A Crazy Vatnajokull Glacier Trip

I have to let you guys in on a little secret. It’s so long since I travelled around Iceland it’s like I’m experiencing it for the first time all over again, and trust me, I have been more amazed than ever before!

A few months ago my friend invited me on a super jeep adventure tour to Vatnajökull Glacier in South Iceland. Vatnajökull is the largest glacier in Iceland and Europe.

We drove from Reykjavík in his Land Rover jeep amongst 6 or 7 other jeeps, all the way up to Vatnajökull and stayed in a hut called Jökulheimar right next to the glacier.

A Crazy Vatnajokull Glacier Trip

It was really cold so we had to dress up...alot! Imagine going to the toilet which was outside the hut, I thought my butt would freeze off! The mood was good and we grilled lamb in the evening with all kinds of delicious side dishes.

The morning after we drove onto the glacier and started exploring. It was beautiful to see and the first time I ever went onto Vatnajökull. The sun made it even more beautiful and there were some amazing ice formations too.

A Crazy Vatnajokull Glacier Trip

We were heading towards Grímsvötn Volcano but unfortunately had to return back to the hut before it got too dark, and the wind too crazy.

On our way back I still got to step on my skiis and make the trip a little bit more interesting I held on to a rope that we tied to the car and my friend Davíð drove down the glacier...believe me this is not for everyone...my thighs were burning all the way, but it was so fun it is probably one of the best things I have ever done.

On our way back home we drove over some rivers and up steep mountains just for fun! But on our last river crossing me and Davíð got stuck on our nose...or the jeeps nose...and two other jeeps had to pull us back up!

A Crazy Vatnajokull Glacier Trip

I was so scared I thought I was going into the ice cold river but fortunately that didn’t happen :D

I have to say that this adventure tour was so entertaining and exciting that I will never forget it. We got into trouble and had so much fun driving and racing around into the wilderness, experiencing beautiful hidden gems. It reminded me of how much fun you can really have in Iceland, if you just decide to go on an adventure.

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