the north, and the Westman Islands, Krysuvikurberg (see Krysuvik) and Eldey to the south and southwest.

Seals and whales can be seen widely in the sea around Iceland, mainly in fjords and bays. Whalewatching and sea angling are popular.

Iceland has stunning coastal towns.