Dacia Duster (Free GPS) 2017

Jeep / SUV With 5 Seats, 5 Doors, 3 Large bags
Dacia  Duster (Free GPS) 2017 Diesel Dacia  Duster (Free GPS) 2017 Manual transmission Dacia  Duster (Free GPS) 2017 Highland capabilities
Insurances available: CDW, TP, TI, PIP, SADW, GP, PLAT
Pickup available from Keflavík Airport, Keflavík, Car Rental office, Reykjavík
Minimum age of driver: 20

The Dacia Duster is a great choice for renters looking to explore the country both on Highland roads and regular. The Duster is a 5 seat midsize jeep with space for 3 large and 2 small suitcases.

Loaded with all the latest features for your comfort such as USB/Aux connector, Bluetooth and an integrated GPS, it's a perfect choice for travel. GPS is included in this car.

The Duster is very fuel efficient 4x4 jeep on an excellent price. Suitable for F-Roads.

Choose extras

With our GPS navigation system you get around easily with a touch of a button. Language options are available in all languages and the keyboard can be set to Icelandic letters, that way you can drive like a local. Great choice for everybody, short trips and long trips.
Our 4G Wifi portable router offers you the comfort of staying connected and spares you roaming fees through your trip in Iceland. Great choice for travelers who like to share their experience of Iceland with their friends on social media.
The child seat is designed for children between 9 kg (20 lbs) and 18 kg (40 lbs) This seat faces forward and has a harness for the child built into the seat. Lets keep our little one´s safe. Great choice for families traveling with children.
Having an extra driver can always be good during long trips. Relax and spread the load and the enjoy of driving our vehicles and exploring Iceland. Great choice for groups and families.

Choose insurance

Collision damage waiver is our standard insurance. Self excess is at 350.000 ISK. CDW is included in all prices. Collision Damage Waiver is included in the price Third part liability is equivalent to the amount stipulated by Icelandic law at each time. This also applies to the amount of individual driver liability. Third party coverage and personal accident insurance is automatically included in your rental and in the self-risk liability amount mentioned here below. If for some reason, the renter causes damages to a third party vehicle, without causing damages to the rented vehicle, the third party liability is a total of ISK 35.000.
Theft Protection is included in the price Theft Protection (TP insures the lessee from liability should the vehicle be stolen. It is noted that in case of gross negligence on behalf of the lessee that leads to theft of the vehicle.
Tire insurance includes 100% repair or replacement reimbursement with no deductible for: Tires, Valve Stems and Balancing.This insurance does NOT cover the rims and off road driving incidents.
All insurance are included in this package (Collision Damage Waiver, Super Collision Damage Waiver, Gravel Protection, Sand and Ash Protection, Theft Protection and Tire Insurance)
Sand and ash protection covers the vehicle against damages caused by volcanic ash and sand storms. Self excess for SAAP is 90.000 if purchased with SCDW but 350.000 if only purchased with CDW.
Gravel protection covers the windscreen and headlights from gravel rocks.
Included in the platinum insurance bundler is the following: - Super Collision Damage Waiver - Gravel Protection - Sand and Ash Protection - Windscreen Protection - Tire Protection - Theft protection - Third party liability protection The platinum Insurance bundle has Zero Self-excess. The platinum Insurance does not cover the following: Negligence Driving while intoxicated Damage to undercarriage Damages caused by driving in to water

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Included: Unlimited km, CDW insurance, TP insurance
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