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Frequently Asked Questions

About Kayaking Tours in Iceland

Kayaking tours present unique opportunities to intimately explore Icelandic nature, from mesmerising perspectives that are only available to the adventurous traveller. 

1. Do you need to be experienced to go on a tour?

Most kayaking tours are open to people of different abilities. A short introduction to technique and safety will be given at the start of every tour. For tours that stretch over several days, kayaking experience and good physical condition are recommended.

2. What time of year can you kayak?

It depends on the tour company, but most often, tours are in operation from May to October.

3. Is there an age restriction on kayaking tours in Iceland?

Yes, but it differs between companies and individual tours. Most often the age limit is between 16 and 18 years old.

4. How many people fit in a kayak?

Most companies will have a choice between single person kayaks and tandem kayaks that fit two people.

5. What should I wear on a kayaking tour in Iceland?

You should wear warm layers, and it is always a good idea to bring an extra pair of socks. Overalls will be provided as well as gloves—and in some cases, even shoes.

6. Do I need to bring any equipment?

No, you don't. All equipment will be provided, but be sure to bring your sense of adventure!

7. Can I bring my camera/phone with me?

Yes, you can. However, you are responsible for all equipment you choose to bring with you.

8. What happens if I fall in?

The kayaks are generally very stable and do not often capsize. You will be provided with overalls and a life jacket so you will stay afloat while your clothing will mostly stay dry.

9. Do I need to be able to swim?

You do not have to be able to swim, but it is better if you can. In the unlikely event that you capsize, your guide is trained and will know exactly what to do. People who can swim generally feel more confident in the water.

10. How long will a kayaking tour last?

Kayaking tours can be as short as two hours and as long as six days.

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