Information about Grindavík

Grindavik is a fishing town on the Reykjanes Peninsula, near to many sites worth visiting.

Grindavík is a fishing town on the southern side of Reykjanes Peninsula. It has a population of approximately 3,300 people.

Industry and Culture at Grindavík

Most inhabitants of Grindavík have always and continue to work in fisheries. Due to its long history with the seas, the town has a museum called the Icelandic Saltfish Museum.

Saltfish was essential to Icelandic survival throughout the country’s difficult past, particularly considering the volatility of the climate, and this museum discusses its production and how it helped.

Sports are popular in the town, and it has a sports club and stadium as a result. Footballer Alfreð Finnbogason was born here.

Like many places in Iceland, Grindavík also has a long history with writers. Guðbergur Bergsson was born here, and Spanish writer Jaime Salinas Bonmatí lived and died here.

What to do at Grindavík?

Grindavík is best known for being five kilometres (three miles) from the world-famous Blue Lagoon Spa and Hotel.

Grindavík’s location on the Reykjanes Peninsula means this is but one of many sites that can be visited when in the area.

The town is also close to ‘the Bridge Between the Continents’, where visitors can learn about the Mid Atlantic Rift that runs through Iceland.

It is also near to many natural geothermal areas, such as Krýsuvík and Gunnuhver. Though bathing is absolutely impossible here, they are still beautiful places to admire nature.


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