Many of you might be familiar with the Golden Circle route, which includes the big beautiful Gullfoss waterfall, the Geysir geothermal area and Þingvellir National Park.

But you might also be interested to hear that close to the Golden circle there are two hidden gems; the beautiful waterfalls of Brúarfoss and Faxi

Brúarfoss waterfall

Brúarfoss waterfall in southern Iceland

Brúarfoss, which could be translated as  "Waterfall bridge," is a hidden gem because you can´t see it from the road and there are no signs directing you to it.  It takes its name from a natural stone arch over the river near the waterfall from earlier times. What is fascinating about this waterfall is that there are thousands of small waterfalls running into a deep icy blue gap. If you don't know this area it can be little bit tricky to find it since you need to drive into the summer house area and walk some paths and through some bushes to reach it. But this little jungle walk and surfing around is totally worth everything because once you have reach the fall it's kinda breathtaking.  As you can see on my picture the river and the fall has this icy blue colour and I'm not exaggerating. The river really has this spectacular colour and even if this fall is not big it's really charming. I promise you it's awesome to photograph this beauty.

If you are an extreme hiker there is a possibility to hike 10km further up the river to see a magnificent canyon or the origination of the river Brúará called "Brúarárskörð" where countless little waterfalls pour out of the rock. Unfortunately I don't have pictures because I haven´t been there yet but it's on the menu so hopefully I will be able to put a blog about that after the summer. 

Faxi waterfall southern Iceland

Faxi waterfall

Faxi waterfall sometimes called "Vatnsleysufoss" is located on the Tungufljót river. If you are using google maps or GPS I recommend you spell "Vatnsleysufoss"  because sometimes it can´t be found under the name Faxi. The waterfall can be found around twelve kilometres from Geysir and Gullfoss.  

It's a beautiful and dynamic waterfall very close to a camping place but not visible from the main road, although it is quite close. Just above the waterfall is a common sheep fold and right next to the waterfall you can find some cool salmon ladder. From the parking place you are able to walk all the way down and very close to the waterfall if you want to take a closer look or photograph it.

If you are interested in either going there or get some further information please don't hesitate to contact me.

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