1. They’ve gotten my name wrong, so while I’m checking in I literally had to force the guide to check with the company with my booking reference. After this incidence, I’m extremely glad to find out all the booking name of the hotels I’ve stayed in are wrong. Unchanged even after they found out they’ve made mistakes. 

2. Our guide: Julian shouldn’t be call a guide rather than a driver. He doesn’t have a license and lack proper training, apart from unable to answer certain question, he is also incapable of leading a tour. While hiking through the glacier along with another local guide, instead of staying behind and check on others, he sticked with the local tour guide, saying shits on Taiwanese, and gliding down the path making those who come after hard to walk still. Yes, Taiwanese tour guide use microphones accompany with EarPods to lower the volume and avoid noise pollution. That’s call professional, and there is nothing funny about it.

3. The car doesn’t provide usb charger, the seats are super narrow, and the bus is never pre heated before the start of the tour leaving everybody freezing to death. Thank god it at least provides wifi, though it’s sometimes switched off, and it’s super hard to call out to our guide. Cause he is too busy listening to his music. Wonder how I found out? Cause you can see his head shaking, hands waving from the far back.