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Laugarfell Travel Guide

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Laugarfell is a small mountain in the eastern part of the Icelandic Highlands, with a peak of 827 m (2,713 ft) above sea level.

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Environment and Surroundings

Laugarfell is located in a very desolate area, where the population is less than two inhabitants per square kilometre. Laugarfell, meaning ‘pool mountain’, gets its name from the hot springs that surround it. The many hiking paths around the mountain will lead to two such frequented hot springs, safe for bathing, as well as numerous scenic waterfalls. Hikers can also expect to spot roaming reindeer in the area. 

Approximately 12 km (7 mi) southwest of Laugarfell is Mt. Snæfell, the highest freestanding mountain in Iceland with a peak of 1,833 m (6000 ft).