6-Day Laugavegur & Fimmvorduhals Highlands Trek with Sleeping Huts

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Tour starts
Reykjavík, Iceland
Starting time
at 07:00
6 days
Ending place
Reykjavík, Iceland
June - Sept.
Minimum age
14 years old


Go on the adventure of a lifetime with this six-day Highlands trek at Laugavegur and Fimmvorduhals pass, and stay in shared huts during the night. If you want to experience one of the best hikes in the world while seeing the breathtaking views of the Icelandic Highlands, do not miss this tour. 

The tour begins in the morning when your ride picks you up from Reykjavik. You’ll meet your expert guide from Reykjavik, who’ll be with you throughout your multi-day exploration. 

Guests can bring one small day bag and a larger bag up to 44 lbs (20 kg).

Since you’ll be hiking for six days, it’s crucial that you thoroughly prepare. Wear warm layered clothing, gloves, socks, and a warm hat made of wool or fleece. One or two hiking poles, quick-drying shoes, or sandals with straps will also make your hike easier. 

Since you’ll be staying in huts during the evenings, make sure you have a travel sack for your main luggage for transporting your other stuff from one hut to another. A support vehicle will transport them, so you don’t have to carry them while hiking. 

In this guided hiking tour, you’ll go through some of the best trails in the world, Laugavegur and Fimmvorduhals Pass. Laugavegur and Fimmvorduhals boast a diverse landscape, where hikers can see the best of Iceland, from glaciers, hot springs, colorful mountains, black deserts, and many more. 

The original trail was closed in 2010 after the Eyjfafjallajokul volcano erupted and covered the course with volcanic rocks. Fortunately, a reroute was opened after the volcano stopped erupting, giving travelers better access to amazing views. 

On day one, you’ll begin your hike at Landmannalaugar, the starting point of the Laugavegur trail. You’ll see lava fields, canyons, volcanoes, and so on. Other highlights of the first day include the Stori Hver hot spring, Brennisteinsalda mountain, Graenagil gorge, Blhanukur volcano, and Hrafntinnusker. 

On the second day, you’ll see obsidian sands, rhyolite mountains, and geothermal areas. You’ll also visit Reykjafjoll mountain, Fjallabak, Alftavatn Lake, and the Jokultungur area. 

Day three includes black sand deserts and volcano views. You’ll visit the Storasula and Hattafell volcanoes and see the notorious Eyjafjallajokull. 

On your fourth hiking day, you’ll complete the Laugavegur trail and trek at Thorsmork Valley, named after the God of thunder, Thor. You’ll also visit Einhyrningur Mountain and the Almenningar Gorge. 

Day five will have you start your trek at Fimmvorduhals Pass and pass between the great Myrdalsjokull and Eyjafjallajokull glaciers. You’ll also see fields formed by the volcanic activities around the area. 

On the last day of your trek, you’ll finish the Fimmvorduhals trail, hike at Utigonguhofdi mountain, and stroll at Husadalur before returning to Reykjavik. 

Your six-day hiking adventure officially ends on your return to Reykjavik. 

Go through a fantastic experience at one of the best hiking trails in the world at the Laugavegur and Fimmvorduhals pass, and stay in huts at the end of each day. Check availability now by choosing a date. 

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Transportation to and from Reykjavik
English-speaking and expert guide
Accommodation in shared highland huts
All meals during the trek
Luggage transport from hut to hut
Small group tour (maximum of 16)
Space for one small day bag and one larger bag (up to 44 lbs/20 kgs)


Hot Spring Bathing

Daily itinerary

Day 1
The Laugavegur trail begins at Landmannalaugar.

Day 1 - Starting your Laugavegur Trail at Landmannalaugar

On the first day of the tour, you’ll explore the fantastic Landmannalaugar and begin your Laugavegur trail adventure.

You’ll depart from Reykjavik’s city center in the morning and drive for around three to four hours before reaching Landmannalaugar. On your way to your destination, you’ll see scenic views of the South Coast, some farmlands, and the most active volcano in Iceland, Hekla.

Laugavegur trail, one of the most famous trails in Iceland, begins in Landmannalaugar. Landmannalaugar is known as the “People’s Pools” due to its geothermal hot springs. Even in the past, Landmannalaugar is a favorite resting spot for settlers who’ve traveled far.

From Landmannalaugar, you’ll make your way to the Laugahraun lava field and Vondugil canyon. Laugahraun was formed after a nearby volcano erupted in the 15th century. Now, it’s a wide expanse of black and dried magma, which you can witness during the hike.

Another popular feature in the Landmannalaugar area is its mountains, made of rhyolite, giving them unique, vibrant colors. One of these mountains is Brennisteinsalda.

After some hiking activities, you’ll stop for lunch and refreshments before continuing your journey. Aside from resting, it’s also the best time to catch up with your hiking companions or ask your guide questions if you have some.

You’ll be trekking for around four hours and cover about five miles (eight kilometers) of distance on your first day.

Before returning to your accommodation, and if you still have time, you’ll also pass by the Graenagil gorge and climb the Blahnukur volcano. Once you reach the top of the volcano, you’ll be able to take pictures of the beautiful panoramic view of Landmannalaugar.

After taking in the beauty of Landmannalaugar, you’ll then trek back to the first hut you’ll stay in during your six-day hike. Before hitting the sack, dinner will be served to your group.

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Day 2
Landmannalaugar is a popular hiking place in Iceland.

Day 2 - Exploring the Landmannalaugar Area to Alftavatn Lake

On your second day, you’ll explore the trail from the Landmannalaugar to Alftavatn lake. You’ll pass by and see black deserts, colorful mountains, canyons, rivers, and a lake.

Your day begins with a delicious breakfast, a crucial part of the day before starting your seven hours trek. For your day three trekking adventure, you’ll cover around 15 miles (24 kilometers) of distance with a 2,952 feet (900 meters) ascent.

After eating a nutritious breakfast, you’ll begin your trek and focus on the following attractions, Hrafntinnusker desert, Reykjafjoll mountains, and Jokultungur.

Hrafntinnusker is a mountain located in the Torfajokull glacier desert and a short distance from the notorious Hekla volcano.

The mountain’s English name translates to the “Obsidian Skerry” due to the black lava field that surrounds it. The place is also home to a variety of huts, which is a popular resting place for travelers that are on a Laugavegur hiking adventure.

Another day two focus is the Reykjafjoll mountains, which are made of rhyolite, giving them a vibrant color. Rhyolite is a kind of volcanic rock formed by magma’s rapid cooling. Moreover, it comes in various colors, from gray to bluish-gray or pink.

After exploring Hrafntinnusker and Reykjafjoll, you’ll also climb Jokultungur, located in an active geothermal area. Due to the geothermal activity in Jokultungur, its canyons come in various colors, from vivid yellows to reds. The colors sometimes contrast with the snow covering the area.

At the top of Jokultungur, you’ll have a fantastic view of Fjallabak, home to natural hot springs and colorful mountains. Make sure to take many pictures to remember the stunning views on top of Jokultungur.

Your last stop for day two is at the Alftavatn lake near the huts where you’ll spend the night. However, to get there, you’ll have to cross a river on foot. The stunning lake is also known for its amazing birdlife, from different duck species to swans, to waterfowl.

Upon reaching your accommodation, you’ll have time to freshen up and eat dinner before hitting the sack.

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Day 3
Emstrur is a favorite shelter for hikers on a Laugavegur trail hiking activity.

Day 3 - Alftavatn Lake to Emstrur

On your third day at the Icelandic Highlands, you’ll have a lot of time exploring the Emstrur area. Aside from that, day three includes crossing streams and visiting volcanoes, black deserts, and canyons.

You’ll start the day with an energizing breakfast at your accommodation, which is crucial, as you’ll be going on a six to seven hours trek on day three.

Once everything’s ready, you’ll then begin your day three adventure.

You’ll first cross a stream before reaching Maelifellssandur, a sandy and rocky plain located just north of the mighty Myrdalsjokull glacier.

After walking in Maelifellssandur, you’ll go to Emstrur and pass by two volcanoes, Storasula and Hattafell. Storasula is only six miles (10 kilometers) from Maelifellssandur, while Hattafell is 11 miles (18 kilometers) away. While Storasula has a perfect cone shape, Hattafell has a flat top.

Once you reach Emstrur, you may notice the many huts in the area, a popular resting and camping spot for many travelers.

Aside from its huts and camping grounds, Emstrur is also the perfect place to see amazing views of two great glaciers, Eyjafjallajokull and Myrdalsjokull. You can take your time and take some pictures of its stunning landscapes and views.

Around Emstrur, many places are worth visiting, such as Botnar, a green oasis surrounded by a black sand desert.

At Ermstrur, you’ll also see the Markarfljotsgljufur, a 656 feet (200 meters) deep canyon carved by a glacial river. Although the canyon looks stunning, it lacks visitors, mainly because of its difficult-to-reach location in the Icelandic Highlands.

You’ll have a lot of time in the Emstrur area and its beautiful views, so take advantage of it and take many pictures. In the evening, you’ll have dinner with your group.

Once you’ve had your share of beautiful views, and after a delicious meal, you’ll spend the night at one of the accommodations in the Emstrur area.

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Day 4
Thorsmork valley is named after the Norse god of thunder, Thor.

Day 4 - Emstrur to Thorsmork Valley

On the fourth day of your hiking tour, you'll focus on a famous South Iceland valley, Thorsmork. You'll also explore mountains, valleys, gorges, and more glaciers.

Your day four hike will take around six to seven hours, covering a distance of about 10 miles (15 kilometers).

To start your day, you'll first have breakfast at your Emstrur accommodation to energize yourself. After your meal, you'll begin your hike to Thorsmork valley, a famous hiking spot for locals and foreign travelers.

On your way to the valley, you'll first pass by the Almenningar gorge, which is part of Einhyrningur mountain. Einhyrningur, which translates to "Unicorn Mountain," has a unique shape and sharp peaks resembling the horns of a unicorn.

Aside from the unique shape of Einhyrningur, you'll also have fantastic views of the glaciers surrounding it. These glaciers are Tindfjallajokull, Myrdalsjokull, and Eyjafjallajokull.

Once you reach Thorsmork, you'll marvel at its stunning landscapes of contrasting lush and dense mountains, glacial rivers, and black deserts. Meanwhile, at the horizon, you'll see the ice-capped peaks of nearby glaciers.

Thorsmork valley is named after the Norse god of thunder, Thor. According to stories, the god created the valley using his hammer, Mjolnir.

While at Thorsmork, you may notice that the place is warmer than other parts of South Iceland due to the mountain peaks surrounding it.

Moreover, despite its warm weather, the valley is wetter than other parts of Iceland, resulting in luscious forests, a notable feature of the valley.

After taking in the beauty of the surroundings and Thorsmork, you'll travel to your fourth-day accommodation, a stunning location beneath the view of two glaciers, Eyjafjallajokull and Myrdalsjokull.

You'll officially complete the Laugavegur trail as soon as you reach your accommodation.

Before hitting the sack, you'll have your dinner at your accommodation.

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Day 5
Myrdalsjokull ice cap creates a beautiful sight in the background .

Day 5 - Fimmvorduhals Pass and the Magni and Modi Volcanoes

On your fifth day, you'll begin your trek at the famed Fimmvorduhals pass and catch a glimpse of the great volcanic craters of Magni and Modi. Aside from the craters, you'll also have the chance to eat a traditional Icelandic meal.

Your day begins with a nutritious breakfast at your accommodation, enough to energize you during the first half of your hike. On day five, you'll walk for seven to eight hours, covering around 10 miles (16 kilometers). You'll also go through an ascent of about 2,600 feet (800 meters).

Fimmvorduhals pass boasts one of the most beautiful trails in Iceland, which photographers love. It is also located between the Myrdalsjokull glacier and the notorious Eyjafjallajokull volcano.

Eyjafjallajokull erupted in 2010, disturbing Iceland's airways and nearby countries in Western Europe, such as the UK and Ireland. The same eruption also created two new volcano craters, Magni and Modi. Magni, which means strong, and Modi, which means brave, are also the names of the son of the Norse God, Thor.

At the top of the two new craters, you'll also see a panoramic view of the pass and its surrounding glaciers.

Aside from the two new craters, Fimmvorduhals is also home to stunning landscapes and diverse geological formations. It has grassy tundras, volcanic soils and plateaus, and even waterfalls.

After hours of trekking and taking in the beauty of Iceland, you'll return to Thorsmork and stay in one of its vistas. Your arrival at your fifth-day accommodation will mark the completion of your Laugavegur and Fimmvorduhals Pass adventure.

To celebrate your achievement, you'll be served a traditional Icelandic grilled lamb for dinner. Lambs are crucial ingredients in Icelandic food, as the country has some of the best in the world. This is because Icelandic lambs are raised without antibiotics and hormones, and their food is safe from pesticides and herbicides.

Your day ends in the fantastic vistas of Thorsmork.

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Day 6
Thorsmork is located between the Eyjafjallajokull and Myrdalsjokull glaciers.

Day 6 - Thorsmork Valley and Returning to Reykjavik

On the sixth day of your Icelandic Highlands tour, you’ll have already finished the Laugavegur and Fimmvorduhals Pass. Thus, you’ll spend the remainder of your time exploring the beautiful surroundings of Thorsmork.

You’ll begin the day with a delicious breakfast, giving you the energy to finish the remainder of the tour.

Since it’s the final day of your hiking tour, you can choose between a serious hike or a light and relaxing stroll. In fact, for day six, you’ll only trek for around three hours and cover a distance of about four miles (six kilometers).

If you choose to hike, you’ll go to Utigonguhofdi mountain, a steep mountain looming over the valley. There are a lot of rocks on the mountain, so prepare for some rock crawling.

Moreover, despite its challenging terrain, Utigonguhofdi is a fantastic spot for sightseeing the outstanding views of the Thorsmork valley and the surrounding glaciers.

If you prefer to take a light hike to end your tour, you can do so at Husadalur valley. Some house ruins are located at its base, which has been there since Iceland’s settler era. However, aside from those ruins, no other houses are in the valley.

A place to relax and conserve energy before returning to Reykjavik is Langidalur valley. The valley is located just north of the Krossa river and is well-vegetated. There’s also a house in the valley that accommodates travelers.

After your hike or stroll, you’ll return to Reykjavik. On your way, you’ll again have a glimpse of the beautiful nature of South Iceland. You’ll also see one of the most famous waterfalls in Iceland, Seljalandsfoss.

Your travel time from Thorsmork to Reykjavik can take up to two hours. Once you reach Reykjavik, you’ll be dropped off by your ride at one of these places, the Reykjavik campsite, the City Hall at Vonarstraeti, and near the Kringlan shopping mall.

Your six-day hiking tour at Laugavegur and Fimmvorduhals pass tour ends when your ride drops you off at your chosen destination.

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What to bring

Warm and layered clothing (wool or fleece thermal mid layer, and at least two shirts)
Waterproof and breathable pants and jackets (avoid cotton)
Gloves, mittens, socks, and warm hat or balaclava (wool or synthetic)
Health supplies and prescription medicine if needed
Day backpack (25 to 40 L)
Travel sack for transporting your stuff from one hut to another (avoid suitcases, choose a waterproof duffel bag)
Quick drying trail runners, sandals with straps, or neoprene shoes
Sunglasses and sunscreen
Water bottle (1 to 2 L)
Hiking poles
Pen knife
Camera with extra batteries and memory card
Headlamp for trips after August 10
Powerbank or other portable charging device
Sleeping bag and travel pillow
Towel, tooth brush, and personal toileteries

Good to know

Cancellation Policy:

90% refund for tours canceled at least 14 days before departure.

50% refund for tours canceled less than 14 days before departure.

No refund for tours canceled less than 48 hours before departure.

Each traveler is allocated a small backpack and one piece of luggage weighing up to 44 lbs (20 kgs). Extra baggage can be stored in the tour operator's Reykjavik office for a minimal fee.

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