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What is happening with Guide to Iceland ?
What is happening with Guide to Iceland ?

What is happening with Guide to Iceland ?

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What is happening with Guide to Iceland ?


Dear friends,


What an amazing year we have had. When we started Guide to Iceland we couldn't have imagined how far we would go in such a short time. Since our 1 year anniversary is coming up I wanted to take a minute and look back at what has been an adventure of a life time.

In the past year we have teamed up with most of the largest tour operators in Iceland. Our mission was always to create an inclusive travel company that would bring the fun of travel to tourists and locals alike. 

We can now offer on Guide to Iceland the widest selection of things to do in Iceland . No matter where you want to go or what you want to do, you can now find it on Guide to Iceland. 

One of our unique concepts, Connect with locals, has from the start been what set us apart from other travel companies. It is very close to our heart and it is what enables us to stand out and provide a more personal approach to travel in Iceland. 

What is happening with Guide to Iceland ?


Our partners have agreed to support our concept and help us create a fun travel social network. They provide bloggers in Connect with locals with free adventure tours. Instead, locals write about their experience on their travel blogs. This way anyone in Iceland who is interested in having fun on adventure tours and wants to be friendly to travelers: can now do so. We are also developing a way for people to make money with their accounts. Tour operators have by this changed their unsold seats into a powerful internet marketing tool. For that I would like to thank our partners for sharing our vision.


Since launching our site we have hit many milestones. The first one being when Guide To Iceland was voted the best icelandic website at the NEXPO awards last february, just 2 months after we launched. The award was humbling and yet served as motivation to do even better. 

It was a very special night for us; the recognition showed us that our concept was a needed addition to the Icelandic travel industry and one that improved how travelers can approach information, products and services in Iceland. 

What is happening with Guide to Iceland ?

Just a few days ago we also received a nomination for the prestigious design and development awards: Awwwards. That was also a good encouragement.

A big part of our success has come through our unique content. We already provide more english language travel information about Iceland than any other website on the internet... and we are just getting started. 

By striving to be helpful, honest and informational with our content we have witnessed amazing traffic to our young website. 

The importance of being user friendly is one of great value to us. From the start all changes and developments of Guide To Iceland have been done with the interests of users of Guide to Iceland in mind. And we like to think that we are progressing when comes to user friendliness. A testimony to that are our more than 100.000 friends on our social media sites; Facebook, Twitter and Google+

We like to support friendships and partnerships.

We have created an inclusive platform, where anyone in Iceland can start blogging about Iceland, go on free tours and provide travelers with information. People in the travel industry can also offer travelers their products and services on Guide to Iceland. Companies even get their own websites on Guide to Iceland.

Guides, artists, anyone who wants to tell the world about their work can do so on Guide to Iceland - for free! That´s how it has been from the start and that is how it will always be.

Our users will be the ones who will help us find the best products, services, travel tips and tours. Therefor, always remember to be user friendly and the future will be bright. The adventure is just beginning.