Boat Tours

Boat Tours

Embark on a boat tour and explore Iceland's coursing rivers and glacier lagoons. Whether you're seeking whales, puffins, or icebergs, boat tours open up a world of possibilities.
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Boat Tours

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Frequently asked questions

Can I take a boat tour onto Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon?

You can explore Iceland's Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon on an amphibious vessel from May to October. This affordable boat tour of Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon, for instance, costs only about 46 USD and is rated 4.6 stars out of 5 by some 277 travelers. Zodiac boat tours are also available for those wanting to get a bit closer to the icebergs, such as this best-rated 1-hour zodiac boat tour of Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon.

Can I take boat tours to see the northern lights?

Yes, many boat tours from Reykjavik and other towns in North Iceland operate special northern lights boat tours from September to April. The magical 2-hour northern lights boat cruise, for instance, runs throughout the winter out of Reykjavik's Old Harbor. However, just like whale-watching tours in Iceland, there are no guarantees. Many northern lights boat tours will offer vouchers for another tour if you do not see the aurora.

Will I see whales and dolphins on my whale watching tour in Iceland?

As always when dealing with nature, you are not guaranteed to see anything on your boat tour in Iceland, even on a whale-watching tour. However, anytime you take a vessel to the sea in Iceland, you have a great chance of doing so. Most Icelandic whale-watching operators have an over 90% success rate in spotting whales. Additionally, many whale-watching boat tours in Iceland will offer vouchers for another trip if nothing is sighted.

Can I go on a RIB or speed boat tour in Iceland?

Yes, there are various RIB boat tours you can take part in during your visit to Iceland. This rib boat whale and bird watching tour in Akureyri takes you up close to the giants of the sea. You can also go on similar speed boat tours in Reykjavik or in the Westman Islands.

Can I take a private boat tour in Iceland?

Yes, anything is possible. If you have something special in mind for your boat tour in Iceland, please contact for further information.

Where are the most common ports to take a boat tour from in Iceland?

Boat tours depart from Reykjavik, Akureyri, Husavik, and many other coastal settlements. Husavik is especially famous for whale-watching tours, and it is considered the whale-watching capital of Iceland. Boat tours also run seasonally onto Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon.

What kind of boats are used on Icelandic boat tours?

Most whale-watching tours in Iceland are done on larger vessels, with the option to take a zodiac or speed boat in the summer. Many puffin-watching tours in Iceland will be on zodiacs as well. There are specific tours on sailboats from certain ports, such as this outstanding 3-hour sailing and whale watching boat tour in Husavik. Amphibious vehicles are the most used at Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon. Kayak tours are also available in Iceland, such as this amazing 2.5-hour guided kayaking tour on Solheimajokull glacier lagoon.

Can I go whale watching on an oak boat in Iceland?

Yes, you can go whale watching in Husavik, sometimes called the 'Whale Watching Capital of Europe', on a traditional oak boat. The oak boat has a mast with a large mainsail on it, making it feel like stepping back into the past, as you go sailing on the ocean to find these great mammals of the sea.

Is there an age limit on boat tours in Iceland?

Most boat tours in Iceland have no age limit, although there are exceptions. This relaxing 2-hour kayak fishing adventure by Mt. Kirkjufell, for instance, has a minimum age of 18. Please view your tour's descriptions or contact your tour provider directly for further information.

What kind of fish will I catch on a sea angling tour in Iceland?

The most common saltwater species caught fishing in Iceland are Atlantic wolffish, cod, haddock, halibut, mackerel, and pollock. Check out our comprehensive guide to fishing in Iceland for more information. For the freshwater fisherman, we also offer a relaxing 9-hour river fishing tour for trout, char, and salmon.

Can I go kayaking in Iceland?

Yes, there are a variety of kayaking tours in Iceland that you can take part in. For example, you can go kayaking by the beautiful Mt. Kirkjufell on the Snaefellsnes peninsula. Additionally, there is also the possibility of sailing on a kayak on the Solheimajokull glacier lagoon.